Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Easy Tips for Keeping Cool Without Running Up a Bill

5 Easy Tips for Keeping Cool Without Running Up a Bill

Living in Southern California, we have already started experiencing summer weather while the rest of the US is still having rain or snow. Since it came up recently in some roommate discussions, I thought I'd give some easy tips (that I do) to combat this weather.

1. Wear Less
Yes, it is really that simple. Just put on less clothes. Girls: Tank top, sports bra, shorts, skirts. Guys: Go topless, tanktop, shorts, boxers. Or even less than that if your roommates/apartments/housemates permit. I've come into an air conditioned apartment where my roommates are all wearing sweaters. I asked them to turn it off. They said no =_=

2. Splash Water on Your Skin
Yes, this is also simple. I'm a little bit hydrophobic so I have to wipe it off right away, but just washing your face and splashing some water on your skill will quickly lower your skin temperature. When you feel like you're burning up, just wet your hands with water and rub on your arms, legs, neck, chest, any other exposed area. So easy right?
Also a possibility: Take cooler showers. Instead of a hot shower, just take a warm shower. (Probably not a cold shower, that can't be good for you)

3. Stay On the Lower Levels
For those of you who have more than one story in your residence, do your best to stay on the lower levels. As most of us should know, heat rises and therefore, your top floor (where most of the bedrooms are) will be way warmer than the bottom floors. Do your best to stay down there.

4. Go To a Store
This one is a little bit unconventional but it beats being stuck on the first floor of your house! You could go to a Starbucks and chill out or a mall, grocery store, anywhere with air conditioning that you don't have to pay out of pocket for. Just remember to park your car in a shaded area facing away from the sun.

5. Drive With the Windows Down
Sometimes, this won't work. When I get into my car that's been sitting outside all day, I will roll down all the windows and blast the air on the highest possible. Once my hands stop being burned by the steering wheel, I will turn off the air or to the lowest setting and keep the windows open while I drive. Sometimes all the way down, sometimes just a crack so the hot air doesn't come in.

Just thought of this one:
6. Get a Fan
I'm not sure how much these cost, but they're probably cheaper than running your air conditioning for a long time. It's a small standing fan, it'll oscillate the air in the space and cool things down (a little).
And if it doesn't work, you could always return it!

Why I hate AC:
1. I'm sensitive to the dust that comes out of it
2. I get cold easily and don't like the feel of that air on my skin
3. Unnecessary. How did people survive for hundreds of years without it? We can too. (Although they didn't have to worry about global warming back then lol)

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