2013.07.09 21st Birthday Disney Trip

I went to Disneyland/DCA for my 21st birthday (July 9th). Took a few pictures and lots of videos.

This is the beginning of the day, my first step was to head to Tomorrowland:

So as you can see, the two guys were hanging out on the Matterhorn. They were up there playing music all day. So my first ride was Star Tours. I took a short video of the inside and another video trying to get Admiral Ackbar in the control Booth

After Star Tours, I made my way into Innoventions to check out the Iron Man exhibit:

Here is a lovely picture of the Matterhorn from the Innoventions building.

And of course, my favorite part of Innoventions, the Dream Home!

Before meeting up with a friend, I went on the Autopia ride. Since there's no single rider line for Space Mountain, I wanted to be done with Tomorrowland for the day.

Autopia: teaching kids to drive since 1955

Ate my first Dole Whip on the way to Main Street

On the way to meet my friend, I stopped to check out Mad Hatter and Alice playing musical chairs with some princesses:

The windows on Main Street are TERRIFYING (and cool at the same time):

California SCREAMIN'!!!

My picture...I was trying to look serious. I look more frightened than serious:

Went on Tower of Terror by myself. Thank goodness for a 13 minute wait:

My picture, I was holding on for dear life, the arms of the girls in front of me look like my legs:

Next was the cute little Monster's Inc ride where I took a picture of of my hand stamp for the day (it said Roy):

One picture that I took of Indiana Jones (very dark, sorry):

Here's a short video montage of the Pirates ride that I made:

After meeting up with some awesome people from the Vinylmation Exchange Facebook group and getting some drinks, we went to Radiator Springs Racers for one last ride before calling it quits for the night. Here's our little ride picture of "speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil"

That was my last picture of the night. Headed for D-Street afterwards for some vinyls and went on home! :D
It was a wonderful birthday, got some goodies as a result of it:

Japan 110th Anniversary Pinocchio and Ariel's Grotto Button

(Sorry for the rotated picture) Thank you if you read/looked/watched everything all the way to this point. I had an incredible and Disney filled birthday week and hopefully an amazing month. Sorry for such a late post, stay tuned for more posts!

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