Monday, August 12, 2013

Vinylmation Review Blog #11 - Medusa Dwarf Robots

     Greetings everyone!! Today's post will be fun! I have a bonus video for everyone at the end. This review will be about my first and second trades ever! Jerry Sinner, the first person to ever message on Facebook (from Vinylmation Kingdom) and Erika Robinson who gave me a play and play of how to send things out and where to get bubble mailers. So here is my review:

    Here is the bonus video that I promised, it is the video of me opening the packages the day that I got them:

      Thanks again to these lovely people, here are some pictures:

Myths and Legends Medusa
R3 Pinocchio 
Jr6 Dwarf - Happy

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 Remember to Keep Calm and Disney On~

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