Tuesday, June 26, 2013 Disney Visit

  Hi all! This is a (hopefully brief) account of my California Adventures trip this week. Read on for some highlights of the day:
    I got up before 6am to get ready for the day. Here is a picture that I posted on VE to show everyone what I'll be wearing so that they could come find me in the park for a mystery RAK:

     Got to the park briefly before 7 o'clock. Took three interesting photos. 1. All the trams lined up, I guess this is where trams go to sleep. 2. The line for DCA vs. 3. The line for Disneyland. but at 7:50AM, Our line was about the same as theirs. Here are the pictures:

Sleepy Trams

DCA Line

DLR Line

    I have a confession to make, this is the first time I have ever been in the park before opening time and this is the first time I have ever witnessed the opening ceremony. (Below is a picture I took and a video of the proceedings):

    Okay, now here is an even worse thing that I have to admit...today was my first time riding Radiator Springs Racers! On the first ride, I went in the single rider line and went on the right side where Ramone's Body Shop is. The second time, using the fastpass that we lined up for in the morning, I was fortunately enough to go on the left side where Luigi's Tires is. I realized that I made a mistake while filming, I called Guido "Luigi." Even though Guido is such an adorable character and I love him, I am embarrassed to have made the mistake and having caught it on film! The video starts in the tire shop, then goes back to Radiator Springs, through Ramone's body shop, then the race. The first time I rode this, when we were outdoors looking at the scenery, the rocks, and just everything, I teared up. I wish I had words to describe the feeling that I had the first time I saw all of it. It was just so beautiful and amazing...what a sight to witness! (Tearing up just remembering it :').) Here's the video:

First Ride Picture of the Day. I was recording - RSR
Second Ride Picture of the Day. Asian pose v^_^v - RSR

    Now, there are many hat videos throughout the day. Disney always has so many interesting hats and not to sound cocky, but I look really good in hats! And my hair color looked really good in pictures so I opted to take a lot of pictures (but not enough) that day :D
Hat Picture #1
  In the words of my friend who took the picture: It looks pretty good, "as good as a tire could look on somebody's head."

     The next memorable ride is the Tower of Terror. I loved this ride after the first time I rode it in Florida when I went to Disney World with my family back in 2004. I only took one picture and it's of the hotel, no video because I was so focused on making a video for my first official Vinyl Review. But I did take some pictures of the vinyl selections that they had!
     While waiting in line for the ride, we met a very nice family, the grandfather was very outgoing and talked about all his hunting and wild animal experiences. I kept hoping he was a member of VE but unfortunately, I didn't recognize him and he didn't recognize me.
Hollywood Tower Hotel

Third Ride Picture of the Day. Yes I was scared - ToT
Vinyl Selection at the Gift Shop
Some Park Exclusives + Jr pairs.
   In Hollywood Land, there was a door for the new Monsters University movie. It was a photopass location but I didn't know what pose to do so I didn't take a picture with the door. Took a picture OF the door though. The details are amazing, as always by Disney.
Teeth above the door, lights as lanterns. Much, much more!

8-armed Jacket hanging on the fire escape
   More ride pictures, I was growling in one and horrified in the other:
Fourth Ride picture of the day. - California Screamin'

Fifth Ride picture of the day. - ToT
   Lunch at Award Wieners. Got this really cool drink from the Monsters U menu. Check it out:

(In case you were wondering: yes, yes it does taste like that and yeah it was one)

Wanted to go to the Cheshire, Tigger, and Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse ones but only went to this one:
Schedule of Classes

My Cheshire
What do you all think? One girl behind me had one that was PERFECT!

  So if you guys didn't already know, I'm an awkward person..Here's a video of me being awkward while Mickey and Goofy clap because it's my birthday and then pose for pictures:

More hat pictures:
Hat Picture #2 - Chip
Hat Picture #3 - Dale

   So something exciting happened when we were on Grizzly's River Rapids. Watch to find out:

I'm a bit rude in this but this is funny. The Pixar Parade starts at the end of the video therefore I cut it:

Here's a few moments from the Pixar Play Parade as view from the bridge:

Mad T Party. I'm obsessed with the Tweedles. Hold for video and pictures:

More Ride pictures:

Sixth Ride Picture. Failed attempt at...something? - California Screamin'

Seventh Ride Picture. Trying to look uninterested - ToT
    So one of my favorite parts of DCA is officially the Mad T Party!!! We spent so much time here, taking pictures, videos, just chilling and drinking ;)
Awesome looking seats. A must have for any tea party

Awesome background. Check out the white rabbit on the stage

My Card Guard sure is enjoying himself

And as am I. Feeling at home in my throne

Checking out the Tweedles. Hey guys, can I have a picture?


Grooving to the beat of their own drums

I'm just a giant flamingo walking around

What's up Cat?

May I play with your hair?

Me: Awkward...can't stop laughing 

Another glowing drink

Not sure what she is. If my shorts weren't so lame, I could fit right into this tea party. Because after all, we're all a little mad here

One more awesome background!
Video snippets from the party:

One last goodbye before heading to World of Color:

   Now we finally see what they are!! Watch the video, it's interesting:

The day is over, time to go shop at World of Color!
Got some surprises for my Hawaiian friends. Found some really cute beanies. And I usually don't look good in beanies:

Hat Picture #4 - Storm Trooper

Hat Picture #5 - Darth Vader

Hat Picture #6 - Master Yoda

Too many rides to count + 7 Ride Pictures + 6 Hat Pictures + too much time spent at the Mad T Party + a few glowing drinks = A great day at DCA and feet that no longer work!

No, of course I have not had my Disney fill. But I have gotten a bunch of inspiration to continue working on my Disney ideas

   Here are the vinyls I got this day, of course I would not make a Disney trip without purchasing some vinyls!
A3 Green Pascal

A3 Card Guard
Two Bloxes to be RAKed off


Stayed tuned for the first official Vinylmation Review post and video! Let me know if I missed anything, and please subscribe to this blog and to my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cattyliu816 there is a lot more content on there!

Also, if you are interested, I have an instagram where I take one of my Vinylmations to places with me and take pictures of him having fun. Enjoy! http://instagram.com/tiggeradventures

Keep Calm and Disney On~

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