Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vinylmation Review Blog #5 - Assorted Vinyls!

   Today's Vinylmation Review talks about five vinyls that I got at random times (but didn't write down when). Watch the video to find out more. Sorry about the shaky quality, my table wouldn't stop moving. 


     So the vinyls mentioned were A2 Baloo, A2 Chicken Little, NR Little Miss Muffet, UTBT Monkey, AIW Caterpillar, and A2 Tigger. I'm trying to get a bunch of these back. I realized that I want to keep everything I've ever had in my collection, so I'm slowly finding them by trading or buying. I also realized while editing that I didn't really talk about Little Miss Muffet. Nor did I talk about the Red Scarf from Cutesters Too that is in the following picture. She will be mentioned in a later review

More pictures:

A2 Baloo

Nursery Rhymes Little Miss Muffet
Under the Big Top Grinder Monkey
Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar 
AIW Caterpillar with neck extension
Animation 2 Tigger
I have more posts ready to go so I'll be posting a few this week and next week. Look forward to them! :)

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