Monday, September 2, 2013

Vinylmation Review Blog #16 - Nerds and Turtles

     Hey everyone! Welcome back to #16 of my Vinylmation Reviews!! Since it's Labor Day weekend, my mom and I decided to go on a trip to some state parks. Now, it's a Chinese tour so I don't know how exciting it will be. But I won't be bringing my laptop (and I don't have any other cool electronics like a tablet) so I won't be able to type this up on the trip. Therefore, I am typing this up Saturday night (two days) before it is published. Here I am talking about Nerds Figment and Have a Laugh Turtle. Enjoy the video. I hope I have some cool Labor Day stuff for you guys soon!

Turtle turtle turtle

Card Front

have a laugh!
Nerdy Figment 

Box Left

Back of Box

Box Right
  And again, today's vinyls were: Have a Laugh Turtle and Nerd Figment. Let me know what you think of the new videos and follow me on my other sites for more content :) Hopefully I'll have my vacation videos up on Youtube by the end of the week (if I even make videos)

Cute Card!

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