Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Flower and Garden Vinylmations

Flower and Garden Topiary Vinylmations - Reviewed

   So I have a friend who is over in WDW right now. Unfortunately, he will not be able to pick up the Flower and Garden topiary set for me. I just looked them up online and here's the officially Disney Blog post:

credit to the Disney Parks Blog

Finally, the Vinylmation team will introduce a new “revealed/concealed” mystery set with figures shaped like topiaries on March 28. Disney Design Group artist Caley Hicks designed the 3-inch figures. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey topiary is the revealed figure in the set, and it will be found on the top of each mystery box. The other four figures will be randomly packaged, so you won’t know which one you get.

     Okay.....this writer is calling the concept "revealed/concealed" and that the Sorcerer Mickey is the "revealed" while the rest of the set is "randomly packaged." He definitely  does not collect Vinylmation or he would know the terms "topper" and "blind box."

Overall - I love the entire set that is pictured above and would want all five of them.

-Sorcerer Mickey: I really like the design on this. It looks a lot like the 2014 Eachez that came out in all the parks. Just green skin and flowery red cloak.

-Donald: I've never liked Donald as a character (don't hurt me!) but I do like ducks. And he is a very cute duck! He actually looks really great in this design. The leaves help give him the eyebrows of an angry face, and the clear ears & bee really adds to the fauna concept of the set.
-Daisy: First of all, PINK! I love pink on her!! Secondly, BUTTERFLIES! Not only does she have clear ears, but she also has butterflies on her ears! Ah! Too cute, the most standout design of the set and probably my favorite from the ones shown in the picture. Her pink dress is also very adorable with the flowers in it. Wait...doesn't Daisy usually wear purple?
-Mickey: Mickey is wearing his usual red pants. But why no yellow buttons? I know yellow flowers exist....perhaps the picture just makes the color look like a brighter red/orange. I do like this design because his face is so cute. But the buttons are my complaint.
-Minnie: She is wearing her red red dress with the polka dots. And I like the new Minnie mold definitely. At first I was going to complain that she didn't get different colored flowers like Daisy but then I realized it's her red dress that she always wears.

Now, I understand that they didn't want to give them different shoes, but I am wondering why not? How cute would they look with their yellow feet/shoes? I thought the point of having plants is for it to be colorful. Granted, I've never seen the Flower and Garden festival topiaries and these vinyls are probably based out of those. So I'm going to go do some research now!

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