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November 14 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.05 Heart of Stone

01.05 Heart of Stone

We start off in the cabin right where we left off. Will (the knave of hearts) and Anastasia (the red queen) are preparing to jump into the magic mirror that Will stole from Maleficent. But Anastasia's mother walks in. Her mother is disappointed in Anastasia because he doesn't have a title, she worked very hard to get her daughter to become a queen. "At least I have your sisters." (I just realized that this might be the same Anastasia that is Cinderella's step-sister.)

Opening title sequence: A horse-drawn carriage. (Looks similar to the one that the red queen was in in an earlier episode)

We see the red queen standing on a cliff looking down into an abyss filled with sharp pointy rocks. She tries to step off but doesn't. 
Alice drapes a blanket over Will's head to protect him from "rain, snow, or anything that falls from the sky."
Red queen appears and offers Alice a deal: Find magic dust in exchange for finding Cyrus

Back in Cyrus's tower, the old man he is trapped with is dragged back into his cage. 
Cyrus questions what and why the old man is there.
His punishment (today) was to push giant, man-sized rocks up stone steps. His reason for imprisonment is that he, like Cyrus, has something that Jafar wants.
Cyrus shows the old man that the ring he has been carving on the bottom of the cage with the wishbone is almost complete.

Anastasia and Will are scavenging for food, Will finds a mushroom and is about to take a bite when Anastasia says that's the kind that will make him grow bigger. "And the wagon is small enough as it is."
They see a wagon go by with loads of bread and ask for a piece. The driver says that it's all spoken for because there's a ball in the palace that night.
Anastasia suggests they crash the ball. Will plans to steal her a dress.

The Red Queen is in her carriage with Alice, they're heading to "The Great Divide" to get the magic dust. 
She reminds Alice of the little girl in the blue dress wanting her father's love.

Cyrus continues cutting a hole, the old man tells him about the layout of the tower.
As they talk, the bottom of the cage breaks and falls down the hole. 

Lady Gaga-Man presents Jafar with a "package."
It is the White Rabbit
Jafar propositions the rabbit to free him of his debt with the Red Queen in exchange for information on everyone that Alice has ever loved.

Cyrus plans his escape, he rocks his cage and slips out of it onto the ledge.
He nearly falls but somehow survives and knocks out the guard (getting the keys from him.)

Alice and the Queen arrive at the divide and Alice wonders how to get across. Without a bridge and without magic.
On the floor is a placard that says "The pure of heart shall make the leap"

Will and Anastasia are at the ball with newly borrowed clothes.
She says: I'm just going to go look around
Will: Alright, I'll be back *walks off*
Anastasia overhears someone saying "I was just admiring the crowned jewels darling" and imitates her way of speech.
She says "hello darling" out loud and a man says "most people go with 'your magesty'"
They flirt.
Will and Anastasia are discovered. Some woman accuses Anastasia of having stole the dress from her carriage.

Alice: How do I know this isn't a trick to make me use a wish?
Queen: if I wanted you to fall off the cliff, I'd push you
Alice figures out it is a riddle. "Maybe it's a figurative leap. A leap of faith."
"The purest thing in my heart, my love for Cyrus." "When two people love each other, there's nothing they can't accomplish."
"Our hearts are entwined." She closes her eyes and steps off of the cliff onto an invisible bridge. After taking a few steps, she falls!!
She wakes up and starts yelling for the help of the queen.
Lady Gaga Man shows up. Queen: we failed
Man: back to the palace, your majesty
Queen: I shall be the one to tell you when we leave.

Anastasia: We failed. Time to go home
She forms a plan to steal the crowned jewels.

Cyrus throws the keys up to the old man, he lets the keys fall.
(I'm starting to think that the old man is Jafar's father, the Sultan)

Jafar: She enjoys tea parties...
He's angry and he cuts off the rabbit's foot.
The rabbit has one minute to tell Jafar who else in Wonderland Alice cares about and he can be hole again.
"There is someone, but they're not in Wonderland."

Trapped down the hole, there is a creepy little girl saying "Alice~~"
It's a little girl in a blue dress "Hello Alice, it's lovely to see you again"
"I'm here to help you" "You know what you have to do."
Turns out, the little squirt is evil Alice. Telling real Alice to kill the queen.
Instead of killing the queen, Alice swings her sword and sticks it in the ground. The queen has tears in her eyes. 
The evil Alice turns back into the real Young Alice and then becomes the magic dust.
As real Alice is picking up the dust, she tells the queen she didn't do it "Because I'm not like you."

Anastasia is inside the palace searching for the crown jewels.
She finds them and breaks open the cabinet. She gets greedy and goes for the crown.
The king catches her. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

The queen takes the dust and turns out she lied about the deal.
(Alice's outfit is very cute, I'm almost positive that she keeps changing it)

Elsewhere, Cyrus is escaping 
The rabbit got his foot back
Jafar tells the rabbit to "start digging"
The rabbit runs into Cyrus and tells him "Just go. Find her! Just go!"

The king is fascinated by Anastasia. He takes back the crown from her and offers it to her in exchange for her hand in marriage.
He leads her to the mirror and puts the crown on her head.
Anastasia: But I love another
King: Suppose you sell it, how long until it runs out?
The king makes an announcement: People of Wonderland, I give you, your queen.
Anastasia comes out onto the balcony, her lips have gotten fuller (than they were before), and she has made a dress change.
Will is heartbroken

The queen takes the blanket off of Will's statue, says "I'm sorry," and then sprinkles the magic dust onto him. He turns back into a human. 
Alice uses the magic dust and tells it to show her where Cyrus is.
A tower appears and she says "I'm coming for you."
In that same moment, Cyrus emerges from the same tower and says "Alice, I'm coming for you."
We see the red amulet glowing in the distance.

More hope for the lovers. I'm so tired of seeing Anastasia's face. More Will and Alice adventures please!

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