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October 17 - Reign 01.01 Pilot

Reign 01.01 Pilot

So I have been waiting all summer for this show to air and it finally has! I wasn't going to write about it but so much has happened in the first two minutes that I felt that I must. These will be what I see going on and my 

We see a tree, white flowers, dripping water, a man goes to the tree and looks up at it. Blood starts to drip onto his face. He wakes up, gasps, and mutters "she's coming!"

We see Mary breathing hard. Turns out she's playing a game of ball (soccer?) with the other girls at the convent.

"France, 1557. Mary, Queen of Scots has been hidden away at a convent for her safety since age 9.

"Engaged since childhood to the future king of France, she awaits her return to the French Court..."

All the ladies are sitting down at the table eating. One of the nuns shares an intense staring contest with Mary and then blood starts dripping into her porridge. As Mary looks on, the nun begins to cough, blood comes out of her ears, and her head hits the bowl. 

One of the older nuns run for Mary and leads her down a dark hallway and tells her it was an assassination attempt on her. (While men are riding on horses towards the convent.) The nun tells Mary that every meal has been tasted for her since she left her mother's womb.

Mary comes out of the convent dressed in royal garb. She goes to the head nun and says she's not ready yet. She tells Mary that her friends from Scotland will be there in the French Court waiting for her. And one day, she will be married to Francis and he will love her. One of the little girls goes up to Mary and hands her a cross and says "there are ghosts there!"

Francis goes into the chamber and joins the royal party. His sister is getting fitted for her wedding and his father is getting a tailored outfit. They discuss the arrival of Mary. His mother tells him "Your wedding won't happen until I say so."

Catherine, Francis's mother, is having a meal with Nostradamus and asking him what visions he has had about Mary and whether or not Francis will love her. He says they are unclear and the meanings will come to him when time time is right.

A horn blows and everyone rushes to the courtyard to welcome Mary. Her ladies in waiting also arrive. (Catherine mentioned them earlier and said that "three of them have titles and the other very rich.")

One of the ladies (Lola) is Susan from Narnia!! Other brunette has a very pretty face but pointy nose (I promise I will learn their names. To the Wiki!) They look on at the French court and watch as King Henry, Dianne (his mistresses), Sebastian, Catherine (with more fanfare than others), and finally Francis arrive. 

Mary and Francis have an awkward but adorable reunion. Nostradamus looks troubled as he tells Catherine that he understands the visions now: The union with Mary...she will cause Francis his life.

Mary and her ladies are in a room being instructed on how to behave for Princess Elizabeth's (the queen's daughter) wedding. The girls then put on make-up and dresses that they brought from Paris. Scenes like this are awesome! The ladies go off to explore as Mary goes off on her own and looks around to see where she and Francis used to play. She and Francis are both surprised to find each other there. Francis reveals that he is learning to make knives and swords. He says that "I can't help thinking that every man, even a king, should have some kind of skill."

Francis mentions Sebastian (Bash) for the first time and talks about how Bash is free to do whatever he wishes. Francis says that he is learning the skill in case there is ever an uprising and they are overthrown, he can survive as a blacksmith. Mary looks at him and says "but I'll save you. We can go to Scotland and we can rule there." He replies "It is a very kind offer, I hope I never have to take you up on it.

Francis goes back into his own room and sees a girl, Natalia, in there. He asks if anyone saw her go in there. (She tells him that nothing has changed now that Mary is here.)
Mary is out in the field picking up rocks and pebbles. We see that there is something watching her in the woods and the dog accompanying her begins to bark.
She then knocks on Francis's door and he appears disheveled and shocked to see her. He basically throws her out and tells her that he is allowed to sleep with other people if he wants.

Mary goes back outside and throws the rocks into a small pond. Her dog runs off barking and she begins to chase after him. She is stopped by Bash who tells her that young girls, especially queens do not leave the castle alone. And that she should not go into those woods. They bond. We love him of course! 

As Lola is bathing, a man appears and surprises her. It is her lover, Collin! They go and ask the queen for permission for him to stay there. The queen says that she loves stories like that and for Lola to go help Mary while Collin stays. Then the queen signals the other ladies in waiting to leave. I am afraid that something will happen between the queen and Collin right now. How disturbing!

Mary and Aylee enter their room. Mary sees the pebbles that she threw away earlier on her mirror and gets spooked. She begins to hear noise coming from the other room. As she goes up to the screen in the corner of the room, a hand appears and it says "Taste of love and sorrow but don't drink the wine! Don't!" The hand disappears after Mary puts her hand on it and says "who are you?" She goes behind the screen and sees no one there. As she feels along the wall, she finds a secret passage way and hears someone running away.

Commence Princess Elizabeth's wedding!! Collin greets Mary instead of being with Lola. Mary sees Lola's face and tells Aylee that she wants to dance. She tells all her girls to take off their shoes and they go out onto the floor and dance. When the dance ends, Princess Elizabeth and her husband, Phillip are lead out with a full party. One of the girls tell Mary that it is time for them to consummate the wedding and that people go and watch, it is a tradition. The girls sneak into an adjoining room and watch in horror and wonder as the newlywed couple...consummate. One of them says "let's get out of here."

They all go separate ways. At first it appears that they are trying to hide but it looks like they are looking for guys to "hook up" with. Lola finds Collin, Kenna goes up some stairs and looks like she is about to pleasure herself as someone comes behind her. She enjoys it until she turns around and realizes it is the king. He says "may I" and they begin to kiss.

Mary goes to find Francis and they have a talk. Mary realizes that Francis doesn't want to marry him because an alliance with Scotland is not good for France right now. She also realizes that he will not love her (at least not now he says.)

As Mary is sleeping, someone sneaks up on her. It appears to be Collin. Mary screams and he is lead away by the guards. The next morning, she and her ladies find out that Collin had been set up. Mary speaks to the king and queen and demands to speak to him, she finds out that Collin had been executed. "He was beheaded this morning."
Lola says to Mary: Anyone who's close to you lives in constant danger. We're here in service to you, whatever that means.

Sebastian appears with Mary's dog and tells her that "you're not alone here...I'm not talking about your friends."
His mother shows up and tells him to be careful not to fall for him. "Or you will bleed for a girl who will never be yours."

IT'S A TRAP!! "If you weren't the future king of France, and I was just a normal girl, not the queen of anything, would you want this?" (Mary asks Francis) He leans in to kiss her but stops himself before anything happens.

Catherine angrily talks to Nostradamus and says that the potion should have worked. We find out that it was Catherine who set up Collin to slip Mary a sleeping draught and then rape her in her sleep.

That night: Mary is standing outside looking at the moor. She hears someone approach and she says "I don't know who you are or why you hide. But your warning saved me.....I am in your debt." She then asks "are you in danger too?" and turns around to look. But the young girl (who covers her face - a "ghost" that the little girl from the convent mentioned earlier) is no longer there.

Thoughts: A lot of things have happened this episode. I really didn't know what to expect. Of course, we see that Sebastian and Mary will fall for each other. I am not familiar with history so I do not know what will happen, I will also not be looking it up ("spoilers") because I want to see how the writers interpreted the story. I don't like that the evil queen is called "Catherine," but that's what I get for having an awesome name from European royalty. (I also plan to name my future daughter "Elizabeth." Gotta love these royalty names!)

Can't wait for more!

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