Saturday, July 6, 2013

Random Videos Time!! (#1)

    Hey guys!! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have not been dissuaded by that one negative feedback, I have just been busy helping people pick up vinyls from Downtown Disney. Here are some videos that I uploaded during the week. Hope to entertain you all for awhile to until I make my next post. (My next post will be Tunes Goofy and Snow White Jr. Blue Bird). Enjoy!

Here is the result of a RAK I did for the Vinylmation Exchange Facebook group (link:

Here are some videos I made for my friends over at Vinylmation Revealed who live in Hawaii. In case they need a Disney fix (link: and )

Another video because of my friends at Vinylmation Revealed. They sent me a birthday package since my birthday is next Tuesday (July 9th). And then a poorly made unboxing video I made the same night.

    I hope this tides you over for a little while. In the mean time, I'm going to try to get my next few posts up as quickly as possible.
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   Also, if you are interested, I have an instagram where I bring one of my Vinylmations to different places with me and take pictures of him having fun. Enjoy!

Remember to Keep Calm and Disney On~

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