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November 3 - OUAT 03.06 Ariel

03.06 Ariel

Ariel is my favorite princess hands down, so I'm excited for this episode. Although seeing Regina as Ursula (in the previews) kind of freak me out.

And yet again, here we are, another episode, another hour of listening to Snow and Charming whine and complain about stuff.

Snow is hiding in the forest, running from the Queen's men. She reaches a cliff and jumps off straight into the water. She is saved by someone (with man hands) and it turns out to be a mermaid, Ariel! 

Opening title sequence: Ariel sitting on a rock, flipping her tail

Emma is staring at a firepit, Regina is telling her to concentrate. Is she trying to set it on fire? Yup, she is. Regina is training Emma to do magic. Hook shows up at the camp and tells Emma's parents that Neil is alive. Snow wants to tell Emma but Hook and Charming don't. 

Ariel asks Snow why she jumped off the cliff. Snow says that being chased by an evil queen causes her to do crazy things. Ariel says that she gets that feeling too because she's "on the run to someone."
His name, of course: Prince Eric!
And a human!
Their backstory: Ariel saved Eric when his ship wrecked a year ago. They never spoke but she knew. Love at first sight.
Ariel dumps out her bag of collectibles and shows Snow an invitation at Eric's castle for that night, it's a ball celebrating/honoring the sea goddess Ursula for that night. Snow asks how Ariel intends to meet him at the ball when she has a tail. Ariel lifts her tail out of the water, smoke, it becomes legs!! And she's wearing a shiny blue skirt (like the one at the end of the movie.) Apparently, every year at high tide, Ursula grants mermaids the ability to walk on land from high tide to high tide. She says it only gives her 12 hours time. Snow says she should ask for more time. But no one has seen Ursula for 1000 years. Snow promises to help Ariel get her prince.

The boys prepare to leave, Emma appears and Snow blurts out that Neil is alive. Thanks a lot Snow! Emma is skeptical for a second.

Rumple: Trying to do a spell or something, trying to see the future (according to Pan.) Pan tells Rumple to leave the island but he doesn't want to leave Neil nor Henry behind.
Go back to Belle. Have a future. Maybe a new child.

Regina goes off by herself to find Henry while the others plan to go save Neil.

The two girls are at the ball. How the heck did they get dresses?!? The dresses look....not appropriate. Snow taught Ariel about forks and she puts it into her pocket. Eric comes down the stairs and smiles at Ariel. As she walks towards him, she trips and he asks her to dance.He remembers her as the same person who saved him from the shipwreck. She says she's new in town so it's impossible. He claims that Ursula is the one who saved him and gave him the vision of Ariel. Eric tells her that the next day, he is going off the explore the world. From the desert of this world to Agrabah. He asks her to come along and that he'll wait for her the next morning before he heads out. The dance ends. Snow is confused at Ariel's distress.
Regina is watching from a magic mirror.

Pan and Felix watch as Snow, Emma, and others search for Neil. They decide to move Neil to the Echo Cave. "The game is about to get interesting."

Rumple sees Belle who tells him to go back to Storybrooke and that they can start a new family. Regina shows up in time to choke Belle and show Rumple that it's Pan's shadow.

Emma tells Snow that she kissed Hook.
Snow asks if it meant anything.
"It was just a kiss"
"I'm sure Neil will understand"

Ariel regrets meeting up with Eric because she can't make him choose between traveling or staying with her.
Snow gives Ariel the advice to be honest and open up her heart to love.
Ariel stands at the ocean and talks to the ocean, addressing Ursula, and asks what she should do.
As she throws a pebble into the water, tentacles appear and it is Regina posing as Ursula. (Looks gross but kinda cool. Plus she pronounces her name Ah-riel like Sebastian does!) 

Rumple asks why Regina is there with him. 
They come up with the idea of "a fate worse than death."
They need something in Rumple's shop that will solve their problem
That way, Rumple won't have to die and they don't kill Pan.

Ariel is still in disbelief that Ursula is in front of her
(Pausing: can see the zipper on the back of the Ursula costume.)
"My dear, sweet child, don't fret!" Sounds exactly like in the movie!!
Ursula says that there's a way for Ariel to be "part of his world" forever without ever telling him that she's a mermaid
Ariel shows Snow a bracelet (with lots of seashells) that turns Snow into a mermaid
Ariel tells Snow that she could have a wonderful life "under the sea"
Snow tells Ariel that Ursula is not real, and Regina appears in the Evil Queen getup. Devastates Ariel

The gang show up at the cave, Echo Cave, and Hook says the only way to rescue someone from the cave is with a secret
"The cave demands that you reveal a truth about yourself, a secret you would never admit to anyone"
Pan wants them to go in the cave so that they'll reveal their secrets and their secrets will destroy them (he doesn't even have to lift a finger!)

The wearer of the magic bracelet can't take it off
Ariel is devastated that she has ruined Snow's chances of being free
Snow tells her to go off and get a chance at happiness
I just realized that they're standing on a dock, why are they at a dock? So random!
Ariel says sorry and then walks off (to find Eric.)
Regina chokes Snow, Ariel comes back and stabs Regina with a fork.
She takes of the bracelet and turns back into the mermaid, they swim away

They enter the cave
It's just a chasm with Neil's cage in the middle of the of the cave
Hook steps up and tells the first secret: I kissed Emma
He never expected to find anyone who he could love again after Mila
A bridge slowly appears
Snow: Feels cheated out of Emma's childhood, she wants another child so she could experience it all
More bridge
Charming: he'd love that but it could never happen with him because the anecdote for the dreamshade prevents from leaving Neverland because he'll die
The bridge is complete. Emma goes across
Emma needs to tell her secret to open the cage Neil is in
Emma: when she found out Neil was still alive, she wasn't happy, she felt terrified because from the moment she saw him again in New York, she realized she never stopped loving him. She says that she loves him but her secret is that she was hoping the fact Neil was alive was a trick because she doesn't want to go through all that heartbreak again. (Cage disappears, they hug.)
They exit the cave, Neil says he knows how to get off the island if they can find Henry.
Hook: let's go find Tinker Bell and get off this island
Neil says he'll never stop fighting for Emma
Snow: not now!

Snow tells Ariel to go tell Eric the truth (I saw the way he looked at you, he'll wait as long as possible)
The background music sounds like something from the movie
Eric: just a little longer
Ariel appears at the castle but can't seem to scream out Eric's name (she loses her voice!!)
"Eric! Eric! Nooo Eric!!"
Regina took her voice. Taking away Ariel's chance at true love
Ariel cries and swims off
Regina returns to her castle and is greeted by the Ursula statute from Eric's palace. (They're communicating by mirror, is this the new thing?)
Ursula threatens Regina and tells her never to impersonate her again.

On the beach where the giant squid was, Regina picks up the seashell
"I have no intention of summoning calamaria"
She whispers into the shell and summons.............Ariel!!!
"Hello Ariel, long time!" 
Apparently, mermaids can travel between realms. Regina plans to send Ariel to Storybrooke to retrieve the thing from Mr. Gold's shop.
Regina returns her voice to her (she hasn't had it for this long???)
She tells Ariel that Eric is in Storybrook (okay this, I did not know.)

Roll credits...

I hate all the cut scenes. It gives us about 2 minutes with each plot line. I'm tired of this. I'm also wondering now that Neil and Emma are back together again, what are the chances of TWO whiny couples on this show?

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