My Customs

     Here is my first custom that I have ever made, it was a commission piece for my friend. It is the character Chowder from the Cartoon Network show Chowder. This piece was completed April 29th, 2013 for my friend. Below is a 360 view of the completed work:

Below are pictures I took of all the sides:
Chowder with his Mustache
Chowder without a Mustache
Chowder's Right Side

Chowder's Back

Chowder's Left Side

Top of Chowder's Head
     After about 3 days of work (yes, this only took me three working days), I finished the custom, gave it to my friend, and got a very happy reaction. Unfortunately, I did not get the reaction on video but it will always be burned into my mind. :)
    Here are some videos of the steps I took to make this first custom:

  • Part 1:
  • Part 2:
  • Part 3:
  • Part 4:
  • Part 5:
  • Completion:
Fourth Custom, Minion!


My Fifth Custom, Dora e mon

Stayed tuned for more of my customs

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