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March 9 - OUAT 03.12 New York Serenade

03.12 New York Serenade

Let's hope this episode gives us a recap because it has been a long time since the last episode.

One year ago
Phillip rides on horse towards a gazebo where Aurora is waiting for him and preparing a picnic. (Hidden Mickey alert!!) She is pregnant and cranky. A magic purple cloud appears and rushes over them. The Storybrooke crew arrive in their fairy tale garb.
Aurora: Snow, what happened?
Snow: We're back :(
(I spy the dwarfs, Hook, Charming, Snow, Grandma, Red, Baefire, Regina, and Belle)

Opening title sequence: NY Skyline

Our world one year later
Emma wearing very high heels and a very short dress going to a restaurant to meet Auggie Anderson (from Covert Affairs! I totally love him!) They kiss and hug.
He asks about Henry and a school project. They eat. He leaves and Hook appears in his spot.
She calls him a stalker. "Emma, your parents are in great danger."
He hands her a paper "Take a gander, here's an address."

Enchanted Forest
Snow asks about the land. Ogres defeated. Aurora pregnant.
Snow wants Regina's castle. But she wants to join forces with Regina.
Aurora: You know we can't pretend this didn't happen. They've returned, we have to tell her
Phillip: Aurora, we can't. You know what will happen to them, what she'll do.
Aurora: We both know if she ever found out we hid this, she would take it out on our child. We have to trust they can take care of themselves

Real World
He comes back and they bring out an ice cream sundae. He mentions their first date. She looks at the plate and sees a ring. He asks her to marry him. "I love Henry, I love our lives together"
Here I thought the worst thing you can do is say no. Didn't think you were going to walk out on the bill.
She says it's too fast. They've only been together 8 months. "I've had leftovers in my fridge longer than that"
"I know, I threw it out."
He tells her he's known since she walked into his furniture shop. And he sped up her order because "It seemed like the most un-stalkery way to ask you out"
"I don't care if we get married when we are 65 years old and Henry already have kids"
(Marry him Emma!! He is adorable and he loves Henry and you!!!)

She goes home and sees Henry playing Diablo 3. "So what did you say to Walsh?"
He knew, he figured it out. "So what did you say? ...Poor guy."
(Henry has gotten older in this break. He's so cute!)
He wants his mom to marry Walsh and tells her that he's not like her dad
Emma: When did you get so wise?
Henry: Somewhere after level 16 when I became a knight

Perfect segue

Enchanted Forest
Dwarfs hanging out. Jiminy flies onto Grumpy's shoulder and they converse.
52 Storybrooke people popped up not 2 miles from where they are
Hook doesn't plan to go with them to Regina's castle. He's going to go look for the Jolly Rodger
(Snow looks pregnant but it could be just the clothes)
Bae asks to go to his dad's place on the way to "the queen's castle"
He wants to go to check
They have to live without Emma and Henry

Real World
Henry asks his mom if she's okay and if she's thinking about Walsh.
She goes to the apartment that Hook gave her. It's Neil's apartment. She sees a dreamcatcher and  realizes it's Neil. She also finds a camera strap with Henry's name on it. "That's..not possible!"
Hook tells her that her parents and the kingdom is back in Storybrooke

Enchanted Forest
Belle tells Charming Rumple might be alive
Snow is sad about going to the castle
Regina goes missing. Snow finds her. "what are you burying?
She's burying a heart. (It's Regina's heart) Because she misses Henry
Snow wants Regina to take her heart back. She tries to give Regina happiness by being her family.
She picks up the heart and puts it back inside. "Now, let's get back to our castle"
(Why do all the girls have low cut dresses? Ugh. - Except Snow)
Something was spying on them and flys out of the bushes. IT'S A FLYING MONKEY!!!!!!!
Robin Hood saves them. (OMG Regina's man!!!!!!)

Real World
Henry asks what Emma is going to say. He set up a date for Walsh and Emma for that night.
Emma tells him to go up without her. She pulls out the pictures she developed from the camera she got from Neil's place.
Hook gets out of jail. Emmas shows her the pictures. They are pictures of them in Storybrooke and a plane ride from Boston to New York. He hands her the memory potion.
She drinks it......"Hook!"
"Did you miss me?"

Enchanted Forest
Robin Hood and Bae greet each other. Belle says hello and gets a hug from Robin.
Regina is eyeing Robin from the front of the pack.
Snow: He's kinda cute huh?
Regina: He smells like forest
They arrive at the castle and find a (green) protection spell on her castle
"Someone hijacked it"
"Nobody sits in my chair! Nobody steals our castle!"
(She said 'our'!!!!)

Real World
Hook: Snow and the queen settled their differences. Frankly, I was bored
Emma: Glad to see you haven't changed
Hook: There wasn't anything for me in the Enchanted Forest so I stayed. Until I got a message saying there's a new curse that will bring everybody back to Storybrooke
They talk

Walsh arrives and she goes down to see him. She tells him she can't marry him
"I need to go home to go take care of somethings"
(I wish I had Emma's hair. It's so long and wavy)
He tries to convince her to stay.
Walsh: I wish you hadn't drank that potion
Emma: What? Who are you?
He falls off the room when he lunges at her and comes back as a flying monkey. She throws him off the roof and he poofs away.
To Hook: We leave in the morning.

Next morning, Emma is making breakfast. (I notice that she's dressing more girly. Right now, she's wearing a skirt and very high heels and a shirt with ruffles. Very fashionable)
She asks Henry to skip school and go on a trip.
Hook knocks on the door.
Emma: Henry, this is Killian
Henry: Did you skip bail?
Hook: He's still a little spitfire
Henry: Still? Why are you dressed like that?
Hook: Why are you dressed like that?? >:(
Henry's voice changed. It cracks now.
Emma: I just need one last thing. She goes to her closet and gets the red leather jacket.
She drives to Storybrooke in her yellow bug. Why isn't Henry in the car? Oh wait, he's sleeping in the back seat. "It's really back!"
Stay here and watch Henry. Don't wake him. Or scare him. Just let him sleep
She goes to knock on a door and Charming opens it.
He is speechless....
You remember!

We're back and feels like the last year has never happened.
Emma: If you can't remember, how do you know it's been a year?
Snow comes down the stairs and hugs Emma.
She's pregnant

Enchanted Forest
Flying monkey comes back with a few drops of Regina's blood on his claws.
Wicked Witch: The queen may be evil, but I'm wicked. And wicked always wins.

So it looks like this half of the season will be flashes between what happened in that one year since they left Storybrooke leading up to now. We will be flashing to the Enchanted Forest and seeing the shenanigans with the Wicked Witch and also seeing how Emma is dealing with everyone being back in present time. At least now we know what Aurora was hiding (the fact the Witch is there.) 

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