Thursday, May 22, 2014

Doing Disney with Friends

[The original file where I wrote this post got corrupted and didn't save properly, I had to restart from memory. Might have left some of the good stuff out.]

A few months after I got my Annual Pass, I found out that my best friend has one too! We started going together very often. It ranged from going once a week to going once a month when we both started getting busy with school. Here are some pros and cons of going to Disney with friends. (Please keep in mind that this is my best friend, the experience might be different from going with a friend because the bond is much closer.)


  • Sharing a magical experience together
  • Having someone to help finish a meal
  • Getting to try more than one item on the menu
  • Taking ride pictures are way more fun when you guys can collaborate on a theme
  • Someone to take a picture of you doing something silly instead of having to take a selfie
  • Someone to talk to in line (30min+ line, you need someone to talk to!)
  • Not sitting next to a stranger while on the ride
  • Having someone to drink with if you decide to take advantage of the alcoholic options at the parks. And having someone to drive you home as long as they don't drink
  • When you don't like the same type of rides, you end up not going on the ones you like unless your friend(s) wait for you.
  • Going with odd numbers: You have to figure out how to split up and who you want to sit next to

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