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December 5 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.07 Bad Blood

Previously...we saw Cyrus jumping off the cliff and Jafar talking to Alice's father.

01.07 Bad Blood

Agrabah many years ago:
Jafar is a young boy and he's telling his mother not to leave him. (She is on her deathbed.) She tells him that his father will take care of him. "Go to him at the palace." "But only the Sultan is there." 
She hands Jafar a ring "this belonged to him, he will remember."
The wind picks up and she slowly passes away with sand floating out of her body. 

Jafar is still wearing the ring and he's speaking to Alice's father.
He says he'll show the father where Alice went and lets the White Rabbit out of the bag.
The Rabbit makes a portal. "Where are you taking me?" "Some people call it: Wonderland"

Opening title sequence: A dragon flies into the frame and flaps its wings at us

Jafar, Rabbit, and Alice's father land in Wonderland.
The Rabbit is dismissed. 
Alice's father is in disbelief. 
Jafar: What child wouldn't want to be rescued by their father?

Meanwhile, Alice: I could be with Cyrus by nightfall
Will has doubts.
Alice: Finding Cyrus is 99% of the battle. The rest will take care of itself
There are random mushrooms growing everywhere

Tweedle goes to the Queen to tell her they haven't found Cyrus.
Jafar appears when she's revealing her plan to the Tweedle.

Back at Jafar's fortress, a guard is fixing Cyrus's cage.
He yells at the old man
Jafar goes to Alice's passed out father who is constrainted
He draws some blood and puts it in a pewter, creating a potion

Alice and Will stare at the floating fortress.
They empty their pockets "taking inventory"
Will has a dollar bill and "keys to Granny's," a peanut...a stale peanut
They hear chirping. It's a birdbark tree!! Their wood is amazing! 
She breaks off a branch and watches it float.

Jafar asks "are you right handed or left handed?"
He's obviously making a polyjuice potion. 

Young Jafar is brought in front of the Sultan
"You are to lose the hand of which you stole"
Jafar kneels and shows the hand with the ring on it.
The Sultan comes to the conclusion that Jafar is his son.
"Thank you father" "You will not use that word. I am not your father, you are not my son"

Will: Can you tell me what your plan is?
Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? I'm going to build a basket, attach some of the birdbark to it and float up to the castle.
Jafar appears as her father. "Alice you were right! About this place, about everything! Can you ever forgive me?" He hugs her.
He tells her a story of buying a looking glass and going through it.
Alice: Now what?
Father: I just want to make it up to you.
Alice: You never treated me like a daughter. I was always an obligation.

Jafar is serving a meeting with foreign emissaries.
The Sultan asks his son to explain why they cannot stop the blockade in one of the foreign lands.
The son, unable to answer, is shown up by Jafar. Then dismissed by the Sultan.
The son goes to Jafar and begins slapping him. (This son is younger and remarkably shorter.)
I'm starting to think the old man might be the little brother. But then again, he looks older than Jafar so maybe not.
The Sultan enters and tells his son to slap him again.

Jafar asks Will for help. Will tells him it takes time and help her find her genie.

We see Cyrus lying on an island below the floating castle

Alice asks what Will was talking to her father about and whether or not she should forgive him.
Jafar, sitting on a nearby rock, begins drawing in the sand and reciting a spell.
Will asks whether Alice thought about how they will get back down.
She responds with something along the lines of "I've done a calculation" "extra weight" "trajectory" "back in the water"
"It's physics Knave"
A dragon appears in the sky and flies at them
They use what they've made of the basket as a shield.
They run into the forest
The dragon looks so fake
It attacks Alice's father. She defeats it by throwing her sword at the dragon. It somehow "kills" it
You're not a horrible man, I've faced a horrible man here in Wonderland.

Jafar is washing his face and the Sultan appears and speaks to him.
The Sultan tries to drown Jafar in the tub of water.
Throw him out with the rest of the rubbish.

Alice's father is praying and thanking God for the food.
He speaks to the old man who tells him about Cyrus and Alice.

Alice, Will, and Jafar are eating the dragon.
She realizes that it's not really her father because he did not pray before eating the food.
Will and Alice go off into the forest. Jafar follows and conjures the cobra from the ground.
He turns back into Jafar

Jafar grabs Alice's real father and threatens to drop him into the water
He apologizes to Alice. "I blamed you" and "I doubted you"
She said "the times I ran away, I was just trying to find proof of where I've been"
"I don't want to take another thing away from you. I only want to give you one thing: hope. Cyrus has escaped. Save him, not me!"
She makes a wish to send her father back home.

Alice has a tear on her face
Will apologizes and Alice says she's not sorry because now she has her father safe and Cyrus has escaped.

Alice's father wakes up back home and his new wife walks in. "Edwin, what's wrong?"
She tells him it was just a dream and to go back to bed

Jafar pulls the old man's cage closer
Let's chat face to face like a man.

Grownup Jafar storms into the palace using his magic cobra and confronts the Sultan.
The Sultan does not recognize him
"Look at my face and tell me [if you know who I am]"
Jafar's half brother comes in but runs away when Jafar asks him to fight.
He kills him using magic
All Jafar wants is "call me your son" "just say the words"
"I will never give you what you want"

My only regret is not holding you under the water longer.
I'm going to take away the one thing that matters to you.
He jumps off the ledge but is saved by the magic carpet.

Cyrus wakes up. "Alice"

End episode

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