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December 12 - OUAT in Wonderland 01.08 Home

01.08 Home

Alice and Cyrus are sitting next to a fire looking up at the stars.
They stars being to fall (this looks more like magic snow)
"One kiss under the falling stars will give you good fortune"
"If you want to kiss me, you don't have to make up a story"
*They make out*
*She begins to unbutton his shirt* and finds a compass that goes in infinite directions
He got it from his mother
She discovers he hasn't always been a genie
The compass has great magic and will always point towards her
But some years ago, it stopped pointing (means she died)
Someone puts a sword to Cyrus's neck
They want Cyrus's bottle
"I am not to be trifled with!"
"Unfortunately, neither is she"
*Fight ensues*
The men run
"I guess the stars did bring us luck, they barely even scratched me
*she bleeds and passes out*

Opening Title Sequence: White Rabbit

Alice is hiding behind a tree
Will appears
"You frightened me, where have you been?"
"Sorry, nature was calling"
"Really? What did it say?"
"Nothing you want to hear"
There's guards walking around who are looking for Cyrus
Alice knows where he's going
"The only place where he knows he's safe" "He just needs to get there before they get him"

Cyrus is running. He gets caught in a trap.

Tweedle walking by a bush hears Cyrus struggling.
"Thank you grape vine, the queen will be pleased"
(LOL It's a literal grape vine)
He sees his brother, the other Tweedle meeting up with Jafar

He goes the queen to tell her that Cyrus has been captured in the forest
And also that his brother gave Jafar a bag
She goes to a locked up shelf (this is the shelf from that episode where she becomes the new queen and she tried to steal that crown. But now it is locked up)
She opens one of the drawers and pulls out a box with a checkers design (black and red) on it. The box is empty inside. The Queen is pissed.

Alice and Will are heading to the Outlands
They made a promise that if they ever get separated, they'll always meet up there
But she wants to stop at the White Rabbit's house first

Cyrus carries Alice to the White Rabbit
(Rabbit's wife sounds like Whoopi Goldberg)
She has boobs
They have children

The Queen lets Cyrus down
They drive off

Jafar has the three last
He compares the weight of two of them and discovers Cyrus's bottle to be a fake
He smashes it *Hulk rage!!*

Alice and Will arrive at Rabbit's hovel and Alice sees something wrong
"Maybe he abandoned the place"
"Or maybe that's just what he wants people to think"
She knocks. No answer. She kicks the door in.
Rabbit is all sad
She knows he betrayed her and she needs his help so they could go home
The Queen took his family
What if we rescued them?
Will says he doesn't know where the Queen might stash something important but she knows where Anastasia might.

The Queen and Cyrus pull up to a small wagon. She looks concerned.
She goes inside and it is revealed it's her Anastasia stuff (her pink dress is there)
She gets Cyrus's bottle and tells him he has a big decision to make

Cyrus is pacing outside Rabbit's house
Rabbit tells him she's going to be fine...for now
He also says what about next time? Alice has always wanted a real home.
"Perhaps the only way to protect Alice is to let her go"

Jafar storms the castle
There's a box with Jafar's name on it
He opens it to see the Tweedle's head in there "I think she's onto us"
Jafar goes to the Queen's room and looks at her stuff. He picks up her hair brush and steals a hair
He evily flies away on his magic carpet and burns the castle in the process

The Queen and Cyrus see the burning castle
She makes a chess metaphor

Cyrus is in the Caterpillar's bar
He offers his magic compass in exchange for helping someone disappear

Will, Alice, and the Rabbit arrive at the wagon
Will goes inside and touches the pink dress
He sees the empty box where the bottle used to be
He hears something and saves the Rabbit family
They have to head to the Outlands. (She seems to know where it is)

Cyrus and Queen are heading to the Outlands
"How are you so sure she's going to be there?"
"Because she thinks I'm going to be there"
The Queen wishes for Cyrus to shut up

Jafar is doing something with the Queen's hair
Most likely a locator spell
It creates a small storm cloud inside a glass case (a bit like the one that hold the Beast's rose)
He releases the storm cloud out the window and tells it to "find the Red Queen and kill her"

Alice and Cyrus are walking
She talks about a mountain she's heard of. Where we can stand on top of the clouds
He tells her that they're too dangerous together. He tries to leave her.
"The only thing that could hurt me is being apart from you"
He points to an empty space next to a rock. They walk into it and it looks like a fancy tent inside
"A home"
"You know that they say sacrifice is the measure of true love"

Alice, Will, and Rabbit arrive and Alice goes inside.
Cyrus hasn't arrived yet
She's confused and looking for a note
"We're not leaving without Cyrus"
She looks out the door and sees Cyrus there
They run towards each other and embrace
"Even in my dreams I was afraid to imagine this moment in fear it may never come true. You're here!"
They kiss
The Queen appears behind them. "She's here to help us" DUN DUN DUNNNN

Alice demands to know why the Queen made the deal with Jafar.
I thought he could get me what I wanted
"You" (She wanted Will)
"You'll never have me"
Jafar looks outside the window "There you are...darling... See you soon"

The Queen begs Alice to believe her. Cyrus tells them that she's telling the truth.
Alice tells Rabbit to dig a hole. (I feel like he's just their little servant. He's always standing there looking all cute and helpless and digging when someone commands him to)
The thunder cloud tries to hit the Queen but she deflects it and it hits Will. Alice falls because of her first wish (If the Knave dies, then I do too)
Anastasia attends to Will and Cyrus attends to Alice.
Cyrus commands her to make her last wish. "No I don't want to put you back in the bottle again"
Will reminds Alice that she promised him a wish if he helped find Cyrus.
"Be very careful what you wish for Will"

"I wish to end Alice's suffering"
Magic yellow-orange woosh.
Alice wakes up. Cyrus discovers his shackles are gone. "My binds, they're gone. They're gone. Alice, I'm free!"
Rabbit: The Knave, he wished to end Alice's suffering. Part of your pain was not being able to be with the one you loved
They turn around and see that Will is not there anymore
Queen: He's gone. He was here, and now he's gone
Cyrus: Oh no...
Queen: What?? Where is he?
Cyrus: Where's the bottle?
Will wake up in the bottle. "Oh...bloody hell"
He's in the water being dragged down a very large waterfall

I hope to see Cyrus and Alice happily together and for the Queen to go back to her Anastasia self.

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