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October 21 - HIMYM 09.06 Knight Vision

09.06 Knight Vision

45 hours before the wedding

3 hours since the previous episode. I'm guessing that this episode and maybe the next episode will be the last one that is set on Friday.

It's the end of the first day of the wedding weekend. Ted and Barney are discussing finally getting Ted laid. Barney says that the girl you're with at Friday drink night is the one you get stuck with the whole weekend. Barney starts talking about Indiana Jones and how Ted will choose wrong. So Barney says that he spent all of the previous day picking out prospects for Ted. And Robin helped ("It was either that or writing our vows. Ugh gag!")

Sophia: Robin's college roommate. A bit of a screamer in the sack.
Cassie: Daughter of Barney's mom's best friend. (Yay she's played by that girl from Pitch Perfect and True Blood! I love her! She's so pretty!)
Grace: New co-worker

Barney suggests Sophia. "I strongly feel that you should strongly feel her." *Robin high-fives Barney* Aww

Cassie interrupts and introduces herself.
Lilly sees the minister and tries to make him like her.
Marshall didn't prepare for telling Lily about getting the judgeship yet.
Cassie tells Ted that she's tired of the routine of flirting and then ending the night with meaningless sex. Ted (lies) and says "yeah me too." She suggests that they have the meaningless sex first and then flirt later. Is this every guy's dream or what? Is she just that desperate?
Cassie gets a call right when they're starting to make out and about to get it on. She gets a call and finds out she gets fired and everyone hates her. She starts to cry (poor Ted.)

Lily gets back from talking to the minister and says that she just told him the story of how she and Marshall met. He walks away angry. Lily finds out that Barney and Robin stole their cute-meet story!!

Ted finds out Cassie's boyfriend recently broke up with her and he says "why don't you tell me about him?" BIG MISTAKE! He tries to move their conversation to the dining room so that he can move onto Sophie after awhile but end up bumping into Cassie's parents in the dining room.

Daphne talks Marshall through how to talk to Lily. They go through a bunch of different scenarios.

The Reverend tells Barney and Robin that they need to stop breaking the 9th amendment (lying).

Robin: I love that you had to sleep with more than 250 women before deciding I was your favorite
Barney: And I love that we had to keep having sex with each other even when we were dating other people
Robin: And I love that your marriage proposal involved strip club, lying to me, and pretending to bang a woman that I hate (shut up Patrice!) for two months.
Barney: I love that we keep a running tally of all the rooms we've had sex in
Robin: I love that two weeks ago, we put this room on that list. (In the Reverend's office)
-Reverend looks shocked and...dies?-

Ted and Cassie are in bed and Ted tells her that she is in such a bad place that she should just take it easy. Cassie releases Ted and tells him to go find someone else.

Lily tells Ted that he and Cassie are the couple of the weekend.

Grace shows up and Ted dives in!

Wedding at Bernies!

Thanks to Cassie, Ted didn't end up with anyone the whole weekend. But because of that, Ted would get a chance to meet the mother.

Earlier in the episode, Marshall found out that Daphne was the lobbyist for a big oil company. And when he and Daphne were arguing, she texted Lily with the news about Marshall's new job.

In my opinion, this was very much a filler episode. But it does add a few hours onto the plot line. We are almost at the "How Your Mother Met Me" episode. One step closer!!

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