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October 17 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.02 Trust Me

01.02 Trust Me

Yup, it has taken me more than a week to watch this

Agrabah!! Jafar wants Cyrus way back then?
Alice is attacking a tree......
"The clothes horse came back." ("Of course it did") Yeah her outfit is pretty cute
She said "wish for something small and innocent..." and the only thing in my mind was a cupcake....she said cupcake!
Mimsy Meadows. Tum Tum gross... lol Care Bear

Cyrus keeps waking up saying Alice's name! Their love is real indeed!

The way the queen's men's faces are painted reminds me of the people who live at The Capitol in The Hunger Games lol. And her outfit. Love her hair!
Jafar makes her subjects disappear
The walls have ears because they're literally ears.
There are giant mushrooms everywhere!

I wish the stupid queen would stop with the pouty face. It's not attractive.

The Knave is afraid of water.
Alice says they'll just take the Ferry. I swear, I hear "fairy."
Oh IS "fairy"
Hey it's Silvermist! And they fly!

Apparently Cyrus's cage is made of silver
Hey is that old man in the other cage the old man from the Aladdin movie? Hmm

 "Mistress mine, thine will is mine." 
Boy Alice was pale back then! 
Laws of magic: I can't kill anyone. I can't bring anyone back from the dead. I can't change the past (this is new). And I can't make anyone fall in love. (Oops! Too late!)
What if she wishes for his freedom? Aww won't work
They're already falling for each other!

LOL Silvermist enacts her revenge in the middle of the lake by dropping Will (the knave) into the water.
Good thing there's a random rock floating there

Alice and Cyrus are getting to know each other
They have a cute conversation
Cyrus gives her a paper rose with magic paper so it smells good and blooms while in her hand!
She asks if he can teach her to play a sword. (As he laughs, the paper turns red)

Red Queen. Again with the pouty lips.....-_-x
Alice angrily stomps on the rock and it begins to move. I think it might be a turtle.... Yup, it's a turtle!! Time to ride Lapris!! (It is a mock turtle)

Cyrus and Alice practicing sword fighting
I love what she wears in this show
"It's hard to be happy again when you've lost someone you love"
Flirtationship!!  He steals the sword from him and while she runs, he puts his arms up around her. She becomes "creative" and kisses him. He reciprocates. 

Silvermist mentions an Anastasia

Alice wakes to Cyrus gazing at her
He tells her it is time to make her wishes
And that he's falling in love with her
She tells him that he is everything she has ever wished for and she will never make the wishes
They make a deal "I'll never move on from you if you never move on from me"
Cyrus comes up with a plan to bury the bottle

Jafar shows up in front of the tree and releases the scarabs and they search for the bottle
We find out the bottle isn't really there
Now Alice says he can trust Will and they make their way to the real location of the bottle: Passage made of Peace -> Tower of Tigers -> The Windmill -> The Dandylion. OH NO THERE'S A HOLE IN THE GROUND! The bottle, it's gone!
She says maybe he's moved on :(
Cyrus sticks his hand out of the cage with a folded origami crane and says "find her"

Bunch of stuff happens but I blacked out. Alice gets the paper crane and she opens it (nice writing Cyrus!):
My dearest Alice, it took several lifetimes to meet you but only seconds to love you. And it is a love that cannot be broken. Not by a thousand spells or swords. So it is with my heart in your hands, that I ask you to grant me one wish. Leave Wonderland. You are not safe here. And you cannot save me. The only thing worse than my own demise would be knowing that I have caused yours. I beg you to go home. And know that I am with you always. 
Forever thine.
Forever mine.

First of all, who talks like that? (It's okay, I love it!) Secondly, Alice's hands are strategically placed on the paper so that it doesn't cover the words. 
Will says "I thought that when you truly love somebody, you don't need to have any proof."
"You don't, but it's still nice to have." Amen sister! You can never get tired of someone telling you they love you.
She turns the paper around, uses her FINGER and writes "I'm coming For you!" (nice writing, this really is magic paper!)
She folds it into four, the paper goes out of shot and then it becomes a crane again. 

I love this show very much

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