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2014.03.20 Disney Visit: Tradition

I have a tradition of going to Disneyland the day after my last final is over. This time, it fell on a Thursday. So I make my way over to Disney by myself. I have taken pictures to create a narrative of my day. I just went on two rides. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Grizzly's River Rapids. Spent rest of the day drying off and just looking around. So enjoy the pictures and my short narrations.

Of course when you arrive, you have to line up to go to the tram. I parked on the Goofy level. 

My Pal Goofy
After you get off the tram, you have to line up to get your bags checked. Of course..
Here's the list of rides they are currently working on. I was disappointed, I was hoping to go on Small World and Indy.
Unavailable rides :(
I took a lovely picture of the front gate of Disneyland. Another line of course...
Disney Gates

Everyone posing in front of the Mickey flowers
Hi Mickey!
Should I choose left gate or right gate?
I Chose Right
This is why:
I want this
Good thing I did because I happened to come across this!!
Oh hello Hook!
I was hoping for less people but this picture shows just how many people I had to navigate my way through:
Hmmm where should I go first?

 Or Frontierland?

I made my way to BTMRR, I stalked this guy and his backpack. I want it
Wait time 40 minutes

Got a fastpass but didn't use it. I was fine with just riding it once

Still putting on finishing touches. These guys are hand painting the rocks.

Waiting in line. Ugh so hot. This is the restaurant I always go to when I want to fill up my waterbottle

Rainbow Ridge. Any significance to the number 38?

First sighting of the train (third actually but the first time I was close enough to take a picture)

I'm bored in line by myself so I look at the details of the queue line. I noticed these leather ties they use. They are soft to the touch. I wonder if it's the same as the leather bracelets that we can buy

Also noticed the lanterns they have on the side of the tracks

Wave hello!

Thinking about the fact they handpainted all these

This looks really nice

Look! Authentically worn wooden beams

Oh oops. The metal mesh is peeking out

Can I go to the Never Mined?

So eager to get on the ride! My favorite number is 6!

Empty seat waiting for my butt

Famous ending scene with the dinosaur bones

 I tried taking some action shots after getting off the ride. But it's hard to when your camera is this nice

Moving on. Never been to this area. Thought I'd check it out

Is this where all the Long Lost Friends hang out?


This creepy goat didn't move the whole time I was walking by

Hi, I'm Olaf and I am going to steal your soul

I chillz. You chillz?

Here I take some pictures of Dumbo. I really should have used my phone. That way it could show motion. But here it is:
Girl got in my way right when I was about to take the picture


This one is my favorite
Alice in Wonderland is down. Took this opportunity to take a picture in front of the White Rabbit's home
Walls are up

Messy hair

Not as messy hair


Round and round we go

Poor Alice

Surprised Rabbit


Tilly works hard to man the theater
What would you like to watch?

These are the choices

So I make my way over to California Adventures to hang out for a few hours. I go on Grizzly three times and then spend the rest of the afternoon drying off

They changed the sign!

After three rides

Dry spots
Drying off in an undisclosed location (while charging my phone)

It was a short visit. Walked around DTD a little bit afterwards. Got a few vinyls that I wasn't too happy with. Left to go to Brea Mall to eat some fries at the Potato Corner

Where I want to be Photographed

You can always email me or comment if you'd like any of the pictures. Happy to share
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