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October 27 - OUAT 03.05 Good Form

03.05 Good Form

The Lost Boys drag Neil into a cage and Felix says "you heard Pan, you know what to do with him."

One of the lost boys poke Henry with a spear and they begin to spar. Pan interrupts and tells Henry to visualize holding a real sword. (He does, and the stick he's holding becomes a sword - this proves his power as the truest believer)

Title sequence: The Jolly Roger

Back in Neil's cave, Emma and Hook look at Neil's bed and sees markings on the wall with tally marks on it. Emma says that he stopped counting because he lost hope.
Hook tries to comfort Emma but she turns him down and walks away. Charming says that Emma will never like him because he's nothing but a pirate.

A ship: Jewel Realm.
Hook is in charge and wearing a uniform.
He confiscates rum from a sailor and throws it into the sea.
Turns out, the captain is his older brother.
His brother gives him a sexton with directions to an unknown land.

Hook tells Charming that he knows a way to save him from the dreamshade poison.
He passes out because the dreamshade is getting closer to his heart.
He bends down and sees a leather strap with a military insignia with the name "Jones" on it. (Hook's brother)
They plan to go to the top of the hill to find the sexton show earlier.

The brother (Jones) hands Hook a book with star charts from a new land.
They get approached by three enemy ships.
Instead of firing back, they "deploy the Pegasus."
It is a sail created from feathers of the legendary creature Pegasus.
It allows their ship to fly. They do and Hook is commanded to set a course "second star to the right and straight on till morning."

Back in the forest, Hook tells them that they need to leave to get the sexton.
Charming says his goodbyes (but the girls don't know that.)
After they leave, show is setting a trap. She has an arrow aimed to the net and it drops on the lost boy earlier seen sparring with Henry.
Regina hands him a chocolate (as a bribe) and Emma asks for him to send Henry a message.
The boy sniffs the chocolate then throws it into the forest. Tells them that he wants to be there.
The two men in the forest talk about their brothers.

They have arrived on the island and Hook finds out they are there to find a plant.
While on the island, Peter appears behind them
They ask about the plant and turns out, instead of being a healing plant, it is dreamshade, a dangerous plant.

As Hook is on the cliff and about to throw the rope down to pull up Charming, Peter appears and tries to make him a deal (addresses him as Killian) to grant him a passage off the island if Hook goes back to work for Pan.
He has to kill Charming before the poison does

They find the dreamshade and they consider that it might actually be poison like Pan said.
The two argue about the king's goodness
Jones cuts off a branch of the plant and cuts a line on his own arm to prove himself right
As he turns around to get more of the plant, it takes effect and he falls.

The girls have the lost boy tied to a tree.
Emma is choking him and trying to get him to give Henry a message
Snow pulls her away and tells him to do it a different way.
Regina takes out the heart of the boy (on Emma's consent)
Charming finds out that the sexton isn't actually on the cliff and Hook brought him there to save him

Jones is dying and Pan appears with an "I told you so"
Peter shows Hook a magic spring behind the dreamshade plant and tells him "all magic comes with a price including that spring. don't leave the island unless you're willing to pay it"

Henry, is drawing a house in the dirt
The lost boy shows up next to Henry and sends him a message
He then shows Henry a magic mirror from Regina
Both parties get hope from being in contact with each other

Hook and Jones are in the cabin and discuss the fact that they made it
Jones says they should reveal their king's true nature
As they land, Hook's brother passes out (and dies.)

Back on the island, Hook hacks through the dreamshade and gets to the fountain
He hands Charming the flask with the water in it
He warns him that if he drinks the water, he will never get to leave Neverland
Charming drinks the water and instantly heals (there were black veins crawling all over his body)
They return to the girls and Charming tells everyone that Hook saved his life (but not with the real story.)
They drink rum. I feel like the rum was poisoned because Peter was holding it earlier.
Emma thanks Hook for saving her dad's life.
They flirt.
She kisses him (wow she really wants it..) then she goes into the forest and tells him to wait five minutes and then follow her (man she really wants it!)

Hook's brother is dead and they throw him into the ocean
Hook becomes captain and he burns the Pegasus sail
He then gives a speech very much like one that turns the people into pirates
"Captain Jones! Captain Jones! Captain Jones!"

Hook is sitting by himself drinking the rum
Pan shows up and says he should have taken the deal
He tells Hook that Neil is alive and on the island
Pan asks what Hook will do with that piece of information (to see what kind of man he really is)
We see the cage again with Neil in it. He's drugged and they hang him up in a tree "next to the other one."

In the coming episodes, we will find out who Pan has in that other cage. 

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October 28 - HIMYM 09.07 No Questions Asked

09.07 No Questions Asked

We see the kids again!

42.5 hours before the wedding

Marshall complains to Daphne about Daphne texting Lily when he didn't have his phone. She calls angered - not about the text, but about the fact that they got the room with the ghost in it.
"We got 13?!?"

One month earlier:
Marshall finds out that the Farhampton Inn was featured in a tv show about real ghost stories. There was a captain with a hook that died in the room and became a ghost there. 

Lily complains about the room to the night clerk and he just uses the ghost as an excuse not to let her change rooms. 

Robin and Barney discuss the thing(s) that will happen when they leave the church after the wedding. Barney has 100 doves that will fly up and Robin has gun enthusiasts from her family who will fire a 21 gun salute.

That night, Ted opens Lily's window and stands there with a hook. 
Earlier that night, Marshall called Ted and asks him to delete Lily's previous text "no questions asked."
(Ted was stuck in a mail box and needed Marshall to bring a drill "no question asked.")
While Marshall is trying to explain to Ted that her door isn't locked, Ted comes up with the idea to shimmy up the drain pipe outside her window and sneak in. Lily catches him and then tells him to sing her a lullaby while she falls asleep. While singing, Ted looks for the phone. Suddenly, he hears someone saying "Cold. So cold."

Turns out it's Barney in the vents because Marshall called him (before Ted) and told him "no questions asked" while Robin and Barney were discussing the issue with the doves and the guns. (Barney needed Marshall to rush to the Macy's in Harrods Square and bring pants, underwear, sanitizer, gloves, and a garbage bag.) Instead of doing that, it was Marshall who signed Barney out when he swallowed a bunch of real life Lucky Charms items. He sneaks into the air ducts when Marshall is talking about the unlocked door.

Robin sneaks in with the room service cart (caviar and lobster.) Marshall called Robin after Barney went into the ducts. (Robin's "no questions asked" was when she needed him to meet her in an alley and talk about a giant trout that he caught with his dad. As he was holding out his arms to show how big, Robin lands in his arms and tells him to run. Robin and the people chasing her are wearing different colored skin tight body suits (unitards).)

As the three people run off into separate directions, Robin and Barney come back to the room and discuss how they are both lone wolves and they need to do something about it. So they should:

Robin: roam together
Barney: hunt together
Robin: lure pray into a tight corner and
Both: snap it's limbs with our powerful jaw and watch the light drain from it's eyes

Courtney Dove. Kurt Kooban. Names of doves that Barney named.

Ted asks Marshall why he didn't just ask Lily to delete the text "no questions asked."
He replies that he's never done that because he's never kept anything from her.
Teds hands Lily the phone and tells her that he took the judgeship.
She says she doesn't believe in ghosts and that she doesn't know if anyone has ever died in their room, but someone is going to. <cue evil laugh>

Ted's no question asked: He was sending a letter to a woman he saw at the drug store. He heard her give her address to the pharmacist. (Mailed it!)

The episode was part filler part moving the plot along. It showed us Barney and Robin compromising more which is definitely good for the plot. But it also showed too many "no questions asked." Although funny, it was a waste of time. I know we all just want to see the mother already! But Marshall finally got to tell Lily about the news, and that is great. (For us not Marshall dun dun dunn...)

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October 24 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.03 Forget Me Not

01.03 Forget Me Not

It's nice that they give you a recap of the previous episode at the beginning, but it starts to get annoying if you've been watching tv shows all day like I have. (I've been studying for exams so I've barely watched anything this past week. I've got a very long list of shows to get through!)

Bandits. Merry Men. Robin Hood. Am I watching the right show?
Oh...Will (the Knave) shows up

Forget Me Not. Magic rope that shows the past.
Jafar intercepted the message Alice wrote back. The book
The Caterpillar has the magic rope.
It's (the mushroom) a lot bigger than it looks on the outside. 
Hmmmm it's a knot not a not. (Can you knot? No I cannot knot.)
Aww man the knot is with The Grindel who lives in the Whispering Wood
There are fates worse than death. He lifts a lid and there's a severed screaming head

Blood oath with the Merry Men
Robin Hood mentions they steal from the rich and give to the pour
Maleficent is mentioned
Will returns home to a woman
She's blond and naked in the bed. Who might it be?

The Bandersnatch. Red Queen's idea for making Alice use a wish
LOL The Grindel looks like the Elephant Man
They are captured, Will suggests that Alice uses one of her wishes. She says no.

The Merry Men enter Maleficent's castle
Will searches for something...

This reminds me of Hansel and Gretel 
The Grendel is talking to himself.
Or perhaps he's looking at the Forget Me Knot and looking at a past memory
Jafar and the queen give the scent from the folded crane to the Bandersnatch and tells it to find Alice
Will talks about knowing how it feels to lose someone he loves
He tells the Grendel that the best way is to move on
Alice looks mad

They have the chest of gold from Maleficent's castle
A chest of gold is not as beautiful as a woman - or something like that

Alice asks who Will was in love with. Was it Anastasia?
They escape the rope by using the sharpness of the wishes but the door is jammed
As they open the door, the Bandersnatch appears there
They capture it using the Forget Me Knot
Will runs of and then comes back with a short knife and stabs it to death
Alice is happy that Cyrus taught her all about the Bandersnatch and that it was a message from Cyrus.
They find out the Grendel's backstory and they get the knot

Will leaves the camp but gets caught by Robin Hood
He says that "You'll meet the fate you've earned, the fate you deserve"

Jafar and the Red Queen greet Grendel in his house
They find out Alice is traveling with a companion
Stupid queen's stupid lips....
Jafar kills Grendel (reunites him with his wife)
They find out that the White Rabbit was the one who gave the bottle to the Red Queen
Jafar shows up at the Caterpillar's hive
Will doesn't want to give the knot to the Caterpillar because stealing it for himself makes him a thief. Stealing it for Alice means he still has a shred of humanity left

Hooded man (Will obviously) rides to a cabin and calls out to Anastasia
A woman runs out
It's the Red Queen!!!!
She runs and hugs Will
He tells her that he got it and shows her The Looking Glass
They use it to "take us far away from here"
(She says Will's last name but I don't understand it)
Anastasia (somehow) knows that that the place they're going is called Wonderland
"Next stop, Wonderland"

Biggest surprise of the episode was finding out Will was in love with the Red Queen. 
But it was lovely seeing just how connected Cyrus and Alice are.

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October 17 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.02 Trust Me

01.02 Trust Me

Yup, it has taken me more than a week to watch this

Agrabah!! Jafar wants Cyrus way back then?
Alice is attacking a tree......
"The clothes horse came back." ("Of course it did") Yeah her outfit is pretty cute
She said "wish for something small and innocent..." and the only thing in my mind was a cupcake....she said cupcake!
Mimsy Meadows. Tum Tum gross... lol Care Bear

Cyrus keeps waking up saying Alice's name! Their love is real indeed!

The way the queen's men's faces are painted reminds me of the people who live at The Capitol in The Hunger Games lol. And her outfit. Love her hair!
Jafar makes her subjects disappear
The walls have ears because they're literally ears.
There are giant mushrooms everywhere!

I wish the stupid queen would stop with the pouty face. It's not attractive.

The Knave is afraid of water.
Alice says they'll just take the Ferry. I swear, I hear "fairy."
Oh IS "fairy"
Hey it's Silvermist! And they fly!

Apparently Cyrus's cage is made of silver
Hey is that old man in the other cage the old man from the Aladdin movie? Hmm

 "Mistress mine, thine will is mine." 
Boy Alice was pale back then! 
Laws of magic: I can't kill anyone. I can't bring anyone back from the dead. I can't change the past (this is new). And I can't make anyone fall in love. (Oops! Too late!)
What if she wishes for his freedom? Aww won't work
They're already falling for each other!

LOL Silvermist enacts her revenge in the middle of the lake by dropping Will (the knave) into the water.
Good thing there's a random rock floating there

Alice and Cyrus are getting to know each other
They have a cute conversation
Cyrus gives her a paper rose with magic paper so it smells good and blooms while in her hand!
She asks if he can teach her to play a sword. (As he laughs, the paper turns red)

Red Queen. Again with the pouty lips.....-_-x
Alice angrily stomps on the rock and it begins to move. I think it might be a turtle.... Yup, it's a turtle!! Time to ride Lapris!! (It is a mock turtle)

Cyrus and Alice practicing sword fighting
I love what she wears in this show
"It's hard to be happy again when you've lost someone you love"
Flirtationship!!  He steals the sword from him and while she runs, he puts his arms up around her. She becomes "creative" and kisses him. He reciprocates. 

Silvermist mentions an Anastasia

Alice wakes to Cyrus gazing at her
He tells her it is time to make her wishes
And that he's falling in love with her
She tells him that he is everything she has ever wished for and she will never make the wishes
They make a deal "I'll never move on from you if you never move on from me"
Cyrus comes up with a plan to bury the bottle

Jafar shows up in front of the tree and releases the scarabs and they search for the bottle
We find out the bottle isn't really there
Now Alice says he can trust Will and they make their way to the real location of the bottle: Passage made of Peace -> Tower of Tigers -> The Windmill -> The Dandylion. OH NO THERE'S A HOLE IN THE GROUND! The bottle, it's gone!
She says maybe he's moved on :(
Cyrus sticks his hand out of the cage with a folded origami crane and says "find her"

Bunch of stuff happens but I blacked out. Alice gets the paper crane and she opens it (nice writing Cyrus!):
My dearest Alice, it took several lifetimes to meet you but only seconds to love you. And it is a love that cannot be broken. Not by a thousand spells or swords. So it is with my heart in your hands, that I ask you to grant me one wish. Leave Wonderland. You are not safe here. And you cannot save me. The only thing worse than my own demise would be knowing that I have caused yours. I beg you to go home. And know that I am with you always. 
Forever thine.
Forever mine.

First of all, who talks like that? (It's okay, I love it!) Secondly, Alice's hands are strategically placed on the paper so that it doesn't cover the words. 
Will says "I thought that when you truly love somebody, you don't need to have any proof."
"You don't, but it's still nice to have." Amen sister! You can never get tired of someone telling you they love you.
She turns the paper around, uses her FINGER and writes "I'm coming For you!" (nice writing, this really is magic paper!)
She folds it into four, the paper goes out of shot and then it becomes a crane again. 

I love this show very much

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October 20 - OUAT 03.04 Nasty Habits

03.04 Nasty Habits

Took me a week to watch this because of midterms. Just making notes while watching. Only a little spoilers:

Belle appears!
Pied Piper!
Hook <3
Pan is Piper!
Is this the creation of the lost boys??
Rumple was a lost boy?!?
Has Henry become "The Savior" of season 3?
Stars! The second star to the right~~
Pan's back story?? Yes, please!
Rumple has to choose between a life with Belle and letting Neil reunite with Henry
Why doesn't the squid ink freeze their heads? Are the heads not magical?
Emma still loves him!
Aww Snow and Charming! They're a bit less whiny now
Henry can hear the pipe now! Wait....that's not a good thing. Evil Pan!
Why isn't Felix dancing?

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October 21 - HIMYM 09.06 Knight Vision

09.06 Knight Vision

45 hours before the wedding

3 hours since the previous episode. I'm guessing that this episode and maybe the next episode will be the last one that is set on Friday.

It's the end of the first day of the wedding weekend. Ted and Barney are discussing finally getting Ted laid. Barney says that the girl you're with at Friday drink night is the one you get stuck with the whole weekend. Barney starts talking about Indiana Jones and how Ted will choose wrong. So Barney says that he spent all of the previous day picking out prospects for Ted. And Robin helped ("It was either that or writing our vows. Ugh gag!")

Sophia: Robin's college roommate. A bit of a screamer in the sack.
Cassie: Daughter of Barney's mom's best friend. (Yay she's played by that girl from Pitch Perfect and True Blood! I love her! She's so pretty!)
Grace: New co-worker

Barney suggests Sophia. "I strongly feel that you should strongly feel her." *Robin high-fives Barney* Aww

Cassie interrupts and introduces herself.
Lilly sees the minister and tries to make him like her.
Marshall didn't prepare for telling Lily about getting the judgeship yet.
Cassie tells Ted that she's tired of the routine of flirting and then ending the night with meaningless sex. Ted (lies) and says "yeah me too." She suggests that they have the meaningless sex first and then flirt later. Is this every guy's dream or what? Is she just that desperate?
Cassie gets a call right when they're starting to make out and about to get it on. She gets a call and finds out she gets fired and everyone hates her. She starts to cry (poor Ted.)

Lily gets back from talking to the minister and says that she just told him the story of how she and Marshall met. He walks away angry. Lily finds out that Barney and Robin stole their cute-meet story!!

Ted finds out Cassie's boyfriend recently broke up with her and he says "why don't you tell me about him?" BIG MISTAKE! He tries to move their conversation to the dining room so that he can move onto Sophie after awhile but end up bumping into Cassie's parents in the dining room.

Daphne talks Marshall through how to talk to Lily. They go through a bunch of different scenarios.

The Reverend tells Barney and Robin that they need to stop breaking the 9th amendment (lying).

Robin: I love that you had to sleep with more than 250 women before deciding I was your favorite
Barney: And I love that we had to keep having sex with each other even when we were dating other people
Robin: And I love that your marriage proposal involved strip club, lying to me, and pretending to bang a woman that I hate (shut up Patrice!) for two months.
Barney: I love that we keep a running tally of all the rooms we've had sex in
Robin: I love that two weeks ago, we put this room on that list. (In the Reverend's office)
-Reverend looks shocked and...dies?-

Ted and Cassie are in bed and Ted tells her that she is in such a bad place that she should just take it easy. Cassie releases Ted and tells him to go find someone else.

Lily tells Ted that he and Cassie are the couple of the weekend.

Grace shows up and Ted dives in!

Wedding at Bernies!

Thanks to Cassie, Ted didn't end up with anyone the whole weekend. But because of that, Ted would get a chance to meet the mother.

Earlier in the episode, Marshall found out that Daphne was the lobbyist for a big oil company. And when he and Daphne were arguing, she texted Lily with the news about Marshall's new job.

In my opinion, this was very much a filler episode. But it does add a few hours onto the plot line. We are almost at the "How Your Mother Met Me" episode. One step closer!!

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October 17 - Reign 01.01 Pilot

Reign 01.01 Pilot

So I have been waiting all summer for this show to air and it finally has! I wasn't going to write about it but so much has happened in the first two minutes that I felt that I must. These will be what I see going on and my 

We see a tree, white flowers, dripping water, a man goes to the tree and looks up at it. Blood starts to drip onto his face. He wakes up, gasps, and mutters "she's coming!"

We see Mary breathing hard. Turns out she's playing a game of ball (soccer?) with the other girls at the convent.

"France, 1557. Mary, Queen of Scots has been hidden away at a convent for her safety since age 9.

"Engaged since childhood to the future king of France, she awaits her return to the French Court..."

All the ladies are sitting down at the table eating. One of the nuns shares an intense staring contest with Mary and then blood starts dripping into her porridge. As Mary looks on, the nun begins to cough, blood comes out of her ears, and her head hits the bowl. 

One of the older nuns run for Mary and leads her down a dark hallway and tells her it was an assassination attempt on her. (While men are riding on horses towards the convent.) The nun tells Mary that every meal has been tasted for her since she left her mother's womb.

Mary comes out of the convent dressed in royal garb. She goes to the head nun and says she's not ready yet. She tells Mary that her friends from Scotland will be there in the French Court waiting for her. And one day, she will be married to Francis and he will love her. One of the little girls goes up to Mary and hands her a cross and says "there are ghosts there!"

Francis goes into the chamber and joins the royal party. His sister is getting fitted for her wedding and his father is getting a tailored outfit. They discuss the arrival of Mary. His mother tells him "Your wedding won't happen until I say so."

Catherine, Francis's mother, is having a meal with Nostradamus and asking him what visions he has had about Mary and whether or not Francis will love her. He says they are unclear and the meanings will come to him when time time is right.

A horn blows and everyone rushes to the courtyard to welcome Mary. Her ladies in waiting also arrive. (Catherine mentioned them earlier and said that "three of them have titles and the other very rich.")

One of the ladies (Lola) is Susan from Narnia!! Other brunette has a very pretty face but pointy nose (I promise I will learn their names. To the Wiki!) They look on at the French court and watch as King Henry, Dianne (his mistresses), Sebastian, Catherine (with more fanfare than others), and finally Francis arrive. 

Mary and Francis have an awkward but adorable reunion. Nostradamus looks troubled as he tells Catherine that he understands the visions now: The union with Mary...she will cause Francis his life.

Mary and her ladies are in a room being instructed on how to behave for Princess Elizabeth's (the queen's daughter) wedding. The girls then put on make-up and dresses that they brought from Paris. Scenes like this are awesome! The ladies go off to explore as Mary goes off on her own and looks around to see where she and Francis used to play. She and Francis are both surprised to find each other there. Francis reveals that he is learning to make knives and swords. He says that "I can't help thinking that every man, even a king, should have some kind of skill."

Francis mentions Sebastian (Bash) for the first time and talks about how Bash is free to do whatever he wishes. Francis says that he is learning the skill in case there is ever an uprising and they are overthrown, he can survive as a blacksmith. Mary looks at him and says "but I'll save you. We can go to Scotland and we can rule there." He replies "It is a very kind offer, I hope I never have to take you up on it.

Francis goes back into his own room and sees a girl, Natalia, in there. He asks if anyone saw her go in there. (She tells him that nothing has changed now that Mary is here.)
Mary is out in the field picking up rocks and pebbles. We see that there is something watching her in the woods and the dog accompanying her begins to bark.
She then knocks on Francis's door and he appears disheveled and shocked to see her. He basically throws her out and tells her that he is allowed to sleep with other people if he wants.

Mary goes back outside and throws the rocks into a small pond. Her dog runs off barking and she begins to chase after him. She is stopped by Bash who tells her that young girls, especially queens do not leave the castle alone. And that she should not go into those woods. They bond. We love him of course! 

As Lola is bathing, a man appears and surprises her. It is her lover, Collin! They go and ask the queen for permission for him to stay there. The queen says that she loves stories like that and for Lola to go help Mary while Collin stays. Then the queen signals the other ladies in waiting to leave. I am afraid that something will happen between the queen and Collin right now. How disturbing!

Mary and Aylee enter their room. Mary sees the pebbles that she threw away earlier on her mirror and gets spooked. She begins to hear noise coming from the other room. As she goes up to the screen in the corner of the room, a hand appears and it says "Taste of love and sorrow but don't drink the wine! Don't!" The hand disappears after Mary puts her hand on it and says "who are you?" She goes behind the screen and sees no one there. As she feels along the wall, she finds a secret passage way and hears someone running away.

Commence Princess Elizabeth's wedding!! Collin greets Mary instead of being with Lola. Mary sees Lola's face and tells Aylee that she wants to dance. She tells all her girls to take off their shoes and they go out onto the floor and dance. When the dance ends, Princess Elizabeth and her husband, Phillip are lead out with a full party. One of the girls tell Mary that it is time for them to consummate the wedding and that people go and watch, it is a tradition. The girls sneak into an adjoining room and watch in horror and wonder as the newlywed couple...consummate. One of them says "let's get out of here."

They all go separate ways. At first it appears that they are trying to hide but it looks like they are looking for guys to "hook up" with. Lola finds Collin, Kenna goes up some stairs and looks like she is about to pleasure herself as someone comes behind her. She enjoys it until she turns around and realizes it is the king. He says "may I" and they begin to kiss.

Mary goes to find Francis and they have a talk. Mary realizes that Francis doesn't want to marry him because an alliance with Scotland is not good for France right now. She also realizes that he will not love her (at least not now he says.)

As Mary is sleeping, someone sneaks up on her. It appears to be Collin. Mary screams and he is lead away by the guards. The next morning, she and her ladies find out that Collin had been set up. Mary speaks to the king and queen and demands to speak to him, she finds out that Collin had been executed. "He was beheaded this morning."
Lola says to Mary: Anyone who's close to you lives in constant danger. We're here in service to you, whatever that means.

Sebastian appears with Mary's dog and tells her that "you're not alone here...I'm not talking about your friends."
His mother shows up and tells him to be careful not to fall for him. "Or you will bleed for a girl who will never be yours."

IT'S A TRAP!! "If you weren't the future king of France, and I was just a normal girl, not the queen of anything, would you want this?" (Mary asks Francis) He leans in to kiss her but stops himself before anything happens.

Catherine angrily talks to Nostradamus and says that the potion should have worked. We find out that it was Catherine who set up Collin to slip Mary a sleeping draught and then rape her in her sleep.

That night: Mary is standing outside looking at the moor. She hears someone approach and she says "I don't know who you are or why you hide. But your warning saved me.....I am in your debt." She then asks "are you in danger too?" and turns around to look. But the young girl (who covers her face - a "ghost" that the little girl from the convent mentioned earlier) is no longer there.

Thoughts: A lot of things have happened this episode. I really didn't know what to expect. Of course, we see that Sebastian and Mary will fall for each other. I am not familiar with history so I do not know what will happen, I will also not be looking it up ("spoilers") because I want to see how the writers interpreted the story. I don't like that the evil queen is called "Catherine," but that's what I get for having an awesome name from European royalty. (I also plan to name my future daughter "Elizabeth." Gotta love these royalty names!)

Can't wait for more!

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October 14 - HIMYM 09.05 The Poker Game

09.05 The Poker Game

48 hours before the wedding

A few hours went by in the last episode.

Marshall and Daphne:

    CHICAGO! Marshall talks about a great pizza place. Daphne says "it's just pizza, we're not stopping." Marshall describes what the pizza tastes like, starting with the first bite. Basically sounds like a love story. I'm craving pizza, I've been wanting pizza for so many weeks. Why did the place close down if it was so good? Rats. "WE'RE NOT STOPPING!"

Poker Game:
     Poker game was coming to an end. Tim Gunn: Out. Lily: Busted. Marsh-pillow: fluffed and turned down.
     Lily was angry at Ted because Ted was talking about being great at giving wedding gifts.

     James gives the couple a gift: Don't get married. It comes in his and hers. "Don't get married." "Don't get married." Robin asks Barney to tell James to stop "crapping on their wedding." He literally drew the word "marriage" and a down arrow.  James talks about something about it's great being gay right now. Robin cons James out of his wedding ring.
James brings in their mother
   Barney asks Ted and Lily for help. How does he choose sides? "Robin lets me do sex to her!" "I have to spend eternity in my mother's mausoleum!"
 Lily says Happy life = happy wife.
    Robin cons Barney's mom out of her blouse. Robin keeps winning because of the Stinsons' very obvious bluff. "Hey I'm hungry. Wanna get some bluff-alo wings? Raise you 20." Something about an "all you can eat bluff-et" "bluff-berry muffin."
 Barney: Woman, as your bride-groom, I command you.
 Robin: You uh...wanna take back that I command you thing?
 Barney: Please, can I?
      Robin wants Barney on his side. Barney cares about his family.
    Turns out: everyone was in the room when Barney and Robin was having that conversation.
 Barney finds out that James was a terrible husband to Tom. He realizes that he's now part of a team. But then...he tells James and his mom that he's not part of their family anymore "because Robin said so!"

    Robin returns the blouse back to Barney's mother but she tells Robin to keep it because "you may have won the battle, but I'm going to win the war." "You're on b*tch."

Wedding Gifts and Thank You Notes:

 Flashback: Lily and Marshall going through their wedding gifts and find out that Ted never gave them one. They drop a lot of hints and Ted never gets it. When Ted gets married to Stella, they give him a wrapping station (huge hint!) In return, Ted sends a giant box with a tiny thank you note in it.
    Thus, Lily was mad at Ted.

    Ted tells Marshall that he got them a coffee maker. Ja'cuse!

 Flashback: Ted dropped hints of giving a thank-you note for the wedding present. (Parallel!!) I love seeing things from two points of view! Cue the slutty pumpkin standing in the back!

     Ted Tells Lily that he did get them a gift: a coffeemaker. Lily says that they did send a thank you note for the coffeemaker that was from Stuart and Claudia.

    Turns out, Stuart ripped off Ted's name from the gift and wrote his name on it. But never fessed up because that was a turning point for him and Claudia. Flashback: Claudia said she was ready to leave him. She had her bags packed, got a plane ticket, sent topless pics to to his brother.
     Claudia isn't even the one in the shower when Lily knocked on the door.

    Ted buys Marshall a pizza from the great place that he was talking about earlier as a gift (they were on the phone apologizing to each other for their behavior and dropping hints.)
   Marshall sends a thank you note FOUR months later.

Preview for next week: Something about the 9th Commandment. I'm trying to find it but can't seem to figure out what it is.

On another note, episode 16 of this season is called "How Your Mother Met Me". This is what we've all be waiting for!!

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October 13 - OUAT 03.03 Quite a Common Fairy

03.03 Quite a Common Fairy

     Hello Tinkerbell~! This episode will feature Tinkerbell. Even though I've never liked her in the Peter Pan cartoon, I'm quite excited to see her in this episode. She looks adorable!

 Tinkerbell in the title sequence. (Just like when you watch a Disney movie and she goes *ding* and sparkles happen)
     The gang is going through the jungle looking for Pan's camp by using the map that he gave to Emma. They look at the map and sees that the camp moved locations on the map. Of course it's a magical map.... Henry is sleeping at the root of a tree, Peter throws an apple at him and he says "I don't like apples...It's a family thing." Peter tells him it's for target practice, not for eating.

     Hook says that there is one way to get an inside look at Pan's plans, and it's to talk to a fairy that he used to be close with: Tinkerbell! Emma says that "every kid in the world knows her." Regina says it is a bad idea.

     Back in Neverland, Regina wipes her brow with a handkerchief. She puts it in her pocket but it falls on the ground instead. Somebody picks it up (obviously Tinkerbell, we can see her dress). Regina tells Emma that they can combine their magic and overpower Pan inorder to get to Henry. She then mocks Emma by calling Hook "Emma's boyfriend." This upsets Emma, Snow steps in and says "She just lost Neil."
     Pan tells Henry to hit an apple on the top of the Lost Boy Felix's head. The arrow is dipped in nightshade venom. Henry shoots Pan last second, but he catches and just smiles. Says "let me show you something." I find Pan so weird...he finds joy in the weirdest things. Perhaps that's what makes his character HIM.

     As they get closer to Tink's home, Regina falls behind and Emma talks to her. Regina says that if Tink sees her, she probably won't help them. And then Regina says "this is best from Operation Henry." Emma and Regina share a moment when they remember how much Henry loves naming operations. Emma says that they will come back for her after. But Regina looks at Emma and tells her: don't come back for me. And if you don't find Tinkerbell, just keep going.

    As Regina sits there on the log where Emma left her, Tinkerbell appears and acts hostile towards Regina. She blows some pink dust at Regina and Regina faints.
    Hook leads them into Tink's home (a treehouse) and it appears to be empty. Emma and Snow bond over the fact that the treehouse is just a place for sleeping but not a home and they've both had a place like that before.
   Regina wakes up and Tink is saying that Regina burned her when she didn't follow through. Regina mentions that the dust Tinkerbell blew at her might be poppies. (Just like in Wizard of Oz!) But since she has to resort to using poppies, it means Tink has no more magic. Tink gets up and stabs Regina's neck with a stick dipped in nightshade. Look at these characters! Resorting to nature to fight! I like it!

     Regina takes out her own heart and hands it to Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell takes the heart and walks away. Regina realizes that Tink's wings are gone. Tink is sad, she asks why Regina lied and didn't go into that door to meet her soul mate. Regina explains that she didn't want to go in because without it, she would have lost her anger and then she would have nothing left. Regina said she picked revenge over hope and Tink is holding the result: a dark heart.
     Regina asks Tink to do the right thing, choose hope over anger and prove that she is the fairy she really is. Tink looks up at Regina and says "you love your son?" I guess it has been the thing since the beginning, Henry is the one who changes Regina for the better. I guess that's why Pan was after him, Henry is the answer to everything. (Because Emma is the Savior, and the Savior is the daughter born out of True Love. Man a lot of cheesy stuff going on here.)
    Tink says that she won't help Regina. And it's probably too late because Henry has been with Pan for too long already and hands the heart back.
    Peter is showing Henry around the fun that the boys are having. He tells Henry that magic is dying in all the worlds and that they (the Lost Boys) have been waiting for Henry to arrive since before he was born. They need Henry to be the savior and help bring magic back into the land. Henry says that Emma is the Savior, not him. Peter says that perhaps having Henry is what made her the Savior. Pan also shows Henry the parchment that he had in the previous season (the one with Henry's picture on it.)

    Tink appears from a cave as the gang threatens her and asks "where's Regina?" Tinkerbell tells them that she has no more magic but she does know where Pan is. Snow says Tink should lead them there anyways and maybe she can go home with them (I'm assuming it's back to The Enchanted Forest and not to Storybrook)
      Snow tells Charming that she knew it would work because when she was a bandit, all she wanted was a home. And now that they are together, she always feels safe.
     Henry picks up the parchment that Pan handed to him and sees it is a sketch of himself. As he looks up into the sky, Neil is being dropped by the shadow. Felix greets him (Baelfire) and says "welcome home."
    Off at the camp, Emma and Hook are sharing a moment (he cuts a hole in a coconut for her.) Snow and Charming are leaning against a rock together. Regina is off in a corner by herself as Tink watches. Tinkerbell joins Regina and asks if she ever went back to find the man with the lion tattoo. Tink says it was a selfish act because Regina ruined both their lives and his life.

Enchanted Forest:
      Neil is looking for a portal to get to Neverland. He tells Mulan and Robin Hood to help him look. All kinds of things can be portals: beans, magic mirrors, ruby slippers, ashes. Robin Hood's gang of Merry Men show up (with Little John in the lead) and a cute little boy who turns out to be Hood's son. Neil realizes how he can get to Neverland. I fear he plans to use the little boy as bait. This will end badly if I am right.
     Yup, I was right, Neil wants to use Hood's (4year old) son as bait for the shadow. But he only has to summon the shadow, nothing bad will happen to him. Yeah right! Neil says that his father (Rumple) helped Hood's wife stay alive long enough to have their son.

    Mulan has a plan for when the shadow shows up. They talk to Neil about reuniting with his family. Neil mentions that he waited too long to tell Emma that he loved her back and that "you shouldn't hold love in." The camera then pans to show Mulan. Perhaps this journey she has taken with Neil is so that she realizes she should confess her love the Prince Phillip (even though he and Aurora are together.)
    Hood's son stand in front of the shadow and says "I believe." They wait for awhile and the shadow appears and grabs the child's arm. Mulan cuts off the hand as Neil latches on and they fly out the window.
    Hood invites Mulan to join his Merry Men. Mulan says that there is someone she must talk to first. She arrives back and is greeted by Aurora. Mulan looks at Aurora and says that she wants to tell her something. But is interrupted by Aurora saying that "Phillip and I are expecting a baby." Mulan looks devastated as she says "I'm joining Robin Hood's band." I guess the one Mulan loves is Aurora? But just because she's tough, doesn't mean she has to be gay...I would prefer if they made her love Phillip and just love Aurora as a best friend. As they hug, the camera pans out and we see the courtyard of Aurora's castle, there's palm trees and it looks like an oasis.

     Mulan shows up at Robin Hood's camp and shakes hands with him. It is revealed that Hood is the man with the lion tattoo.

      Young Regina is eating a lavish dinner by herself when Rumple shows up and says that she missed her magic lesson. She says she doesn't want to learn magic anymore and she needs freedom from the loveless marriage. Rumple explains that the darkness (that is magic) has tasted her bitterness and wants more. So Regina won't be able to escape from dark magic.
       Regina goes to the balcony and hits the railing a few times in anger. As the balcony comes loose and falls, Regina falls along with it. She is saved by Tinkerbell who 'gives her a second chance.' Tink and Regina goes to the pub and has a drink and a nice meal. This is the nicest I've seen Regina in awhile. Tink says that she will help Regina find love using pixie dust. I am a bit skeptical because she already had a "true love." And If Tink can't find another lover for Regina, is this what triggers the Evil Queen persona?

      Clock tower chimes, Tink says she's late and her wings appear. She flies through this flowerbed where there's a bunch of tulips. Inside one of the tulips is the blue fairy. Tink calls her Blue and Blue calls Tink, Green. Says that she's broken a lot of rules already (such as getting big for no reason and breaking curfew.) Blue tries to convince Green not to help Regina because she is surrounded by darkness. Green is put on probation until further notice. After Blue flies off, Green flies back out of the flowerbed.

     Tinkerbell appears in Regina's room and sprinkles pixie dust on her, they begin to fly. Tink sprinkles more dust and it points somewhere, they follow it and come to a pub. They see a guy with a lion tattoo on his wrist. Regina is scared, this is the most vulnerable we've seen her in awhile! She runs away and doesn't go in!! :(

    Tinkerbell goes to see Regina and asks why she isn't "glowing with new love." Regina says that it didn't work and that she went in and that the man was just awful. Regina tells Tink that it's because Tink is a terrible fairy. Tink says that she knows Regina didn't go in because she's afraid. This is so sad, Regina is being so mean to Tinkerbell. I get why she wants to kill Regina so badly. 
     Blue tells Tink that this is the last chance, that she betrayed her trust. Blue takes away Tink's wings (and she falls.)

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October 6 - OUAT 03.02 Lost Girl

03.02 Lost Girl

    Well, here we are once again with Once Upon a Time. I took a few days to watch this because I would have to rewatch the first episode to do a review on it but I didn't want to rewatch it again to see Snow and Charming's annoying selves. And so, I shall decide whether or not I am going to watch that again to write a recap while I watch episode two!

    Now that Rumple and Regina have their magic back, thing should be much more interesting! When Rumple is looking at the rock, I thought that he was going to open it and let all the children out (like the Pied Piper) but turns out he's cutting his shadow off with his magic dagger. OHHH I get why he did that!! He doesn't want Pan to be able to steal his shadow (and kill him like they killed that guy in the previous episode.) Oh wait....he's telling the shadow to hide the magic dagger.

Oooooh! Arthur's Sword in the Stone in the OUAT opener. 

    Snow tells Emma to call her 'Mom'. SHOT DOWN!!! Hook owns Charming by telling him not to hack the bush and go around it instead. Hook & Emma moment! They have an intense moment about who wears more eyeliner [Hook does]. (No, just kidding, they were talking about perms.)
    Flashback to when Charming found Snow...I'm bored! Okay, Regnia looking stunning in the garden. Love her dress!  Now Snow is trying to take back the kingdom. Why is she suddenly wearing rags when she was wearing a beautiful white dress earlier? Okay now I see how that girl gets to play Young Snow.
   Oh time for Emma to meet Pan! I saw this part in a preview clip. Emma can't sleep because she hears children wailing. She goes into the forest and gets greeted by Pan. Okay okay, is it just me, or does Pan look strangely aroused by Emma putting the knife sword up to his neck? Great....another "believe in yourself" task for Emma (Pan gives Emma a blank map).
    The gang tries to figure out the magical map that Pan gave to Emma. Snow tells Emma that if he's playing a game, they can win. Flashback to the Enchanted Forest: Snow, Charming, and the Dwarfs are sitting in a campsite sitting around a table discussing what to do about the threat that the Evil Queen previously threatened. The dwarfs will stand by Snow's side no matter what she decides. Charming says that they have to fight, Snow says that it doesn't matter what they do because she's just a girl who lost her parents and ran away into the forest. Charming goes to Rumple to help him help Snow remember who she truly is (a princess.)
     Back to Neverland, Rumple is sitting by the fire with the doll that the Lost Boy threw at him last episode when someone steals the doll. He chases the person and it turns out to be Belle, as they are about to kiss, Rumple realizes that it's not the real Bell. (I'm just happy that Belle is back again!)
     Enchanted Forest, Charming is trying to convince Rumple. Snow is trying to hit a target with her arrows. Charming shows up and mentions a weapon which is a half-day's ride away.
    Neverland: Emma holds the map up as she says a bunch of facts about herself: She came from Boston, daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, came through a magic tree that was a portal, lastly: she is the savior. It doesn't work so Regina takes the map and does a locator spell on it and tells Emma that she wants to be the leader so she should lead. (This reminds me of the song in Peter Pan about following the leader, the leader, the leader.)
     Meanwhile, Belle and Rumple end up at a cliff. This cliff reminds me of the one that Alice and Cyrus were standing on while looking out at the Boiling Sea. But instead of a deadly body of ocean, it's just the Dark Forest.

Best quote of the night by Hook: Careful, he may look like a boy, but he's a bloody demon.

    Enchanted Forest: Snow and Charming are off looking for the weapon. She looks at him and says that this is the first time they've been alone since he proposed. He says that it's hard to be alone whey she has seven big brothers. (This is just so awww.) As they progress up the hill/mountain, Snow asks what the weapon that Rumple speaks of is. Charming mentions Merlin and Camelot. Of course I already know what it is, I super excited and jumping all over the place right now. And they come to a rock with a beautiful sword in it, there's a blue gem on the hilt of the sword. [Charming whisper says: Excalibur!] Charming attempts to pull it out and struggles while Snow just gently tugs at it and it comes right on out almost knocking her back.
    Neverland: As the gang (of adults) make their way to a campsite, they see Henry. But as he turns around, it's just Pan with Henry's coat and red striped scarf. The Lost Boys appear and a fight ensues. Hook starts fighting the blond boy from the previous episode. Hook mentions "You remember what I did to Rufio." All I can think is: RUFIO! RUFIO! RUFIO! As Emma wrestles a boy to the ground and yells at him "Where's Henry!?" She stops and comes to a realization.
    Enchanted Forest: The Queen appears back in the village where she was threatening the people. Charming hands Snow the sword and she says "We'll see" (Grumpy asked if she made a good decision.) As Regina does the choke hold on Grumpy, Snow charges with the sword. Regina poofs away when Snow swipes and appears behind her. Snow turned around and hit at the right time and got her right in the face! I like this Snow better than the current one, she's a fighter not a sissy.
    Current Snow asks Emma why she stopped when she was fighting that little boy. Emma says she saw the look of despair in the boys eye and she felt the same way when she was in the foster system. And that on this island, she feels like 'an orphan.' Woosh! The map appears.
     Enchanted Forest: Snow demands Rumple to tell what Charming bartered away for the location of Excalibur. Rumple tells her that the sword is a fake and makes it disappear. He then take the necklace from her neck and says "for wasting my time." (It was her mother's necklace, so sad)

Another Hook & Emma moment! They share a moment (and a drink) as they discuss what their plan is for getting Henry back.
 Hook: Just who are you Swan?
 Emma: Wouldn't you like to know?
 Hook: Perhaps I would

    Rumple is in the Dark Forest and the doll that he previously dropped off the cliff comes back to haunt him. He burns it but it appears again. He ends up putting it in his pocket.
    Pan appears as Emma is picking berries ("Don't eat the blue ones") He asks if he can call Emma a Lost Girl (I still think he has the hots for her.) He tells Emma that Henry hasn't forgiven her yet and that she'll be an orphan by the end of this journey.


Too many unnecessary flash backs and forwards. I appreciate the multiple storylines but it gets annoying when they have to change to a different one each time they finish a scene. OUAT in Wonderland is more appealing to me at the moment.

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October 10 - OUAT in Wonderland Series Premier

01.01 Down the Rabbit Hole

    The woods. A table. Teacups. A doll with a hat. A rabbit. Sudden explosion! Little girl crawls out of a hole in the ground. She says "Home" and starts running and yelling for her father. Her dad is shocked to see her and tells her that she has been gone for a very long time. In the next scene, Alice is looking through the key hole and sees her father telling someone about Alice's story and claiming that she made it all up.

:cut scene: present day

    The knave of hearts walks through Storybrook through a storm. He walks in the street causing Emma's car to swerve (but we don't see her). Next, he goes to grandmother's cafe and bumps into Cinderella (I think) and Grumpy who are locking up. He steals the keys and goes in to drink a cup of coffee while waiting for something. And that something is the White Rabbit. He's dressed quite dapper! He has red eyes and red glasses.

:cut scene: Bethlem Asylum London, England

     Creepy music. Girl in wheel chair with creepy doll. Crazy looking people peeping out of their rooms' windows. Alice walking with two men leading her. Doctor questions Alice. She is all grown up. She says that she doesn't remember. She has to explain to the doctor where she REALLY was.

:cut scene: Hookah smoking caterpillar

     Alice is all grown up, she runs out from under the caterpillar's mushroom cap. She eats a magic mushroom and starts to shrink while she's running away. She goes into the maze and gets knocked over while the force from the (unseen) guard's footstep pushes her into the dirt under the maze. She sees a bottle lying on the ground and enters it. Turns belongs to Cyrus the genie. They talk about Agrabah. They have great chemistry and they just met! Cyrus (slyly) asks Alice if she's married. I already ship this couple! They're just falling in love with each other in front of our eyes.

    The doctor continues talking (he mentions pirates, mermaids, and falling in love) and then next we see Alice and Cyrus standing in front of the boiling sea. She says her famous line of "curiouser and curiouser". She almost falls in and Cyrus saves her. But I say, he pushed her in. He gets down on one knee and before he could say anything, she screams yes! They kiss, then Cyrus pulls out a glowing amulet and says "Now our hearts are entwined"
    As the lovers embrace, we hear marching. They both look scared and Cyrus yells "Alice, run!" My question is: where? She has no where to go except into the boiling water because they are standing on a cliff!!!
     The Red Queen appears with her men. I could have sworn I thought it was supposed to be a Victoria's Secret model, but it's not.... I also remember seeing her in a different dress before this. The pair fights with the guards, Cyrus falls into the sea, Alice cries.
    The doctor tells Alice that they have a procedure for taking away her pain. It can help her forget whatever or whomever she's holding onto. My first thought was OH NO IT'S A LOBOTOMY!!! She considers it by asking "does it hurt?" The doctor hands Alice a pen and tells her to sign the contract.
    Next, we see Alice in her room, laying on her bed sleeping, she says "Cyrus." Then it cuts away to a tray of tools and we see the doctor pick up one that looks like it is supposed to be used to drill her head open. Definitely worse than a lobotomy. He tells the nurses to "fetch the girl" as Alice suddenly wakes up, looks outside the door, and pretends to sleep. Who opens the door, but the KNAVE OF HEARTS!! The nurses grab him (and holds Alice down with one hand - like that will do anything). She sits and doesn't resist until the Knave says "he's alive! the white rabbit saw him." Suddenly Alice gets all awesome and starts beating all the nurses up (while the Knave watches from the side.) She grabs her boots from under the bed and starts bashing heads in!
     The doctor tries to stop Alice but she says that the procedure has been cancelled (or something like that) and then they exit to the streets. I'm wondering if these people walking around out here knew that there's an insane asylum right next to them.
     They run through the little "bazaar" I only call it this because it reminds me of the place where Aladdin met Jasmine in the movie Aladdin. They come to a dead end and Alice demands the rabbit to "dig." He creates a glowing blue portal on the wall and the two humans jump in. They land on this white surface and jump up and down. It's called a mallow marsh. (A marsh made out of marshmallows!) The White Rabbit says he was having tea with the Dormouse and the Dormouse said that he saw Cyrus in the Mad Hatter's house. (Something about dragonflies being real dragons in Wonderland) And where is that house located? The Tulgey Woods of course! This episode is only half over....

      Alice offers to pay the Knave with wishes that she keeps in her boots. I can't believe that she just showed him where she keeps them! As the Rabbit goes to find someone to help Alice, he runs into the Red Queen. I'm excited!
     The Red Queen's castle looks like a bunch of chess pieces stuck together (in a good way.) Oh no! The White Rabbit is spying on Alice for the Red Queen. Poor Alice...
      Jafar appears on the Red Queen's balcony! He wants the genie's bottle but that only works after Alice has used the wishes. Which means, she hasn't used any of the three wishes yet. True Love indeed... Jafar tries to choke the Queen but she says he will never be able to find Alice without her help. Jafar jumps off the balcony and onto a flying carpet (just like Aladdin!)
      Tired of wandering around, Alice climes a tree to look for the Hatter's house. The Knave takes this chance to steal Alice's boots with the wishes in them. While on the tree, Alice encounters the Cheshire. This excites me!
      Cheshire looks like a wild animal, he's giant and has dirty hair, red eyes, and of course that famous grin. Right now, Cheshire is trying to eat Alice because there's no more meat in these here woods. The Knave returns and jumps on the Cat's tail. He takes a piece of mushroom and throws it into the cat's mouth. It turns into a kitty and runs off meowing. Alice and the Knave walks off and I'm wondering...why didn't Alice take the stick?
     They arrive at the Hatter's house and Alice runs in yelling Cyrus's name. I just remembered that the Hatter is Jefferson in OUAT (and I think he died or something.) White Rabbit shows up and Alice finds out that Cyrus is dead. Alice cries as she walks outside, but she sees something glowing in the grass (at first, I thought it was another wish.) Turns out, it is the glowing amulet that Cyrus was wearing when they proposed. Alice talks about how much she loves Cyrus and that "when you love someone, you know." While she's saying this, I can't stop thinking that the Knave must be so in love with her.
     We flash to Cyrus who is asleep in a cage. He wakes up whispering Alice's name (just like earlier when Alice whispered 'Cyrus' when she woke up). Flashback: when Cyrus fell off the cliff, the magic carpet was there to catch him (with Jafar commanding the carpet). We find out that Jafar has Cyrus captive in a cage hanging by a long chain, in a tall tower, in Wonderland.

:pan out: to outside, we see a road and Alice, Knave, White Rabbit walking on it, towards where Cyrus is being held captive. The animation here is cheesy and not the best it could be but I'm still quite excited to see how this season goes. I like it so far (but could be because I loved the book.)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10 - Glee 05.03 The Quarterback

05.03 The Quarterback (AKA Remembering Cory)

      Corey Monteith died this summer and this is the episode for the cast and us the fans to deal with his death, as an official good bye.

      It starts with the song from Rent, Seasons of Love. I paused after 1 second to type this and to ready the tissues. I just painted my nails, I hope they don't get ruined! It starts on a darkened stage, three spot lights move to reveal the current glee club (just the newer members) standing there singing Seasons of Love. And then comes the members that were there last two seasons. And then they walk off stage and appearing from down stage, the graduated members sans Rachel. The song is ending and they all turn around to look at a huge picture of Finn that was posted behind the curtain. *more tears*

     Kurt's inner monologue. 3 weeks since Finn's funeral. Kurt is proud of that Finn was his brother. He hides a picture of him and Finn from graduation and says "I only keep it out when I know she won't come in." He says to Rachel (we still don't see her) "Rachel, I'm going now." As he walks away, he thinks to himself "This isn't real, he's going to be there. I'm going to spend my whole life missing him." (Kurt also mentions that it's not about how he died, this makes me curious to know if they will decide on how to kill Finn's character. Morbid, I know)
    Beiste is back! And Emma!! And the teacher's lounge! Sue shows emotion by saying "We honor Finn Hudson by taking care of the people he loved."
    Mr. Shue writes on the board: FINN. This whole week's songs will be dedicated to Finn "songs that remind you of him or songs he's sang before." No one wants to sing but Mercedes gets up and sings the song that Finn sang to the sonogram of Beth. (I'll Stand By You) That moment when everyone joins in.....WOW just WOW. She's already doing an amazing job singing the song, this emotion. Not a dry eye in the cast when they were filming this, I'm sure of it. (Artie and Kurt are not singing along)
     THE RETURN OF PORCELAIN! Sue is actually quite fond of Kurt - in my opinion - thus the nickname. WHAT THE HECK! Puck stole Finn's memorial tree!!
     Kurt puts out three boxes: Keep, Give Away, Donate. They're going through Finn's stuff. Memories from old episodes!
-Football: first time they ever scored in a game, the Single Ladies episode
-Lamp: the "faggy lamp" (excuse the language) from when Kurt tried to redecorate. Finn always kept it. Burt wants to keep it. He says he should have hugged him more. (meanwhile, Kurt is hugging a hairbrush)
-Finn's Letterman Jacket: Carol wants to donate it but Kurt takes it and puts it on. Says that seeing him wear it is like seeing Superman. (He looks so good in that) Carol is now on the floor crying; Kurt and Burt join her on the floor.

    Next morning, Kurt is standing in front of a dumpster. Puck shows up and asks what's going on. It's the dumpster that Puck threw Kurt in (and Finn saved him). Puck demands the letterman jacket from Kurt. But he says no.
    The current cast plus Santana is sitting on the stage (with Sam and Artie leading) singing 'Fire and Rain'. Santana walks off and stops at at Finn's locker memorial. "New Santana" gets mad at the new head Cheerio for blowing out the candles. She enters Sue's office and beings a rant "I have hated you ever since the day I met you" "You are a horrible person who never had a nice word to say about Finn Hudson. So don't even think for a second that he didn't hate you too" She shoves Sue!!
     Tina goes to Emma and complains that she hates that she is wearing black and that she doesn't want to go back to goth again. Emma hands her three of her infamous pamphlets: It's not all about you, when to stop talking, wait, am I callous?
     Emma was with Will when he got the call. She sat next to him at the funeral. Will hasn't cried? He's worried about the people around him first. WAIT, are they back together? WAIT, did they break up?
     Beiste and Puck always have touching moments. She starts off by telling him that he's drunk. Puck yells and says "If I start crying, I don't think I'll ever stop!!" And then he punches a locker and knocks down a cart. He sits down next to her and they start crying together. Puck asks Beiste to retire Finn's number. And then Beiste tells Puck to put the tree back (how did she know?) "It was a crap tree, it wasn't big enough." "They grow, you know?"
      Santana says some insults towards Finn (that's meant to be nice) and starts singing 'If I Die Young.' I had to pause after she sang those four words because this is my dad's ringtone and I'm getting emotional already. Did her voice crack or was that my imagination? Too much crying from all of us. She starts breaking down during the song and covers her mouth and starts crying. Harry (I mean Mike Chang) and Shue get up to comfort her and she starts screaming...and runs away while everyone looks on. We next see her in the auditorum, Kurt comes to see her to see how she's doing. She wrote down nice things she wanted to say to everyone but chickened out and didn't say them. She reads them to Kurt at his request. She begins to cry and asks him to leave. Kurt jumps up on stage, puts the jacket (that he has been wearing this whole time) on Santana and walks off.
     Puck sings 'No Surrender' (never heard this song either). I just realized that I haven't heard Darren Blaine say anything this episode. Santana comes in and accuses Puck of taking the letterman jacket while she was napping. Kurt tells Puck that he can keep it for the night but it belongs to Santana now.
     Santana goes in to apologize to Sue. Sue confesses how bad she feels, that Finn was such a good kid. And that Finn would have been a great teacher. I think Sue tries to cry but her tear ducts were taken out (remember?)
    They're putting drumsticks on Finn's locker memorial and RACHEL SHOWS UP!! (Holding Kurt's hand. It's beautiful she says). She stands in front of everyone who is back and sings 'Make You Feel My Love'. Her story for this song is that this is the first song she and Finn used to sing together when driving around. Of course, Rachel has a tear rolling down her face. For once, I think it's a real tear instead of an acting tear. Will looks like he wants to puke. Santana hugs Sam. Harry Mike Chang and Artie both have their hands on Tina's lap. Kurt has an arm on Mercedes. Kurt and Darren Blaine are crossing arms-holding hands. Oh how lonely Rachel looks up on that stage!
     Santana tells Mr. Shue that she might never come back to Lima. Puck puts the tree back and points to the placque: Finn Hudson 1994-2013. I can't believe Finn is as old (as young) as my little sister! Puck wants to join the Air Force, wants to be like Top Gun. As Puck drives off, we see that he carved the word "quarterback" into the tree.
     Rachel tells Will that she still sees his face and talks to him. I'm tuning out this conversation between Rachel and Will because I don't want to cry. She opens a box and it's a picture of Finn with the quote under it saying "The show must go...all over the place...or something". Will's reaction: did he really say that?
 OMG WILL STOLE THE JACKET!!! Emma comes home to see him crying into it. She hugs him.

:Fade to black:
cory monteith 

that's it....

Since Glee first started, I watched every episode [at least] twice the week that it came out. Once on tv, once online so that I can pause and rewind. I don't think I will ever be able to watch this episode again.