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November 18 - HIMYM 09.10 Mom and Dad

09.10 Mom and Dad

27 hours before the wedding

James, Barney's brother, finds Barney & Robin someone to officiate their wedding: Reverend Gibbs.
Barney's dad, Jerry, arrives at the hotel. Barney sees Loretta (his mom) and Jerry being pleasant and think "They're in love! My mom and dad are getting back together again!!"

Barney gives Ted a signed Wayne Gretzky photo for him to hide until he can give it to Robin.
Ted doesn't lift a finger to stop Barney from getting his parents together.

Marshall and Daphne are bonding over the 500 miles song. 
Marvin is driving??

Robin tells Barney that Jerry is married so it's not going to happen.
Barney: So what? Marriage is just a piece of paper.
Robin: I'm a lucky gal.
"Why did you pause?!"
His plan is to get then stuck in the elevator and they'll rekindle their relationship.
Elsewhere, Jerry's wife is being driven away by Ranjit

Daphne blows up at Marshall.

Barney lowers wine/champagne and candles down to Jerry and Loretta in the elevator.
On an iPod, the song "bang, bang, bangity bang" is playing.

Oh no! Someone spilled calligraphy ink on the Gretzky photo.
Detective Mosby is on the scene.
"Really? Like that case from 8 years ago you still haven't cracked?" *shows flashback from a week ago of Ted looking a board labeled "The Pineapple Incident"*
Suspects: Billy Zabka, a bellhop, and Robin's cousin Claude.

Barney and James fight over who their mom is getting back together.
<Cue black & white musical number>
*slap fight ensues* "My dad would win in a fight" "No, my dad would win in a fight!"

Zabka's alibi: he was in a massage
Bellhop: didn't even know Ted complained about him
Claude: has ink on his hand but it was from saving a reefed squid. (true story)

Marshall finds out Daphne's daughter called her and told her not to show up.
Something about oranges, a speeding ticket, Trekkies, and more oranges. 
"Kids, they don't understand logic. Kids understand who shows up"

Barney and James agree to drop the issue. Barney finds a replacement 30 year old Scotch. But he drops it when he sees James's dad making out with Loretta.
Barney: Get your damn hands off my mom!
James: Ger your damn hands on my mom!
Sam Gibbs: One on one off?
Turns out, they got back together after James got reunited with his father.

Ted tries to accuse Lily of spilling the ink, she punches him and shows that she's been using the ink remover.
The picture now has a clean spot with a "W" in it.

Jerry is speaking to the police about a suicide note that his "wife" left on his bed.
"I'm going to...wait for it...kill myself"

Lily uncovers more of the picture.
Ted finds out Billy Zabka wasn't actually at the massage, he bought it for Barney's dad and signed his name.
Lily discovers that it is actually Zabka's picture under the spilled ink.
Lily's second tackle of the weekend.

Marshall delivers Daphne to her daughter's school.
Her daughter spots her, smiles, and starts a speech on "oil is the future!"
Marshall slowly backs out when they start chanting "drill baby drill"

Robin tells Barney that he has her. Jerry has Cheryl. And James is going through a divorce so he needs a mom and dad.

Billy was going to give the Gretzky to Barney and claim that he got the replacement one for him.
He keeps 200 signed headshots of himself in his trunk.
People kept throwing popcorn at him.
Yesterday: Barney asks him to be his best man. Billy's mom: You can come to Thanksgiving this year!
Billy: I thought if Ted screwed up again, I could be the best man.
Ted tells Barney a lie. Barney: Billy rules, Ted drools. Stinson out!

Loretta and Sam get stuck in the elevator and Barney lowers the tray with champagne into the elevator and tells them to consummate.
James is in the elevator.
<Fade out with "bang bang" playing>

Cheryl: are we almost there?
Jerry jumps on the car and tells Ranjit to give back his wife.

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