Monday, March 3, 2014

A [Super Belated] Valentine's Disney Day

Monday, March 3, 2014.

   Well, it is now March and yes, I do realize that Valentine's Day was nearly three weeks ago. But I've been going through stuff. I just wanted to talk a little about how Valentine's Day at Disneyland/California Adventures was.

    Let's start off the day with an obligatory "what hat I'm wearing" picture:

Pink Minnie Ears AND Minnie Hat! Couldn't decide!
   And of course, some Valentine's merchandise at the leather bracelets place.
Red, White, and Pink ones for the "occasion"

Mickey and Minnie heart ones
Brown + Cony for my boyfriend and me.
They're characters from this thing we like.

  Next, an obligatory selfie of my best friend and I (because we went with each other instead of with our boyfriends...they were busy.) This was outside Clarabelle's where she got ice cream and I had a special vanilla and cherry cotton candy!

No ice cream unfortunately. But we do have matching hats!
Cotton Candy is yums

    We barely went on any rides but we did spend about 4 hours at the Mad T Party. For anyone who doesn't know, it's basically an outdoor club (or something of the sort. I wouldn't know.) With DJ, dancing, and drinks! Now, it's one of my rules to never be caught (in a picture) holding alcohol. So I don't have any of that. But I do have a video of our drinks. We both got a Long Island Ice Tea. Here's a few pictures from the Mad T Party.

Looks great as pink doesn't it?

Another celfe. I think we took three pictures together that day.

And a gif with a few pictures stitched together.
The Mad Hatter is lead singer on stage.

So....I had to go to D-Street because it's been ages since I was last there. Saw Blank and Bow on display plus a lot of Lady and the Tramp sets:

Blank and Bow

Lady and Tramp

Last but definitely not least, a last-minute-surprise-visit from our boyfriends! Us two girls went to explore around the Californian hotel while they sat there looking at their phones. What buttheads :P

Creeper smiles.
Our boyfriends are sitting on the wrong sides.

We don't have enough couple pictures so we took a lot that night.
This one is my favorite.

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And remember to always Keep Calm and Disney On~
(it's been awhile since I used that)

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