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November 21 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.06 Who's Alice

01.06 Who's Alice

Man is painting
BOOM! Jafar appears from the ground.
Jafar is looking for the Bethlem Asylum
He steals the man's suit

Meanwhile in the asylum, the bald doctor guy is dripping some red thing into his drink
Jafar knocks on the door and asks about a previous patient
"Long hair, blue eyes. Name of Alice."
The doctor denies knowing Alice or the talking rabbit.
Jafar pulls out a bag with the White Rabbit (looking quite sad) inside the bag

Opening title sequence: A purple flower gives off fumes

The Red Queen goes to Jafar's tower and sees that Cyrus is no longer there.
She attempts to question the old man.
The man lies about Jafar taking Cyrus him
"If Jafar took Cyrus with him, he would have used the KEY"
Old man: He carries with him the greatest power of all...true love

Elsewhere, Cyrus is scaling down the tower.
When he lands, he closes his eyes and says "Alice, where are you?"
He opens his eyes and sees Alice's amulet glowing "Stay strong"

Alice runs into two thugs who try to take her amulet.
She beats them up.
"Be careful who you threaten, love"

Victorian England. One year ago:
A table with a tea set all set up
BOOM! Alice appears out of the ground
She cries out "Cyrus! No!" (Cyrus just died)
A little girl in a pink dress appears and tries to help Alice find her way home
The father of the little pink girl is Alice's father.
She tells her father that Cyrus is gone because the Red Queen killed him. (The man I was going to marry)
Alice is introduced to her new sister and mother: Millie and Sarah

Alice approaches the Black Forest. She sees a bunch of signs "Seems like an awful waste of wood when one sign would do. I mean, is it really that bad?"
The signs:
-Dead end of the queen's road
-Abandon all hope ye who enter
-Turn back
-Black forest beware
-Endless night awaits
-Enter at risk

She sticks her hand in what looks like a black portal.
Alice bravely walks in
The Knave walks into an old man and asks for water "Have you ever been stoned?"
The two thugs see the Knave and tells him where to go.
Alice in the forest, just tells herself to "keep walking in a straight line, keep walking west"
The fire she is holding goes out.
Suddenly, a bright light appears and she runs towards it.
She walks into a clearing with trees that have beautiful purple flowers that gives off puffs of purple fumes
Alice encounters the Carpenter (He tells her that the place is called Boro Grove)
He tries to convince her to stay and she begins to forget her goal
"Maybe I'll stay awhile"

Alice's father asks how long she intends to stay.
"Forever, there is nothing left for me in Wonderland"
He tells her not to tell Millie about Wonderland or the genie because she's impressionable
"So I should just sweep them under the rug. Like you did with mother and with me?"
He tells Alice that she has to be happy if she wants to live in the house with them
Alice tears up.
She asks if he really wants her there.

The Red Queen is tracking Cyrus
We find out that the Lady-Gaga men are actually the Tweedles!!
Something about the Queen knowing how to get her hands dirty

Knave finds himself in Boro Grove and discovers Alice picking flowers
She also made a shrine for her sword (Peace not war! JK)

Alice is wearing a white dress with a very high collar
She's being cordial to her new family
Her step-mother tries to set Alice up with a boy down the street
"All you have to do, is smile"
She freaks out and breaks her glass
"I think some troubles take longer to forget"

Cyrus is running in the woods.
He comes across a river and makes tracks in the ground

The Knave is trying to convince Alice to leave.
She seems to have forgotten all her troubles
The Carpenter is very creepy
As the Knave tries to punch the Carpenter, a leaf pops out of his neck
The Knave realizes that all the trees are people who have gotten stuck there in the Grove!
Alice has suddenly forgotten her name

Alice is having a ngihtmare about Cyrus's death
She is awakend by Millie
Millie insists on Alice telling her about her bad dream and about Cyrus
Alice's dad and Sarah tells Alice that she is not trying hard enough to be happy

The Knave tries to pull Alice out of the place but she grabs her sword and starts swingng at him
She tells him that she is happy where she is and that she wants to stay
The Knave thanks Alice for getting his heart back for him.
As he falls to the ground, she begins to become a tree
She sees the tree stump and "No, I'm not going anywhere, I finally found a home"

Meanwhile, the Queen tracks Cyrus to the river
"If I were a frightened little genie, which way would I run?
She uses magic to reveal Cyrus's footprints going into the woods

Alice, in another high collared dress (this time blue)
Her parents introduce young Darcy to her
She calmly storms out
Alice accuses her dad of marrying someone he doesn't truly love
"It took you years to forget mother....why do you think I can forget Cyrus in just a few days?"
He tells her that she can not stay with them if she doesn't forget about it
He proposes to send her to a "mad house"
"You can let Sarah find you a husband or you can live in a hospital"

The Knave is still trying to convince Alice
He picks up the amulet and she attacks him with the tree
The amulet slips out of his hand and into Alice's 
She suddenly wakes up and remembers everything

The Queen corners Cyrus. 
We discover that they are on a floating island 

Alice is dressed up in a dress much like Madeline's in the cartoon/books. But blue
With her suitcase packed and in her hand
She mournfully awaits the cart to come pick her up
Her father is inside talking with Sarah.
Alice steps into the carriage

The Knave leads Alice out of the forest
She is cringing in pain from getting all her worries back at the same time
It is revealed to the Knave that Anastasia is the one who turned him back into a human
And Alice discovers that after she found his heart, he never put it back into his body

On the island, Cyrus and the Queen are at a standstill
Cyrus jumps after seeing the glowing amulet across the way

A gloved hand knocks on a door
It is Alice's father's house and it is Jafar knocking
"I know your daughter and I know where she went"
"Alice? You've seen her?
"Yes, and I can take you to her"

As always, the good guy/girl's weakness his/her heart and compassion. Jafar is obviously using Alice's father to lure her in and to steal her wishes. I am still wondering what power the three genies will give to Jafar.

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