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February 24 - HIMYM 09.18 Rally

09.18 Rally

I watched this already and didn't have my computer with me so I couldn't write this up. And since I just wrote up the one for episode 19, I thought I'd do this one now.

Ted and Mother in a limo. She has her book release that night and they're going to the party. Ted chugs some champagne. She tells him that he's going to get drunk and she's not dragging home in that dress. He brings up a vow he made the morning of Barney and Robin's wedding.

Starts with Ted and Robin find Barney's legs tangled in a tree and spooning a  fire extinguisher.

10 hours before the wedding

Ted: Barney can't take a bad photo
*flashback to the episode about the photos*
Ted take a picture. Barney looks horrible
Ted: Guys, Barney may be dead
Marshall: I vow to never get that drunk in my life. And I will never break that vow as sure as I'm always going to have a full head of hair.

Year 2020
Lily and Marshall are in the bar looking at the tv. Marshall ran a campaign for New York Supreme Court Judge. Brad almost wins so Marshall starts drinking. Marshall ends up winning (slurs his acceptance speech): As your next commissioner of Gotham City, I vow to make Batman work harder. I say we shine that bat signal for even small stuff. Like uhh shoveling snow or if a police horse stumps out in the park. That's all.

Ted mentions Stintson's Hangover Fixer Elixir
Barney tells a story: Colonial times. FDR. Barnot Stintsonheimer. (Ripping off Manhattan Project)
Magic forumla: Ginger, banana, Tantrum , Funions.
The thing actually works. But the secret ingredient. "Stintson family secret"

Ted: We know what Barney would want us to do; "Weekend at Barneys"
Lily: Ted and Marshall go get the ingredients. Robin wake him up. I'll go keep my mani pedi appointment at the spa
Robin: Bitch! You walk out that door and I tag in Zabka as my maid of honor

Ways they try to wake Barney up:
-Taking him outside. Accidentally throw him down the stairs and banging his head against the stair on the way up
-Robin's dad used have good methods. Such as: dunk head in ice water, watch scary bear videos, and cut his tie

Lily makes vow to never get that drunk
Wesleyan University 2030. Marvin goes off to college. "We got him out of the house! Drink up!"

Ted & Marshall got everything on the list. Except grease.
They ask the chef.
Ted: There's bacon. There's bacon grease
We find out Marshall is "Big Fudge" because he ate an 8 pound block of fudge once
Ted: Fine, I'll do it. I don't even know if I like bacon.
Marshall and the chef look at the camera

Robin & Lily:
Lily: We can make out?

Robin: Never ever getting that drunk again

Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016
Robin and Barney wake up on the floor.
Barney: Let's agree absolute silence for the rest of the day
*baby cries*
Barney: Every time, you want me to get her? (THIS HAS TO MEAN THEY HAVE A BABY RIGHT?)
Robin gets the baby. "Whose baby is this?"
Crazy lady comes in. "Drunk Americans"

I really want bacon right now
Marshall: how about I help?
Ted growls at him

Ted goes crazy. "And that is the first and last time I ever ate bacon"

Robin & Lily
Lily: We've tried everything
Robin: Not everything. Lily Aldrin, let's make out
Lily: Are you sure?
Robin: Yeah baby, I'm sure. *slowly walks towards her*
*They kiss*
Barney wakes up *claps* more more more!
Lily: What is the secret ingredient in Stintson Fixer Elixir
Barney: The secret is nothing. It's a lie

Lily: Why did you lie?
Barney: guys
Lily: He loves us? Let's go throw him down the stairs again
Everybody: Yeah!
Robin: remember those times?
They remember that Barney was trying to help them feel better each of those times. "Drink this, you're going to be okay."
Robin: it was a fake like Dumbo's feather
Ted: I wish there was something we could do. The wedding photos are in 20 minutes

Why do they all have lilies on the their lapel?

Barney: The whole day is going to be downhill from here.
Robin: That's what every bride wants to hear

Ted: Never again.

New Year's Day 2022
The Mother is in bed. Ted: Happy New Year
Gives her the Elixir.
Ted: Better drink it fast!
*Kids run in* "Mommy!"

Robin: I can't believe we kissed today. Too bad Ted and Marshall didn't get to see it.
Lily is over it and Robin wants more. The roles have reversed!

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