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March 10 - HIMYM 09.20 Daisy

09.20 Daisy

4 hours before the wedding

(Quick, spread the word! Wedding is at 6pm!)

Robin's mom talks about freaking out on the plane. She's duct taped to the seat and the breathing air bags are all down. She apparently opened the plane door while they were flying.
Marshall: I guess I'm almost a judge
Ranjit: That's great, can you get me a driver's license?
Barney: Drink the blood of your enemy

Billy Zabka saw Lily get into someone's car. The license plate said "AHOY!!!"
Barney gives himself the Saltine Challenge. 6 Saltines in 1 minute.
Lily calls Barney (Ted answers) and says he'll go up to meet the mom when he's done

Marshall: Do think think...
Barney: That the Captain moored his dinghy in Lily's lagoon? Yeah, definitely.
Ted: That's crazy, you'd never moor a dinghy in a lagoon
Zabka: I don't know Ted, in certain tidal conditions, if you're protected-
Marshall: Look it doesn't matter, today is Barney's wedding, just forget it
Barney: Do you want to go to the Captains house, punch him in the face real quick and come back to do the wedding?
Marshall: Would that be okay?
Barney: Ranjit get the car
Ranjit: Getting the car
*everybody gets up*

Barney: Me and the boys have to go teach someone some manners

Captain's house. he's singing with his cleaning crew. Doorbell rings. Marshall punches him.

Lily is drinking like crazy. "Thank you Linus"
Robin's mom talks about her dad and we see cut scenes of Barney who have done the same thing.

Captain is engaged to 'Boats! Boats! Boats!'
We find out Lily went to the Captain's house, went to the bathroom for a long time, and left.
Barney tells Lily they are at the Captain's house. Lily: I am so busted. Thank you Linus

Ted figures out that Lily has a secret because he sees Boats!Boats!Boats! chewing gum.
He enjoys the suspense
Ted asks about the Captain's powder room and about the potted plant. It is a daisy.
Ted: When Lily and Marshall are apart for an extended period of time, what is the one thing Lily always does?
Marshall: Cry?
Barney: Masturbate?
Zabka: Karate?
Captain: Go sailing?
Ted: No, when Lily and Marshall are apart for a long period of time, Lily...always....starts smoking again
He tells a story about Lily smoking since Marshall left for Minnesota but couldn't quit .And when they had a fight, she needed one but didn't have one.
Ted: It's 3am you need an easy pick and the only place that's open is 5 miles down the road. You have no car. What do you do? Go!
Zabka: Dirtbiking
Marshall: I can walk that far
Barney: Masturbate!
Captain: Take a boat
Ted: A boat? Dude, she got a ride in your car remember?
      Now, you're Lily, you just had a cigarett in your boss's powder room. What do you do with it? Throw it out the window? Flush it?
Marshall: No, she wouldn't do either of those things, she's an environmentalist
Ted: Stick it in your purse
Zabka: Marshall can find it there
Ranjit: Throw it in the trash can
Boats: The Captain would find it there
Captain: Hide it in a boat!
Ted: A boat? What? How would that even...
Captain: I don't know...I just like boats!
Marshall: Oh there's only one place she can hide it. A place that eventually, it would decompose and serve as a natural mulch
Ted: Now if I were to dig around, I would be sure enough to find....*digs* ....a pregnancy test....
Zabka: You could smoke those?

Flashback to actual. Lily throwing up on the train. Her telling Linus to give her non-alcoholic drinks she might  be pregnant. She buys a pregnancy test at the store. She uses the pregnancy test. She's pregnant again!
Marshall: Guys..we need to go back to the hotel
Barney: She peed on that and you touched it

Marshall: Lily, we're going to have a baby!
Lily: I told you guys I could keep a secret :'(

Barney hugs Robin's mom. "Oh he's nothing like your dad!"
Marshall: We have to search around for hospitals in Italy
Lily: We're not going to Italy
Marshall: Of course we're going to Rome. You gave me my dream
Lily says it might be a girl

Robin's mom: It's like flying. You're filled with mortal dread. But when you find someone, it's like flying. Do you have someone like that?
Robin: I do...

One year later...
Marshall (in Italian): Come on bro, don't bogart the Funyuns.
Lily: I'm not bogarting them. There's another bag in the kitchen
Marshall: Lily, my darling, I'm the one who boxed up those Funyuns and shipped them here from New York. So it would be nice if you didn't eat them all.
Lily: Who brings food to Italy? It's Italy!!
Marshall: Then why are you eating my Funyuns!
Lily: You don't want me to eat your Funyuns? Fine! Let's take the kids to the square for some gelato!
Marshall: Now you're talking! Mickey! Let's go get some Gelato!
Lily's dad: That's a great idea. I've got the kids in the stroller and everything! Principessa! (Marshall's mom shows up) We're going to get some gelato!
Marshall's Mom: Perfection!
Marshall: My beautiful children. Good morning, Marvin.
*He bends down to look in the carriage*
Good morning....Daisy.
Their baby is blotchy

Only two more episodes until the finale!

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