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September 23, How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Premier

     I know this isn't Disney, but since I've been at school, I've been unable to make videos, so at least doing this will keep my site active . I have decided to do recaps of tv show. Starting with How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (once it comes out).

09.01 The Locket
     We start off the episode with simple words to set up the rest of the season:
11 am 
55 hours before the wedding 
     The gang starts off in three separate locations showing us the different story lines of the episode. Here are the three plots: Lily and Ted, Marshall and Marvin, Barney and Robin. Here's a brief look at how it begins:

Lily and Ted
     Lily complains about Ted's slow driving and Ted pulls out his "driving gloves." In my opinion, they're kinda cool. But only if you're riding a motorcycle and you're a big, white man with an awesome mustache....

Barney and Robin
     The couple is looking as cute as ever being in love and all mushy talking about their wedding. That is...until they start talking about their wonderful family members.

Marshall and Marvin
     Marshall enters into the episode by saying "I'm going to ruin this wedding."

     Marshall talks about ruining the wedding because he still hasn't told Lily about the judgeship. Judy, his mom, posts a picture announcing to the world that Marshall is going to be a judge. Flash to Lily and Ted, Lily doesn't check the picture and she fights with Ted and ends up taking the train to Farhampton. Meanwhile, Barney and Robin are listing 'wild card' family members (not including the ring bear. You mean ring bear-er right Barney?)
    Continuity: Barney is one-quarter Canadian. He and Robin find out they have a "cousin Mitch" in common. Ranjit please pull over for a second. *commence the hurling*

Lily is on the train with the mother!!
p.s. do they look alike or is it just me?

     Lily tells the mother about Ted. They have so much in common already. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (Lady Tedwina Slowsby)
    Barney and Robin are sharing "Creepy Telepathic Murder Thoughts." It's a soul mate thing....right? LOL

Favorite/Notable quotes:
-Robin: You and I share no DNA whatsoever
  Barney: Let's change that
-Barney: Our wedding is going to be legendary
  Robin: No wait for it?
  Barney: I've got you, I don't have to wait for it anymore
-The mother: I know I'm just a stranger on a train whom you tried to bite, but do you want a hug?

09.02  Coming Back
     It begins again with the time and date
54 hours before the wedding
    I guess only one hour has passed in the previous episode

 Mr. Mosby only needs one key? Aww, ohhhh, so sorry.....

Introduce Linus (thank you, Linus). Details: Lonely Lily.$100 bucks. Kennedy Package. Bottomless alcohol.

Sherri Shepherd as Daphne. Her character is rude and annoying, but I'm sure people love her. So I'll just say nothing.

Herm: You want a car? You get a car!

True tale of the Stinson curse. Moscow 1807: Hornier. Hornier. Hornier. Hornier.
Barney and James: Awesome guitar solos. Anniversary bros. Only successful marriage that helps Barney believe in true love is Tom and James. Barney did a "love is awesome" thing for James' and Tom's anniversary.

Barney and Robin: Bondage five! He doesn't run!

Continuity: It's for the bride. Robin loves chocolate marzipan, trick question, she likes maple candy because she's Canadian. (anyone else catch that?)

Cute moment: Ted and the mom are there one year later at the Farhampton Inn and he tells her that he promised to bring her there. <3 Doing the crossword....Vesuvius!

-Mother: One year ago today, you hadn't even met me
 Ted: I know, but I knew I would. And now it's a year later.
 Mother: And here I am.
(I'm dying at this adorableness. I'm glad Ted finally found someone to be perfect with)

And if you're wondering what Barney and Robin did with all that anniversary stuff, they put it in Ted's room!

Recap: First episode was about Ted possibly ruining the wedding by giving Robin a necklace. And Lily meeting the mother. Second episode, poor Ted is all alone. And Robin gets confirmation that Barney is definitely IN this while Lily deals with the possibility Marshall might not be there. Marshall gets stuck with Daphne.

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