Friday, August 7, 2015

Preparing for D23 Expo 2015

It's that time again, the event that happens every 2 years, the D23 Expo! I went to the last one and my biggest regret was not having a phone with a longer battery life. I've made a list of some expo essentials I plan to bring for this year's expo.

Video on what I think you should bring:

List of what was mentioned in the video:
-Sensible sized bag - for carrying everything. Don't want to have it too big because you'll have to carry it with you all day, but still big enough for the things you are bringing. I might go with a small backpack that way I will have my hands free throughout the day.
-Portable charger - in case of low phone battery or just as a backup
-Camera - if you like something nicer to take pictures with than your cellphone
-Water and snacks - to keep yourself energized and hydrated throughout the day when waiting in lines. (Convention food is pricey)
-Schedule - D23 will have a pdf online with all the shows and panels. Link will be at the bottom of this post when it is up. Also there is an information booklet that is basically a free souvenir you can get when you enter the expo. Don't forget to pick one up!
-Swag bags included! - Giant reusable shopping bags for all your goodies you will get from the expo. I still use mine weekly!
-Sanitizer, tissue, handkerchief - for mess reasons. I always have these
-Money, discount, ID - you need money to buy goodies, and your Disney Annual Pass/D23 Membership/Disney Visa for discounts, and your ID to authenticate that it is your discount.
-D23 Expo 2015 app - Newly updated for 2015, links are at the bottom. Has all the information in your phone!
-Ticket - DON'T FORGET THIS AT HOME! Yes, the ticket is a bulky shape, but the lanyard will be provided at the door. They hand you one as you enter.
-Costume - This is one of the few Disney event allows costumes but make sure to read the rules, they are posted on the D23 Expo site and are the same as the costume rules for the Disney parks.
-Walking shoes - There will be a lot of walking around from panel to panel and standing in lines. Make sure your feet are happy!
-Blankets - If you plan to wait at midnight for the next morning, keep yourself bundled up! Just have someone in your party return it to your room or stick it in your bag before the doors open.

Have Fun!

Playlist of last expo's videos:

Expo website:

This year's expo schedule:

Link to Google doc of schedule (I created it myself):
Schedule without signings, meet and greets, and performances:

D23 Expo 2015 app:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Preparing For 24 Hours At Disney

As you must all know, the 24 hour event is this Friday at Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks. I am super psyched for it this year because I'll actually get to attend in the day time on account of no classes that day!
Here are some suggestions for preparing for this event. Most of which I'm going to do:

Plan ahead of time what you want to get done.
 There's going to be a lot of people. Even though you get 24 hours, most of it is going to be spent waiting in line. So make sure you set some goals. My goals are to try out some of the new food and drinks they're releasing for the event.

Pack light but right.
 Okay I'm only following half of this suggestion. I am going to be so prepared. Here are some of the things I will be bringing to the event: reusable water bottle, a cardigan, a sweater, a change of socks, an extra tank top, a hand towel, sanitizer, sun screen, plastic baggies, and most importantly....a battery pack. I can probably explain each thing but that would take too long.

Extra clothes.
 If you are like me, you love water rides. Even at night. I'll be bringing extra socks because I know it is the worst thing ever to walk around with soggy socks. I will also be wearing an extra tank top in case my clothes get too soaked and I want something dry to change into. Of course, I always take off the outer layers when I get on the ride so I'll have something dry to warm me up afterwards. And because it is a 24 hour event, you know it is going to get cold in the night. Bring a sweater or jacket to tie around your waist or put in your bag for those colder nighttime hours.

Bring charging supplies!
 I love taking pictures with my phone or sending pictures to my friends when I'm in the parks. Unfortunately, that means my phone battery usually runs out after about 6-8 hours. I, as an always prepared person, always carry a charging cord, adapter, and an extra battery pack. I won't tell you all of the places in the park that you can find an outlet to charge, but there's a few inside Flo's Cafe and some inside the Main Street Theatre.

Keep hydrated and well fed.
 This is a thing we often have to remind ourselves when we're having fun. It is very important to drink a lot of water while you're at the parks. Being out in the sun and walking around all day can dehydrate you. I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle and going into any of the restaurants with soda fountains and filling up there. (Or you could go up to a quick service counter and ask for water. They will give you a cup of ice water. But I don't recommend this because it wastes cups.) And of course all that fun and games will leave you famished. I suggest light snacking throughout the day and/or a few meals to help keep your energy up in order to survive the night. 

 I know that this is a given but you should definitely sleep well the night before the event. And maybe find a place to nap during the event. Popular places include the Animation Building at DCA and the Main Street Theatre at DLR. Take caffeine if you must (I personally won't).

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Disneyland Adventure December 2014

December 22, 2014 Disneyland trip!

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