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November 4 - HIMYM 09.08 The Lighthouse

09.08 The Lighthouse

One of the hightlights of my week, I can't wait for this show every Monday. What will I (and the fandom) do once it is over? Perhaps rewatch all of the episodes again and relive it all!!

33 hours before the wedding

So they definitely skipped the night time sleeping part of the weekend, that's good and bad because it means less episodes.

Saturday morning brunch. Awkward high-five between Barney and Loretta (his mom).
Robin shows up with the blouse she won at the poker game. "oh hell no!"

Ted wants to go to the lighthouse but Curtis wouldn't let him go by himself
Lily is drinking already in the morning
Marshall and Daphne crash at Ted's childhood home with Clint and Virginia 
Words like 'judge' and 'court' get Lily mad. "thank you Linus"

Things that they know about Robin's mom: Terrified of flying, got stung by a jellyfish, makes the best scrambled eggs. 

'gavel' "thank you Linus"
Lily tells Ted to take Cassie to the lighthouse and stop looking for the perfect girl
'trial' "you're slipping Linus" "we're running out of glasses"
Clint hitchhiked in Marshall and Daphne's car
Loretta makes delicious scrambled eggs and everyone else at the inn ask for them too

Robin's mom: drives a pickup truck, takes baths, may be too fat for a conventional american bathtub,

Daphne and Marshall bond over hating on Clint
Ted and Cassie make it up the lighthouse

Cassie: What do we do now? Fall in love or something?
Ted *throws up*

Robin tries to make eggs
"where is the egg opener?"
"i'll just prescramble them" *shakes eggs*

Loretta says that she's worried what Robin will feed her grandchildren if she can't even make eggs
Barney: mom, Robin can't have kids
To my recollection, Robin never told anyone about it, it was just a very sad episode but she didn't tell anyone
They talk about the fact Robin can't have kids
Last fall, Barney and Robin were at an (literally) underground club and then after they leave, Robin tells Barney that she can never have kids. He hugs her. (awww)
Lambo-cuzzi patent pending

Daphne lectures Marshall about not being able to get things his way because Daphnes of the world are always taking charge of things
Marshall flips a switch and drives off leaving Clint behind
He plays his music "I will walk 500 miles"

Robin's mom: won't be at her daughter's wedding
Loretta hugs Robin and lets her call her mom
Robin: Your eggs are great by the way

Ted says that the lighthouse was breath taking but it was with the wrong girl
What if he only gets so many lighthouses a lifetime?
Two years later....Ted is there with the mother (awwwwwww) 
The Mother: It's like traveling back in time
Ted: That's what I said!!
The Mother: wow it's beautiful up here, I don't know how you can improve a day like this
Ted: Well, I'm gonna try. *unhugs her and starts to kneel down* Will you...
The Mother: Yes
Ted: You didn't let me..
The Mother: Yes
Ted: marry me?
The Mother: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! *kiss & hug* YES! 
 I'm crying right now at this...

Clint...still meditating...opens his eyes and sees himself abandoned at the side of the road

This was an interesting episode, everything was crammed in. Lily had to deal with Marshall's judgeship news by herself and she did it by drinking. Ted had to go up to a lighthouse with Cassie and they don't even like each other. Daphne and Marshall were both mad at each other and Clint was bothering them. The only real plot of the episode was Robin and Loretta. They get to bond and it showed us even more that Barney and Robin belong together. One thing though, it showed us Ted and the mother being together. That's always something we want to see. Less than 30 hours to go till the wedding!!

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