Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vinylmation Review Blog #6 - Zooper Duck & Zooper Sheep

Got Zooper Duck and W/T Flower (Traded Flower for Zooper Sheep)

   Today's post is about two vinyls from the Zooper Heroes series: Zooper Duck and Zooper Sheep. ZH (Zooper Heroes) were BOGO (by one get one) at the time of this purchase on March 30, 2013. Watch the video now and read on afterwards:

   So as you guys just heard, I had a video unboxing of these vinyls. It's a really funny video actually, watch it below:

   So as the story goes, my friends and I were headed out for the beach that night so Gilbert and I decided to drop by the mall and pick up a few bloxes. I got WT Flower (not pictured) and Zooper Sheep while he got Pixar Chuckles (not pictured) and Zooper Duck. I went home with two Zooper Heroes. Below are some pictures of the little heroes, I took the cape back from Vader for these pictures. Enjoy~!

Zooper Duck (Front)

Right Side of Zooper Duck 

Back of Zooper Duck

Left Side of Zooper Duck

Card of Zooper Duck
Zooper Sheep

Sheep's Left Side

Back of Sheep

Sheep's Right Side

Artist Card. Baaaa

Back Side of Zooper Card
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 Remember to Keep Calm and Disney On~

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