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November 17 - OUAT 03.08 Think Lovely Thoughts

03.08 Think Lovely Thoughts

A man is tricking people with the "find the Jack" card game. His son tries to stop him from being beat up.

Opening title sequence: Skull Rock

Pan is tucking Wendy into a bed. Henry asks if it would help Wendy if he saves magic.
Peter announces to the lost boys that "tonight, Henry saves magic!"

The man brings the boy into a room with two women on spinning wheels.
Turns out, the boy is Rumplestiltskin. "These two women will take care of you"
Before his dad leaves him, he gives Rumple the little corn husk voodoo looking doll that Peter threw at Rumple earlier in the season.

Snow tells Emma that she and Charming plan to stay on the island. Emma is the one who says "there's always a way"
The "cavalry" hear rustling in the woods, turns out to be Regina and Rumple.
They plan to trap Pan for eternity by putting him in the Pandora's Box.
The crew finds out that Rumple plans to kill Henry.
Everyone pulls out their weapons: Hook's sword, Emma's sword, Charming's sword, and Snow's arrows

The two women discuss Rumple's gift for spinning. 
They give him a magic bean to go to a different place where no one will know his father's name.

Neal tells Rumple that the only way they can work together if he gives him the Pandora's Box
Rumple: Peter Pan destroyed my father

Rumple finds his dad at the pub playing the card game again.
He wants his dad to go with him using the magic bean. "Think lovely thoughts!"
His dad talks about the invention of Neverland. When he (the dad) was young, he would go to a magical place in his dreams.
They jump into the portal.

Hook talks to Emma about the magic water that saved David. Rumple says he can make an elixir to save David. Neal tells his dad that no deal, Rumple will make the thing without asking for anything in return "because it's the right thing."
As they near the camp, Rumple takes the sword out of Hook's belt and says "I'm not walking in there with nothing but my good looks."
Hook: Well, I on the other hand--
David: Here, in case your good looks fail you *throws a sword at him*
As they enter the camp, the realize that Henry isn't with the lost boys. But they do find Wendy.
Turns out, Wendy and Neal know each other. 

The father and son pair land on a beach.
Neverland is special, just think anything and you can do it.
Best of all, you can fly! But they need pixie dust.
Pan's shadow stalks them

Wendy lies to the grownups about knowing about the existence of Henry.
They tell Wendy about their interaction with John and Michael.
She tells them that Peter needs Henry's heart to save himself.
Pan's dying and needs Henry's heart to absorb all the magic in Neverland. 
When Pan lives, Henry will die.

Elsewhere, Peter and Henry arrive on Skull Rock. Peter draws a line in the sand to create a protection spell.

Emma's optimism seems to be all over the place. "We're all going back home, together"

The pair almost reach the location of the pixie dust.
They reach a tree and he says "we're here"
The flowers on the top of the tree at night, they bloom with the stars.
Rumple's father is trying to force him to climb the tree but climbs it himself instead.
While up on the tree, he spots a flower and puts some pixie dust on himself "I want to fly!"
The dust doesn't work and the dark shadow stalking them shows up and tells him that he doesn't belong on the island.

Rumple, Regina, Emma, and Neal arrive on Skull Rock. They get stopped by the protection spell.
Turns out, Rumple can go in because no one with a shadow can go through the spell.
Rumple easily steps in and gets the box from them. Regina threatens to hurt Rumple if Henry is hurt. Rumple goes on.
Emma suggests blocking out the moon so that no shadow appears. Regina and Emma use magic to cause an eclipse.

Henry and Peter arrive in the heart of the rock and there is a giant, magical hourglass in the middle.
Peter tells Henry that it marks how much time is left until the magic runs out.
Pan hears a noise and freaks out, he tells Henry to sit down and then walks off.

Rumple is crying beneath the tree because his dad hadn't come back. But his dad arrives just in time.
His dad says he got the dust but it doesn't work on adults
He says that the only thing holding him down on the island, preventing him from feeling young again is: him (Rumple).
He lets the shadow have Rumple and the dust overcomes him and turns him into Peter Pan!!!!

Peter: You traded your son for a dagger. And I traded you for youth.
Rumple: I regretted my son the moment I let him go.
Peter: I never forgot about you! Why do you think I call myself Peter Pan?
Rumple: I'm going to make a fresh start, just not with you. *tries to open the box but it doesn't work*
Peter has the real one. He opens the box and sucks Rumple in.

Rumple goes back to the two spinning women.
He gave the doll the name "Peter Pan"
Peter flies to Skull Rock and sees the hourglass. The shadow appears and talks to him.
"It represents the magic fueling your youth. The magic allowing you to stay here, to stay young."
When it runs out, "Your youth will be taken and you will die"

Peter tells Henry to give him his heart.
Pan tells Henry that he has to stay on the island forever and can never leave.
He uses magic to get Henry to pull his own heart out.
Peter greets Baefire, The Savior, and The Evil Queen.
They try to convince Henry to not give away the heart because it'll kill him.
Pan tells Henry that they're lying to him because adults lie.
They say "I believe in you too, but I have to save magic, I'm sorry."
He shoves his heart into Peter and a green woosh goes across the island (kinda like when Emma broke the curse and it was a bluish purple light that went woosh.)
Peter smirks and begins to fly.

This is such a cliffhanger!! This is the biggest piece of news ever. I am so shocked at the real identity of Pan! And the fact that they are all related, man the creators are insanely genius!

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