Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vinylmation Review Blog #3 - Vinylmation 3D Pins

     Today's post is not only Vinylmation related, but also pin related! This is a continuation of sorts from my previous review. These pins that I have are from also from my November 22, 2011 Disney order. Watch the video to see what I got!
Note: Recent events have discouraged me from continuing with this blog but words of encouragement from people have helped me get back up on my feet and make this post. Thank you all for the continuous support and please share with your friends so they may also enjoy the joy that I feel when participating in this hobby. This is a bit shorter than the other ones but I'll get back to making full length ones soon

    This here is a picture of the pin that I gave to my best friend since she's my "boo"!
Isn't she a cutie??
And below are pictures of the ones that I currently still have:
Minnie Dress

Pooh Bear


Stayed tuned for more Vinylmation Review posts and videos! Let me know if I missed anything, and please subscribe to this blog and my youtube channel: There is a lot more content on there!

   Also, if you are interested, I have an instagram where I bring one of my Vinylmations to different places with me and take pictures of him having fun. Enjoy!

Remember to Keep Calm and Disney On~

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