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November 21 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.06 Who's Alice

01.06 Who's Alice

Man is painting
BOOM! Jafar appears from the ground.
Jafar is looking for the Bethlem Asylum
He steals the man's suit

Meanwhile in the asylum, the bald doctor guy is dripping some red thing into his drink
Jafar knocks on the door and asks about a previous patient
"Long hair, blue eyes. Name of Alice."
The doctor denies knowing Alice or the talking rabbit.
Jafar pulls out a bag with the White Rabbit (looking quite sad) inside the bag

Opening title sequence: A purple flower gives off fumes

The Red Queen goes to Jafar's tower and sees that Cyrus is no longer there.
She attempts to question the old man.
The man lies about Jafar taking Cyrus him
"If Jafar took Cyrus with him, he would have used the KEY"
Old man: He carries with him the greatest power of all...true love

Elsewhere, Cyrus is scaling down the tower.
When he lands, he closes his eyes and says "Alice, where are you?"
He opens his eyes and sees Alice's amulet glowing "Stay strong"

Alice runs into two thugs who try to take her amulet.
She beats them up.
"Be careful who you threaten, love"

Victorian England. One year ago:
A table with a tea set all set up
BOOM! Alice appears out of the ground
She cries out "Cyrus! No!" (Cyrus just died)
A little girl in a pink dress appears and tries to help Alice find her way home
The father of the little pink girl is Alice's father.
She tells her father that Cyrus is gone because the Red Queen killed him. (The man I was going to marry)
Alice is introduced to her new sister and mother: Millie and Sarah

Alice approaches the Black Forest. She sees a bunch of signs "Seems like an awful waste of wood when one sign would do. I mean, is it really that bad?"
The signs:
-Dead end of the queen's road
-Abandon all hope ye who enter
-Turn back
-Black forest beware
-Endless night awaits
-Enter at risk

She sticks her hand in what looks like a black portal.
Alice bravely walks in
The Knave walks into an old man and asks for water "Have you ever been stoned?"
The two thugs see the Knave and tells him where to go.
Alice in the forest, just tells herself to "keep walking in a straight line, keep walking west"
The fire she is holding goes out.
Suddenly, a bright light appears and she runs towards it.
She walks into a clearing with trees that have beautiful purple flowers that gives off puffs of purple fumes
Alice encounters the Carpenter (He tells her that the place is called Boro Grove)
He tries to convince her to stay and she begins to forget her goal
"Maybe I'll stay awhile"

Alice's father asks how long she intends to stay.
"Forever, there is nothing left for me in Wonderland"
He tells her not to tell Millie about Wonderland or the genie because she's impressionable
"So I should just sweep them under the rug. Like you did with mother and with me?"
He tells Alice that she has to be happy if she wants to live in the house with them
Alice tears up.
She asks if he really wants her there.

The Red Queen is tracking Cyrus
We find out that the Lady-Gaga men are actually the Tweedles!!
Something about the Queen knowing how to get her hands dirty

Knave finds himself in Boro Grove and discovers Alice picking flowers
She also made a shrine for her sword (Peace not war! JK)

Alice is wearing a white dress with a very high collar
She's being cordial to her new family
Her step-mother tries to set Alice up with a boy down the street
"All you have to do, is smile"
She freaks out and breaks her glass
"I think some troubles take longer to forget"

Cyrus is running in the woods.
He comes across a river and makes tracks in the ground

The Knave is trying to convince Alice to leave.
She seems to have forgotten all her troubles
The Carpenter is very creepy
As the Knave tries to punch the Carpenter, a leaf pops out of his neck
The Knave realizes that all the trees are people who have gotten stuck there in the Grove!
Alice has suddenly forgotten her name

Alice is having a ngihtmare about Cyrus's death
She is awakend by Millie
Millie insists on Alice telling her about her bad dream and about Cyrus
Alice's dad and Sarah tells Alice that she is not trying hard enough to be happy

The Knave tries to pull Alice out of the place but she grabs her sword and starts swingng at him
She tells him that she is happy where she is and that she wants to stay
The Knave thanks Alice for getting his heart back for him.
As he falls to the ground, she begins to become a tree
She sees the tree stump and "No, I'm not going anywhere, I finally found a home"

Meanwhile, the Queen tracks Cyrus to the river
"If I were a frightened little genie, which way would I run?
She uses magic to reveal Cyrus's footprints going into the woods

Alice, in another high collared dress (this time blue)
Her parents introduce young Darcy to her
She calmly storms out
Alice accuses her dad of marrying someone he doesn't truly love
"It took you years to forget mother....why do you think I can forget Cyrus in just a few days?"
He tells her that she can not stay with them if she doesn't forget about it
He proposes to send her to a "mad house"
"You can let Sarah find you a husband or you can live in a hospital"

The Knave is still trying to convince Alice
He picks up the amulet and she attacks him with the tree
The amulet slips out of his hand and into Alice's 
She suddenly wakes up and remembers everything

The Queen corners Cyrus. 
We discover that they are on a floating island 

Alice is dressed up in a dress much like Madeline's in the cartoon/books. But blue
With her suitcase packed and in her hand
She mournfully awaits the cart to come pick her up
Her father is inside talking with Sarah.
Alice steps into the carriage

The Knave leads Alice out of the forest
She is cringing in pain from getting all her worries back at the same time
It is revealed to the Knave that Anastasia is the one who turned him back into a human
And Alice discovers that after she found his heart, he never put it back into his body

On the island, Cyrus and the Queen are at a standstill
Cyrus jumps after seeing the glowing amulet across the way

A gloved hand knocks on a door
It is Alice's father's house and it is Jafar knocking
"I know your daughter and I know where she went"
"Alice? You've seen her?
"Yes, and I can take you to her"

As always, the good guy/girl's weakness his/her heart and compassion. Jafar is obviously using Alice's father to lure her in and to steal her wishes. I am still wondering what power the three genies will give to Jafar.

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November 18 - HIMYM 09.10 Mom and Dad

09.10 Mom and Dad

27 hours before the wedding

James, Barney's brother, finds Barney & Robin someone to officiate their wedding: Reverend Gibbs.
Barney's dad, Jerry, arrives at the hotel. Barney sees Loretta (his mom) and Jerry being pleasant and think "They're in love! My mom and dad are getting back together again!!"

Barney gives Ted a signed Wayne Gretzky photo for him to hide until he can give it to Robin.
Ted doesn't lift a finger to stop Barney from getting his parents together.

Marshall and Daphne are bonding over the 500 miles song. 
Marvin is driving??

Robin tells Barney that Jerry is married so it's not going to happen.
Barney: So what? Marriage is just a piece of paper.
Robin: I'm a lucky gal.
"Why did you pause?!"
His plan is to get then stuck in the elevator and they'll rekindle their relationship.
Elsewhere, Jerry's wife is being driven away by Ranjit

Daphne blows up at Marshall.

Barney lowers wine/champagne and candles down to Jerry and Loretta in the elevator.
On an iPod, the song "bang, bang, bangity bang" is playing.

Oh no! Someone spilled calligraphy ink on the Gretzky photo.
Detective Mosby is on the scene.
"Really? Like that case from 8 years ago you still haven't cracked?" *shows flashback from a week ago of Ted looking a board labeled "The Pineapple Incident"*
Suspects: Billy Zabka, a bellhop, and Robin's cousin Claude.

Barney and James fight over who their mom is getting back together.
<Cue black & white musical number>
*slap fight ensues* "My dad would win in a fight" "No, my dad would win in a fight!"

Zabka's alibi: he was in a massage
Bellhop: didn't even know Ted complained about him
Claude: has ink on his hand but it was from saving a reefed squid. (true story)

Marshall finds out Daphne's daughter called her and told her not to show up.
Something about oranges, a speeding ticket, Trekkies, and more oranges. 
"Kids, they don't understand logic. Kids understand who shows up"

Barney and James agree to drop the issue. Barney finds a replacement 30 year old Scotch. But he drops it when he sees James's dad making out with Loretta.
Barney: Get your damn hands off my mom!
James: Ger your damn hands on my mom!
Sam Gibbs: One on one off?
Turns out, they got back together after James got reunited with his father.

Ted tries to accuse Lily of spilling the ink, she punches him and shows that she's been using the ink remover.
The picture now has a clean spot with a "W" in it.

Jerry is speaking to the police about a suicide note that his "wife" left on his bed.
"I'm going to...wait for it...kill myself"

Lily uncovers more of the picture.
Ted finds out Billy Zabka wasn't actually at the massage, he bought it for Barney's dad and signed his name.
Lily discovers that it is actually Zabka's picture under the spilled ink.
Lily's second tackle of the weekend.

Marshall delivers Daphne to her daughter's school.
Her daughter spots her, smiles, and starts a speech on "oil is the future!"
Marshall slowly backs out when they start chanting "drill baby drill"

Robin tells Barney that he has her. Jerry has Cheryl. And James is going through a divorce so he needs a mom and dad.

Billy was going to give the Gretzky to Barney and claim that he got the replacement one for him.
He keeps 200 signed headshots of himself in his trunk.
People kept throwing popcorn at him.
Yesterday: Barney asks him to be his best man. Billy's mom: You can come to Thanksgiving this year!
Billy: I thought if Ted screwed up again, I could be the best man.
Ted tells Barney a lie. Barney: Billy rules, Ted drools. Stinson out!

Loretta and Sam get stuck in the elevator and Barney lowers the tray with champagne into the elevator and tells them to consummate.
James is in the elevator.
<Fade out with "bang bang" playing>

Cheryl: are we almost there?
Jerry jumps on the car and tells Ranjit to give back his wife.

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November 17 - OUAT 03.08 Think Lovely Thoughts

03.08 Think Lovely Thoughts

A man is tricking people with the "find the Jack" card game. His son tries to stop him from being beat up.

Opening title sequence: Skull Rock

Pan is tucking Wendy into a bed. Henry asks if it would help Wendy if he saves magic.
Peter announces to the lost boys that "tonight, Henry saves magic!"

The man brings the boy into a room with two women on spinning wheels.
Turns out, the boy is Rumplestiltskin. "These two women will take care of you"
Before his dad leaves him, he gives Rumple the little corn husk voodoo looking doll that Peter threw at Rumple earlier in the season.

Snow tells Emma that she and Charming plan to stay on the island. Emma is the one who says "there's always a way"
The "cavalry" hear rustling in the woods, turns out to be Regina and Rumple.
They plan to trap Pan for eternity by putting him in the Pandora's Box.
The crew finds out that Rumple plans to kill Henry.
Everyone pulls out their weapons: Hook's sword, Emma's sword, Charming's sword, and Snow's arrows

The two women discuss Rumple's gift for spinning. 
They give him a magic bean to go to a different place where no one will know his father's name.

Neal tells Rumple that the only way they can work together if he gives him the Pandora's Box
Rumple: Peter Pan destroyed my father

Rumple finds his dad at the pub playing the card game again.
He wants his dad to go with him using the magic bean. "Think lovely thoughts!"
His dad talks about the invention of Neverland. When he (the dad) was young, he would go to a magical place in his dreams.
They jump into the portal.

Hook talks to Emma about the magic water that saved David. Rumple says he can make an elixir to save David. Neal tells his dad that no deal, Rumple will make the thing without asking for anything in return "because it's the right thing."
As they near the camp, Rumple takes the sword out of Hook's belt and says "I'm not walking in there with nothing but my good looks."
Hook: Well, I on the other hand--
David: Here, in case your good looks fail you *throws a sword at him*
As they enter the camp, the realize that Henry isn't with the lost boys. But they do find Wendy.
Turns out, Wendy and Neal know each other. 

The father and son pair land on a beach.
Neverland is special, just think anything and you can do it.
Best of all, you can fly! But they need pixie dust.
Pan's shadow stalks them

Wendy lies to the grownups about knowing about the existence of Henry.
They tell Wendy about their interaction with John and Michael.
She tells them that Peter needs Henry's heart to save himself.
Pan's dying and needs Henry's heart to absorb all the magic in Neverland. 
When Pan lives, Henry will die.

Elsewhere, Peter and Henry arrive on Skull Rock. Peter draws a line in the sand to create a protection spell.

Emma's optimism seems to be all over the place. "We're all going back home, together"

The pair almost reach the location of the pixie dust.
They reach a tree and he says "we're here"
The flowers on the top of the tree at night, they bloom with the stars.
Rumple's father is trying to force him to climb the tree but climbs it himself instead.
While up on the tree, he spots a flower and puts some pixie dust on himself "I want to fly!"
The dust doesn't work and the dark shadow stalking them shows up and tells him that he doesn't belong on the island.

Rumple, Regina, Emma, and Neal arrive on Skull Rock. They get stopped by the protection spell.
Turns out, Rumple can go in because no one with a shadow can go through the spell.
Rumple easily steps in and gets the box from them. Regina threatens to hurt Rumple if Henry is hurt. Rumple goes on.
Emma suggests blocking out the moon so that no shadow appears. Regina and Emma use magic to cause an eclipse.

Henry and Peter arrive in the heart of the rock and there is a giant, magical hourglass in the middle.
Peter tells Henry that it marks how much time is left until the magic runs out.
Pan hears a noise and freaks out, he tells Henry to sit down and then walks off.

Rumple is crying beneath the tree because his dad hadn't come back. But his dad arrives just in time.
His dad says he got the dust but it doesn't work on adults
He says that the only thing holding him down on the island, preventing him from feeling young again is: him (Rumple).
He lets the shadow have Rumple and the dust overcomes him and turns him into Peter Pan!!!!

Peter: You traded your son for a dagger. And I traded you for youth.
Rumple: I regretted my son the moment I let him go.
Peter: I never forgot about you! Why do you think I call myself Peter Pan?
Rumple: I'm going to make a fresh start, just not with you. *tries to open the box but it doesn't work*
Peter has the real one. He opens the box and sucks Rumple in.

Rumple goes back to the two spinning women.
He gave the doll the name "Peter Pan"
Peter flies to Skull Rock and sees the hourglass. The shadow appears and talks to him.
"It represents the magic fueling your youth. The magic allowing you to stay here, to stay young."
When it runs out, "Your youth will be taken and you will die"

Peter tells Henry to give him his heart.
Pan tells Henry that he has to stay on the island forever and can never leave.
He uses magic to get Henry to pull his own heart out.
Peter greets Baefire, The Savior, and The Evil Queen.
They try to convince Henry to not give away the heart because it'll kill him.
Pan tells Henry that they're lying to him because adults lie.
They say "I believe in you too, but I have to save magic, I'm sorry."
He shoves his heart into Peter and a green woosh goes across the island (kinda like when Emma broke the curse and it was a bluish purple light that went woosh.)
Peter smirks and begins to fly.

This is such a cliffhanger!! This is the biggest piece of news ever. I am so shocked at the real identity of Pan! And the fact that they are all related, man the creators are insanely genius!

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November 14 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.05 Heart of Stone

01.05 Heart of Stone

We start off in the cabin right where we left off. Will (the knave of hearts) and Anastasia (the red queen) are preparing to jump into the magic mirror that Will stole from Maleficent. But Anastasia's mother walks in. Her mother is disappointed in Anastasia because he doesn't have a title, she worked very hard to get her daughter to become a queen. "At least I have your sisters." (I just realized that this might be the same Anastasia that is Cinderella's step-sister.)

Opening title sequence: A horse-drawn carriage. (Looks similar to the one that the red queen was in in an earlier episode)

We see the red queen standing on a cliff looking down into an abyss filled with sharp pointy rocks. She tries to step off but doesn't. 
Alice drapes a blanket over Will's head to protect him from "rain, snow, or anything that falls from the sky."
Red queen appears and offers Alice a deal: Find magic dust in exchange for finding Cyrus

Back in Cyrus's tower, the old man he is trapped with is dragged back into his cage. 
Cyrus questions what and why the old man is there.
His punishment (today) was to push giant, man-sized rocks up stone steps. His reason for imprisonment is that he, like Cyrus, has something that Jafar wants.
Cyrus shows the old man that the ring he has been carving on the bottom of the cage with the wishbone is almost complete.

Anastasia and Will are scavenging for food, Will finds a mushroom and is about to take a bite when Anastasia says that's the kind that will make him grow bigger. "And the wagon is small enough as it is."
They see a wagon go by with loads of bread and ask for a piece. The driver says that it's all spoken for because there's a ball in the palace that night.
Anastasia suggests they crash the ball. Will plans to steal her a dress.

The Red Queen is in her carriage with Alice, they're heading to "The Great Divide" to get the magic dust. 
She reminds Alice of the little girl in the blue dress wanting her father's love.

Cyrus continues cutting a hole, the old man tells him about the layout of the tower.
As they talk, the bottom of the cage breaks and falls down the hole. 

Lady Gaga-Man presents Jafar with a "package."
It is the White Rabbit
Jafar propositions the rabbit to free him of his debt with the Red Queen in exchange for information on everyone that Alice has ever loved.

Cyrus plans his escape, he rocks his cage and slips out of it onto the ledge.
He nearly falls but somehow survives and knocks out the guard (getting the keys from him.)

Alice and the Queen arrive at the divide and Alice wonders how to get across. Without a bridge and without magic.
On the floor is a placard that says "The pure of heart shall make the leap"

Will and Anastasia are at the ball with newly borrowed clothes.
She says: I'm just going to go look around
Will: Alright, I'll be back *walks off*
Anastasia overhears someone saying "I was just admiring the crowned jewels darling" and imitates her way of speech.
She says "hello darling" out loud and a man says "most people go with 'your magesty'"
They flirt.
Will and Anastasia are discovered. Some woman accuses Anastasia of having stole the dress from her carriage.

Alice: How do I know this isn't a trick to make me use a wish?
Queen: if I wanted you to fall off the cliff, I'd push you
Alice figures out it is a riddle. "Maybe it's a figurative leap. A leap of faith."
"The purest thing in my heart, my love for Cyrus." "When two people love each other, there's nothing they can't accomplish."
"Our hearts are entwined." She closes her eyes and steps off of the cliff onto an invisible bridge. After taking a few steps, she falls!!
She wakes up and starts yelling for the help of the queen.
Lady Gaga Man shows up. Queen: we failed
Man: back to the palace, your majesty
Queen: I shall be the one to tell you when we leave.

Anastasia: We failed. Time to go home
She forms a plan to steal the crowned jewels.

Cyrus throws the keys up to the old man, he lets the keys fall.
(I'm starting to think that the old man is Jafar's father, the Sultan)

Jafar: She enjoys tea parties...
He's angry and he cuts off the rabbit's foot.
The rabbit has one minute to tell Jafar who else in Wonderland Alice cares about and he can be hole again.
"There is someone, but they're not in Wonderland."

Trapped down the hole, there is a creepy little girl saying "Alice~~"
It's a little girl in a blue dress "Hello Alice, it's lovely to see you again"
"I'm here to help you" "You know what you have to do."
Turns out, the little squirt is evil Alice. Telling real Alice to kill the queen.
Instead of killing the queen, Alice swings her sword and sticks it in the ground. The queen has tears in her eyes. 
The evil Alice turns back into the real Young Alice and then becomes the magic dust.
As real Alice is picking up the dust, she tells the queen she didn't do it "Because I'm not like you."

Anastasia is inside the palace searching for the crown jewels.
She finds them and breaks open the cabinet. She gets greedy and goes for the crown.
The king catches her. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

The queen takes the dust and turns out she lied about the deal.
(Alice's outfit is very cute, I'm almost positive that she keeps changing it)

Elsewhere, Cyrus is escaping 
The rabbit got his foot back
Jafar tells the rabbit to "start digging"
The rabbit runs into Cyrus and tells him "Just go. Find her! Just go!"

The king is fascinated by Anastasia. He takes back the crown from her and offers it to her in exchange for her hand in marriage.
He leads her to the mirror and puts the crown on her head.
Anastasia: But I love another
King: Suppose you sell it, how long until it runs out?
The king makes an announcement: People of Wonderland, I give you, your queen.
Anastasia comes out onto the balcony, her lips have gotten fuller (than they were before), and she has made a dress change.
Will is heartbroken

The queen takes the blanket off of Will's statue, says "I'm sorry," and then sprinkles the magic dust onto him. He turns back into a human. 
Alice uses the magic dust and tells it to show her where Cyrus is.
A tower appears and she says "I'm coming for you."
In that same moment, Cyrus emerges from the same tower and says "Alice, I'm coming for you."
We see the red amulet glowing in the distance.

More hope for the lovers. I'm so tired of seeing Anastasia's face. More Will and Alice adventures please!

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November 11 - HIMYM 09.09 Platonish

09.09 Platonish

31 hours before the wedding

Robin can't stop crying because her mom isn't to attend the wedding. She doesn't know how to stop crying (challenge accepted!)
Diapers and samosas

"major craving for mojito"
"private joke years later"
Barney says no two people in the world are platonic
Except Marshall and Robin
Challenge for Barney: Get a girl's number while talking like a dolphin
Ted and Marshall are at a basketball game, Marshall says "Robin says she's still in love with you" to get a reaction from Ted to prove they are not platonic.
Challenge #2: Pick up a girl while wearing a garbage bag
"I'll be Glad to"
Challenge #2.2: You also can't use the letter 'e'
Challenge #3: Redhead, bar. Robin tells her that Ryan Gosling wants her so don't talk to any other guy
Barney tells her that he's Ryan and had to get plastic surgery because he's a method actor.
Challenge #4: Pick up diapers (for Lily) and samosas (for Robin)..........while picking up a girl!
Some unknown number keeps calling Ted, he finally picks up and it's Hammond Druthers.
While in line for diapers, Barney sees a target. She turns around and it's THE MOTHER!!
She has a boyfriend and heard him call her a target. She tells him he's sad and she puts her hands on his arms, looks him in the eyes, and says: It's going to be okay, you're a good guy. You will get through this." Druthers is offering Ted a job in Chicago. He says no. A lot.
The mother tells Barney that "I think you are sad because you were in love and you messed up."
(And that's how Barney met your mother)
Ted sees Robin eating olives and she tells him that she changed her mind about olives (she used to hate them.)
He doesn't take the job in Chicago but the door is always open.
Barney asks the mother if she thinks she and her boyfriend will go the distance. She says she doesn't think she's met the right guy yet.
Barney: I wonder if I know anyone to set you up with. *thinks about it* I'm drawing a blank

The mother asks Barney "do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?"
She tells him that he needs to go all out for this and spend all his time on it then she leaves.
Ted realizes that he and Robin are not platonic, they're more "platonish" if that's a word
We see Barney looking at his playbook. He flips through it, goes to the last page,and writes "The Robin" (in very nice cursive.)
Ted is talking to Marshall and says that neither he nor Robin are going anywhere, what's the rush to go and get her right now? He can take her time

Present day:
Barney tells them that he didn't know what that girl was, but he had one challenge and one challenge only: Get Robin Scherbatsky to fall in love with me.
Robin looks at him, says "challenge completed" and kisses him.
The camera pans onto a sad looking Ted.

Since we get to slowly see how each member meets the mother, now that we've seen Lily and Barney's meets, it means we are one step closer to Ted meeting her. I just looked it up, Episode 14 is slapsgiving 3 and episode 16 will be "how your mother met me." And those episodes won't be until next year, 2014. I can only imagine how emotional the ending of this show will be. These people have wormed their way into our hearts. Also, where has the mother been staying this whole time? Didn't she arrive on the train with Lily?

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November 10 - OUAT 03.07 Dark Hollow

03.07 Dark Hollow

Five Days Ago:
Flashback to when Rumple said goodbye to Belle. We see that Rumple gave Belle a cloaking spell to hide Storybrooke from "others." We see two guys driving towards the town. The dwarfs (plus Belle, the Blue Fairy, and Archie) go down to the mine to open a vein of pixie dust. The two men have the key chain of a teddy bear hanging on their rear view mirror. I'm guessing it's John and Michael (Wendy's brothers.) Belle casts the spell and a magical light appears and creates a dome around Storybrooke, the two boys drive faster to beat the spell and they get in just in time. (But lose their back bumper)

Opening title sequence: The town's library

Rumple drawing a map in the sand for Ariel. He tells Ariel to find Belle in Storybrooke and give her a sand dollar "she'll know what to do."

We see Pan getting a feeling that "someone's leaving Neverland."

Neal needs to find Pan's shadow to fly off the island.

They split up. Charming and Snow going to find Tink to get ready to head into Pan's camp.
Neal, Emma, and Hook go get Pan's shadow.

The dwarfs are eating lunch by the beach and spot Ariel in the water.

The guy in the glasses (I'm guessing John) is so hot!!

Ariel finds Belle in the diner and hands her the sand dollar.
Belle puts the sand dollar on the table and sees a hologram with a message.
She is ecstatic because "he wants my help!"

Back at the camp, Snow is giving Charming the cold shoulder treatment.

Henry accuses Pan of keeping the existence of his family on the island from him.
Felix worries that they're losing Henry

Hook tells Neal about the kiss that he shared with Emma
Turns out, the coconut is not a star map, but a thing used to trap Pan's shadow
They need to go to Dark Hollow "Why couldn't it be called something like Sunshine Valley or Rainbow Cove?"

Ariel: Look at this stuff!
*holding a corkscrew* (aka a thingamabob!)
Ariel: *finds a button* It's the one Eric on his button when I saved him!
Belle finds Chip (the teacup) and puts it back in it's original spot. They discover a door on the floor. 
Inside is PANDORA'S BOX!
Ariel: Shouldn't you be wearing gloves or something? (how does she know what gloves are?)

John and Michael show up with guns
They tie the girls up and steal the box
The boys say they know that their boss is Peter Pan

Pan tells Felix to "Head to the other side and deliver the supplies" "Just be certain Henry doesn't find out what you're up to"

Hook tells Emma that she has to choose between him and Neal.

Dark Hollow, it doesn't look that dark, it's all red and stuff.

Ariel and Belle (my two favorite princesses btw) are still tied up.
They take off Ariel's magic bracelet and escape!

They are in the cave and get attacked by Pan's shadow, Emma uses magic to light the coconut instead of trying to choose between saving Neal or Hook

Belle and Ariel go down to the dwarfs' mine because a dwarf's pickax can break something magical like that.
Belle tells them to stop because some people they care about will die/get hurt if they don't get the box.
John and Michael say that someone THEY care about will get hurt if they don't break the box (I'm guessing, this is Wendy they're talking about?)
Yup, their sister. "Her name is Wendy. Wendy Darling"

They get the box back, Belle bids Ariel good bye and good luck.

Pan opens the other cage where Wendy is and lets her out to "play."
Henry follows Felix to a tree house and Felix drops a bag of food and walks away.
Henry gets the bag and climbs up the ladder to find Wendy in a bed acting sick.
Wendy tells Henry that the magic on the island is fading and that he looks like his father.
She tells him that the lack of magic is what is making her ill.
(This must be Pan's plot to get Henry to stay and help)
Peter applauds Wendy and then "back to your cage"

Ariel delivers the box and gives Rumple the message to save Wendy 

Emma is mad at the boys for fighting over a lighter. She tells them that she chooses Henry.
Everyone shows up at Tink's camp. She is happy to see Neal

Henry asks Pan "So I'm the only who can save magic?"
Peter leads Henry to a cliff where Skull Rock is visible.
Inside is their salvation, where only the heart of the truest believer can bring.
"Are you up to the task [Henry]?"

Dun Dun Dunnnnn. It will begin soon!!! 
Charming and Snow were so insignificant in this episode (in my opinion) that I barely even mentioned them. 
I'm glad that Neal and Emma haven't turned into the annoyance that Snow and Charming are.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 7 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.04 The Serpent

01.04 The Serpent

A long time ago in Agrabah:
Jafar is the bastard son of the sultan. He goes to a sorceress to ask her to teach him dark magic.

Opening title sequence: a cobra

The Queen is getting dressed by two Lady Gaga-like looking men.
Jafar tells her to eliminate The Knave
Alice and The Knave are chased by collectors. They split up.
Cyrus begs a guard for food and gets the wishbone
The Knave runs and hears someone beat up the collectors. It is The Queen.

Jafar is all grown up
The sorceress Jafar is learning from talks about snakes and shedding skin. She poisons a man to get his liver. Jafar doesn't save the man, he is "reborn". They make out.

One of the Lady Gaga men tell Jafar that The Queen has The Knave.
Knave and Queen talk. She locks him up in the prison.
Alice goes to The Caterpillar's mushroom to find Will and runs into a female collector. Her name is Elizabeth aka Lizard.
The Queen plays with a giant red and gold chess set
Jafar says something about "Alice in Wonderland"
Stupid Queen and her damn lips. I just want to punch her

The magic spellbook has all the information about genies
Something about getting the 3 genies to perform a spell.
She tells him she loves him.
They make out some more.

It is shown that Jafar has two genie lamps already. (Cyrus is the last one)
Cyrus has sharpened the wishbones but a guard sees him and drops it down the hole
Alice finds put that Elizabeth was friends with Will.
The Queen doesn't want will dead so she concocts a plan for the White Rabbit to help him escape.
Will dares her to kill him, she seems determined.
I just noticed Alice has a cool braid. She has a sword, uses it to get to the front of the line.
Public execution, citizens seem happy. Someone screams "off with his head"

Jafar enters a bar and tells the bartender to give him his genie.
The master of a genie cannot be killed.

Will is brought up to the chopping block.
The executioner is obviously a woman.
It is Alice, who frees him. They escape into the maze.
They get trapped by Jafar on one side and The Queen behind them
Jafar threatens Will by choking him.
Alice makes the wish "I wish if the knave of hearts dies, then I die."
Cyrus: Alice, what have you done?
Jafar tortures Alice (he tries to quarter her with magic.) She does not give in. Jafar turns Will into a statue.
He tells Alice that her weakness is her heart.
The Queen says "why would I want to do that darling?" in a annoying pouty voice.
Alice punches her (what we all wanted to do.)
They talk about stuff, The Queen says Wonderland is a prison.
Alice is wearing different boots from the first episode.
Jafar tells Cyrus that he'll soon be back in his bottle.

Jafar gives the sorceress a cup of wine, it's obviously poisoned .
It was a potion to steal her magical essence.
Jafar turns her into a serpent (he finally says her name, Amara)
He then turns the snake into his cobra staff.

Cyrus pulls the smaller half of the wishbone out of his shirt. He says that it's a myth about wishing on the larger half. That it was a story created by genies to get them to stop looking for bottles.
Jafar's staff blinks.
Alice sleeps at the base of a tree looking up at the very, very starry sky.
Cyrus talks about how all a wishbone wants is to be reunited with their other half (camera pans to Alice)
He uses the smaller wishbone to draw up the bigger piece. since it is sharpened, it cuts through the cage. Soon Cyrus will be able to escape!

I am loving this show but this episode made me miss once upon a time a little bit. I felt so bad for Cyrus when Alice made that wish, but she had to do it. I really hope she never makes the other two wishes, that way they can remain together. Since she can never die, does that mean she is also immortal?

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Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4 - HIMYM 09.08 The Lighthouse

09.08 The Lighthouse

One of the hightlights of my week, I can't wait for this show every Monday. What will I (and the fandom) do once it is over? Perhaps rewatch all of the episodes again and relive it all!!

33 hours before the wedding

So they definitely skipped the night time sleeping part of the weekend, that's good and bad because it means less episodes.

Saturday morning brunch. Awkward high-five between Barney and Loretta (his mom).
Robin shows up with the blouse she won at the poker game. "oh hell no!"

Ted wants to go to the lighthouse but Curtis wouldn't let him go by himself
Lily is drinking already in the morning
Marshall and Daphne crash at Ted's childhood home with Clint and Virginia 
Words like 'judge' and 'court' get Lily mad. "thank you Linus"

Things that they know about Robin's mom: Terrified of flying, got stung by a jellyfish, makes the best scrambled eggs. 

'gavel' "thank you Linus"
Lily tells Ted to take Cassie to the lighthouse and stop looking for the perfect girl
'trial' "you're slipping Linus" "we're running out of glasses"
Clint hitchhiked in Marshall and Daphne's car
Loretta makes delicious scrambled eggs and everyone else at the inn ask for them too

Robin's mom: drives a pickup truck, takes baths, may be too fat for a conventional american bathtub,

Daphne and Marshall bond over hating on Clint
Ted and Cassie make it up the lighthouse

Cassie: What do we do now? Fall in love or something?
Ted *throws up*

Robin tries to make eggs
"where is the egg opener?"
"i'll just prescramble them" *shakes eggs*

Loretta says that she's worried what Robin will feed her grandchildren if she can't even make eggs
Barney: mom, Robin can't have kids
To my recollection, Robin never told anyone about it, it was just a very sad episode but she didn't tell anyone
They talk about the fact Robin can't have kids
Last fall, Barney and Robin were at an (literally) underground club and then after they leave, Robin tells Barney that she can never have kids. He hugs her. (awww)
Lambo-cuzzi patent pending

Daphne lectures Marshall about not being able to get things his way because Daphnes of the world are always taking charge of things
Marshall flips a switch and drives off leaving Clint behind
He plays his music "I will walk 500 miles"

Robin's mom: won't be at her daughter's wedding
Loretta hugs Robin and lets her call her mom
Robin: Your eggs are great by the way

Ted says that the lighthouse was breath taking but it was with the wrong girl
What if he only gets so many lighthouses a lifetime?
Two years later....Ted is there with the mother (awwwwwww) 
The Mother: It's like traveling back in time
Ted: That's what I said!!
The Mother: wow it's beautiful up here, I don't know how you can improve a day like this
Ted: Well, I'm gonna try. *unhugs her and starts to kneel down* Will you...
The Mother: Yes
Ted: You didn't let me..
The Mother: Yes
Ted: marry me?
The Mother: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! *kiss & hug* YES! 
 I'm crying right now at this...

Clint...still meditating...opens his eyes and sees himself abandoned at the side of the road

This was an interesting episode, everything was crammed in. Lily had to deal with Marshall's judgeship news by herself and she did it by drinking. Ted had to go up to a lighthouse with Cassie and they don't even like each other. Daphne and Marshall were both mad at each other and Clint was bothering them. The only real plot of the episode was Robin and Loretta. They get to bond and it showed us even more that Barney and Robin belong together. One thing though, it showed us Ted and the mother being together. That's always something we want to see. Less than 30 hours to go till the wedding!!

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November 3 - OUAT 03.06 Ariel

03.06 Ariel

Ariel is my favorite princess hands down, so I'm excited for this episode. Although seeing Regina as Ursula (in the previews) kind of freak me out.

And yet again, here we are, another episode, another hour of listening to Snow and Charming whine and complain about stuff.

Snow is hiding in the forest, running from the Queen's men. She reaches a cliff and jumps off straight into the water. She is saved by someone (with man hands) and it turns out to be a mermaid, Ariel! 

Opening title sequence: Ariel sitting on a rock, flipping her tail

Emma is staring at a firepit, Regina is telling her to concentrate. Is she trying to set it on fire? Yup, she is. Regina is training Emma to do magic. Hook shows up at the camp and tells Emma's parents that Neil is alive. Snow wants to tell Emma but Hook and Charming don't. 

Ariel asks Snow why she jumped off the cliff. Snow says that being chased by an evil queen causes her to do crazy things. Ariel says that she gets that feeling too because she's "on the run to someone."
His name, of course: Prince Eric!
And a human!
Their backstory: Ariel saved Eric when his ship wrecked a year ago. They never spoke but she knew. Love at first sight.
Ariel dumps out her bag of collectibles and shows Snow an invitation at Eric's castle for that night, it's a ball celebrating/honoring the sea goddess Ursula for that night. Snow asks how Ariel intends to meet him at the ball when she has a tail. Ariel lifts her tail out of the water, smoke, it becomes legs!! And she's wearing a shiny blue skirt (like the one at the end of the movie.) Apparently, every year at high tide, Ursula grants mermaids the ability to walk on land from high tide to high tide. She says it only gives her 12 hours time. Snow says she should ask for more time. But no one has seen Ursula for 1000 years. Snow promises to help Ariel get her prince.

The boys prepare to leave, Emma appears and Snow blurts out that Neil is alive. Thanks a lot Snow! Emma is skeptical for a second.

Rumple: Trying to do a spell or something, trying to see the future (according to Pan.) Pan tells Rumple to leave the island but he doesn't want to leave Neil nor Henry behind.
Go back to Belle. Have a future. Maybe a new child.

Regina goes off by herself to find Henry while the others plan to go save Neil.

The two girls are at the ball. How the heck did they get dresses?!? The dresses look....not appropriate. Snow taught Ariel about forks and she puts it into her pocket. Eric comes down the stairs and smiles at Ariel. As she walks towards him, she trips and he asks her to dance.He remembers her as the same person who saved him from the shipwreck. She says she's new in town so it's impossible. He claims that Ursula is the one who saved him and gave him the vision of Ariel. Eric tells her that the next day, he is going off the explore the world. From the desert of this world to Agrabah. He asks her to come along and that he'll wait for her the next morning before he heads out. The dance ends. Snow is confused at Ariel's distress.
Regina is watching from a magic mirror.

Pan and Felix watch as Snow, Emma, and others search for Neil. They decide to move Neil to the Echo Cave. "The game is about to get interesting."

Rumple sees Belle who tells him to go back to Storybrooke and that they can start a new family. Regina shows up in time to choke Belle and show Rumple that it's Pan's shadow.

Emma tells Snow that she kissed Hook.
Snow asks if it meant anything.
"It was just a kiss"
"I'm sure Neil will understand"

Ariel regrets meeting up with Eric because she can't make him choose between traveling or staying with her.
Snow gives Ariel the advice to be honest and open up her heart to love.
Ariel stands at the ocean and talks to the ocean, addressing Ursula, and asks what she should do.
As she throws a pebble into the water, tentacles appear and it is Regina posing as Ursula. (Looks gross but kinda cool. Plus she pronounces her name Ah-riel like Sebastian does!) 

Rumple asks why Regina is there with him. 
They come up with the idea of "a fate worse than death."
They need something in Rumple's shop that will solve their problem
That way, Rumple won't have to die and they don't kill Pan.

Ariel is still in disbelief that Ursula is in front of her
(Pausing: can see the zipper on the back of the Ursula costume.)
"My dear, sweet child, don't fret!" Sounds exactly like in the movie!!
Ursula says that there's a way for Ariel to be "part of his world" forever without ever telling him that she's a mermaid
Ariel shows Snow a bracelet (with lots of seashells) that turns Snow into a mermaid
Ariel tells Snow that she could have a wonderful life "under the sea"
Snow tells Ariel that Ursula is not real, and Regina appears in the Evil Queen getup. Devastates Ariel

The gang show up at the cave, Echo Cave, and Hook says the only way to rescue someone from the cave is with a secret
"The cave demands that you reveal a truth about yourself, a secret you would never admit to anyone"
Pan wants them to go in the cave so that they'll reveal their secrets and their secrets will destroy them (he doesn't even have to lift a finger!)

The wearer of the magic bracelet can't take it off
Ariel is devastated that she has ruined Snow's chances of being free
Snow tells her to go off and get a chance at happiness
I just realized that they're standing on a dock, why are they at a dock? So random!
Ariel says sorry and then walks off (to find Eric.)
Regina chokes Snow, Ariel comes back and stabs Regina with a fork.
She takes of the bracelet and turns back into the mermaid, they swim away

They enter the cave
It's just a chasm with Neil's cage in the middle of the of the cave
Hook steps up and tells the first secret: I kissed Emma
He never expected to find anyone who he could love again after Mila
A bridge slowly appears
Snow: Feels cheated out of Emma's childhood, she wants another child so she could experience it all
More bridge
Charming: he'd love that but it could never happen with him because the anecdote for the dreamshade prevents from leaving Neverland because he'll die
The bridge is complete. Emma goes across
Emma needs to tell her secret to open the cage Neil is in
Emma: when she found out Neil was still alive, she wasn't happy, she felt terrified because from the moment she saw him again in New York, she realized she never stopped loving him. She says that she loves him but her secret is that she was hoping the fact Neil was alive was a trick because she doesn't want to go through all that heartbreak again. (Cage disappears, they hug.)
They exit the cave, Neil says he knows how to get off the island if they can find Henry.
Hook: let's go find Tinker Bell and get off this island
Neil says he'll never stop fighting for Emma
Snow: not now!

Snow tells Ariel to go tell Eric the truth (I saw the way he looked at you, he'll wait as long as possible)
The background music sounds like something from the movie
Eric: just a little longer
Ariel appears at the castle but can't seem to scream out Eric's name (she loses her voice!!)
"Eric! Eric! Nooo Eric!!"
Regina took her voice. Taking away Ariel's chance at true love
Ariel cries and swims off
Regina returns to her castle and is greeted by the Ursula statute from Eric's palace. (They're communicating by mirror, is this the new thing?)
Ursula threatens Regina and tells her never to impersonate her again.

On the beach where the giant squid was, Regina picks up the seashell
"I have no intention of summoning calamaria"
She whispers into the shell and summons.............Ariel!!!
"Hello Ariel, long time!" 
Apparently, mermaids can travel between realms. Regina plans to send Ariel to Storybrooke to retrieve the thing from Mr. Gold's shop.
Regina returns her voice to her (she hasn't had it for this long???)
She tells Ariel that Eric is in Storybrook (okay this, I did not know.)

Roll credits...

I hate all the cut scenes. It gives us about 2 minutes with each plot line. I'm tired of this. I'm also wondering now that Neil and Emma are back together again, what are the chances of TWO whiny couples on this show?

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