Sunday, May 25, 2014

Doing Disney with a Significant Other

Now, I haven't had enough significant others to count on more than one hand, and I've only gone once with a bf, but I feel like I know Disney well enough to be able to write this.

Some things that are more fun to do with a significant other than by yourself or with friends:
  • Mickey's Fun Wheel at DCA 
  • Eating at Blue Bayou or Carthay Circle (or other nice restaurant at the parks)
  • Any extreme ride where you get to hold his/her hand when you're "scared" (I.e. Haunted Mansion, California Screaming, Tower of Terror)
  • Any dark ride or location where you can be close (dark rides are great, like Little Mermaid)
  • Having someone to hold hands with.
  • See also: pros to going with friends. A SO is basically a friend, right?
  • See also video: Surprised my bf with a trip to DCA

Bad things. 
  • Nothing really that bad.
  • See also: con's of going with friends

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